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Epic Playstation 4

Released in November of 2013, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth home gaming console released by Sony. However, unlike previous PlayStation consoles, the PS4 is not just for video games but offers a total entertainment experience, enabling you to watch movies, listen to music, chat with your friends, browse the Internet and much more! We can only guess what the PS5

Thanks to its built-in Blu-ray optical drive, the PlayStation 4 will transform your home video experience in a way you didn't think possible, showing movies with clarity only reserved for the most high-tech theater setup. In addition, apps from popular digital distribution services like Netflix and Hulu enable you to stream content such as movies or the latest episode of your favorite television show.

For the music lover, Sony's Music Unlimited program will give you unlimited access to thousand's of artists for a low monthly fee, turning your PlayStation 4 into a digital jukebox.

For the social aficionado PlayStation 4 features a larger friend list than the PlayStation 3 and enables you to share content you enjoy, chat via text and voice, and even watch your friend play a game live thanks to the built-in streaming technology!

Finally, the built-in Web browser means you don't have to get off the couch in order to look up cheat codes for your newest game.

If you're looking to use the PlayStation 4 primarily as a gaming console, Sony has you covered! The DualShock 4 uses the same shape as previous controllers but with a few new additions, namely the built-in microphone and the Share button. This button serves many purposes, such as enabling you to share screen shots and videos with your fellow gamers. Social functionality is one of the driving forces in the PlayStation 4, making it easier than ever to connect with your fellow gamers for a quick online game!

Sharing isn't all the PlayStation 4 does new: you will have the ability to use your real name when you play, you can upload videos directly to social networking websites such as Facebook, online streaming service Gaikai will enable you to try a demo of virtually any PS4 game and Sony has fully embraced the free-to-play model, offering the same free games that are available on the PC like Blacklight: Retribution.

Still not convinced? The PlayStation 4 features a revamped user interface and the PS4 can now multitask during gameplay, enabling you to have a Web browser and a PS4 game open simultaneously or open the PlayStation Store without closing your current game!

But what is a gaming console without games? Sony has you covered in that regard as well. Not only will all the greatest multiplatform titles be hitting the system but Sony has unveiled a full range of first party games that is sure to get any gamer excited. Expect the following exclusive PlayStation 4 titles for the system:

And the following multiplatform titles, with many of them, such as Watch Dogs, boasting exclusive PS4 content:

Here at PS4 Experts, we're your source for the latest PlayStation 4 news. Whether it's a new game reveal, an updated price or what the latest industry expert thinks about the system, we've got it here. We update on a daily basis with the hottest PlayStation 4 news, so refresh the front page often to get the latest and greatest in news on what is sure to be the top system of the next generation!

If you had a PS4 (Sony Playstation 4) in your hands right now would you tell anyone or would keep the secret to yourself? Just think of what the PS3 has done and then imagine what its next generation gaming console will do. With so much on the line we believe Sony will put some of the worlds best engineers to work on the most revolutionary gaming console ever known to man. Now that it is official Sony proved just that! Microsoft Xbox One has its work cut out for it. Is it too early to start thinking about the next generation PS5 ?

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The ps4 seems great, I want one really bad

This requires a little

This requires a little detective work in the form of tapping the wall with a hammer

Call of Duty GHOSTS


YouTube app

I would just like to find out when is ps4 going to put YouTube on the app list. Cause I can't even use the YouTube on ps4 I called play station and they said there not sure when. They said some time this year when? Oh and about listening to mp music hello the ps3 does it so why can't the 4 . And about playing your ps3 game. This summer they said.

Sony Should be Ashamed

US deliveries are unavailable except through scalpers at +$500 US -=
Can't even buy it at Sony store online - Sony should be ashamed!
This will probably happen everywhere in the world so bewarer.

Can Skylanders starter pack / power portal for ps4 work on a ps3

I have a ps3 slim, and purchased a ps4 skylanders swap force starter pack / power portal by mistake. Is there any way to make it work on the ps3?

I got a ps4 for Xmas and it won't work.

I got a ps4 for Xmas and set it up for the first time yesterday and it works perfect for 20-25 mins then starts make a buzzing noise and the pic comes off the screen, I switch it off for a bit then it works again and does the same after 20-25 mins. Very disappointed.


Send me a ps4. Thanx

thank you

I work hard just to pay bills would be nice to win something I cannot afford to treat myself too..

uau que sonho

Sera um sonho realizado ter a ps4
Num natal

uau que sonho

se a sorte nos escolhe uma vez
Num belo natal ter a ps4 e mais que sonhar


i can't wait 4 my 4 ^^

in sha ALLAH !!

I will be the winner .


poor im .

Please Guys I Want The PS4

Thats Because I Do Not Have The Money For PS4........I Have One Brother He Likes Playing Games I Even Do The Best Game Of 2013 Was GTA5...SO Guys I Have Done Everthing You Guys Said Plz Give mE tHE PS4 Thank You And Your Team From:Hussnain Khan


Should also give second controller away and 1game


I was told that the ps4 played the ps3 games, that's why i decided to purchase the ps4. Gave it to my son for Christmas and guess what the ps3 games do not work. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!


well buddy thats why they hav intanet so u cando yor reasearch b4 u buy an it doz state in big letters PS4..WAKE UP WILL YA AN BUDDY PS4 AINT 4 KIDS THATS WAT XBOX IZ 4

They said that the PS4 will

They said that the PS4 will NOT have backwards compatibility and if they do have backwards compatibility it will be on later versions on the console.

Someone gave you bad info. In

Someone gave you bad info. In 2014 the ps4 will have a a service where you can stream ps3 games to the ps4 but that's the only way.


Has anybody had any luck getting their Sony Bluetooth headphones to work with the ps4? The machine is telling me they are not supported???

Headphones on ps4

If u have PS3 headphones and got a PS4, u need the wire that came with the headset, plug into the headset and the PS4 controller, then press the ps button and bring up the signout/shut off menu, u will see an option for adjust devices, go into it, change headset, or chat option to ALL... This will get it working until PLaystation patches the USB problem :) Hope this helps u.

possible scam running on fb

Hello PS4 people... I have not ever been able to afford one of ur game systems. I have a Nintendo and have for yrs! I recently seen a post on fb saying that 200 people would recieve a free PS4 for liking the page and I wasn't to sure at first but I do believe this may be a scammer using ur name! U may want to check this out! Just look for PS4 ON FB It has a black picture background that says PS4 Fans on it! If you are running this contest I would love to get a system for my kids it would be a great gift since I wont have the money to buy the kids anything this yr.. but thats not ur Good luck and ty!


yeah, great, it works

nintendo still rules for vieo games

Nintendo is the best one can top the nostalgic game play. you want video games get Nintendo



next shipment

when will next shipment be... black Friday???

Michael Jackson Dance for PS3

Will it work on a PS4? Could someone please let me know.

new cloud gaming service

How do I get this on game will it be more money

i bought 4 ps4's and they all worked

up with sony !

ps4 doesnt work

I picked up my ps4 and am pissed that is nott workingg not reading the game. And been on hold with Sony for more than hour!!!!!

PS4 Failed me too!!

My system only has a blue light, no white light appears.On hold with Sony for 1hr and 30 min, still waiting for an operator.

Free online play and some features removed.

Sony made it's last minute announcement about PS4 updates and features, and what to expect.

Paid Online Multiplay (you have to be a PS PLUS, to play Multiplayer) not free anymore. :(
Not backwards compatible. :(
PS4 launch edition is somewhat useless until updated. :(
Unable to play Mp3's, video files, or images Or DLNA :(
Unable to play 3D Bluray disc. :(


Got my ps4 lastnight and is

Got my ps4 lastnight and is not readibg my game.. it sucks!

ps4 & xbox 1 on the same server

I heard that ps4 could play someone that has an xbox 1 online/or offline. How true is that

ps4 & xbox 1 on the same server

I heard that ps4 could play someone that has an xbox 1 online/or offline. How true is that

PS4 Not All That Good

PlayStation seemed like a great console until they announced that you can't use MP3s, USB drives, and plus you have to be online to play movies. That sucks.


Why no disk in ps4

exclusive games of the consoles

advantages of ps4 they have exclusive games like tekken hybrid the xbox have nothing exclusive games from japan

Exclusive Games

What about Halo? Please tell me how thats not exclusive

PlayStation 3/4 Don't have Halo

PlayStation obviously doesn't have Halo, because Microsoft made Halo, witch Microsoft also made Xbox. So, therefore, Halo won't, probably never will be for PlayStation - Any PlayStations, because Microsoft does not support PlayStation, so that is why Halo is only exclusive to Xbox One/360, and on.


For sure. Halo is exclusive and nobody cares about those other games


Since when is Halo from Japan?


don't know how good the graphics are or how it,s going to hold up had no problem with my ps3 but new system may have to work kinks out whait a few mounths to a year then look into again.

Communicate between ps4-ps3

Hey just wondering if u can still message between ps3 - ps4 through psn????

I think so

Not only can you chat between consoles, I believe they are going to integrate cross-platform gaming, where you can play with friends who are playing the PS3 version of certain games, while you play the PS4 version

Price in England

How much will the ps4 be in England???????????? I want one myself

COD Ghosts

If my guy has Ghosts on ps4 and I have on ps3, are we able to play multiplayer together? I figured that in order to play together that each person would have to play on same Gen system but if we can play on 2 different gens, that'd be sweet. At least until I can get my mitts on a ps4. Sold out everywhere.

some psn games

have cross platform online between ps3 and ps4 but most games are just ps4 or ps3 they seemed to hint on it at one point. then quickly avoided that conversation

re COD Ghosts

No you cannot play the ps3 and ps4 together they are on different servers.

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