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PS4 Specs Rumour Roll-up

Well it looks like there has been a huge leak of the PS4 Specs. I must say that it is looking good for both us and the developers. It’ll be much easier for developers to create games of a high quality that even lazy developers, the likes of infinity ward who created Modern Warfare 2, a great game yes, graphically horrible, would be able to create games that compete with the Naughty Dogs of the video games world.

So let us do a break down comparing PS3 specs with my old predictions and the new leaked specs.


Final Fantasy XV Revealed For The PlayStation 4

PS4 Game Rumors

Rumored PS4 Games

Want to know whats likely to be on the PS4? Check out this continually updated list of potential Playstation 4 games brought to you by our crack team of newshounds, only available at PS4 Experts. Be the first to know! We've separated the rumored new games into genres, so you can easily locate your favorite genres and get hyped over the potential games you could be playing on your PlayStation 4 once the game releases!

Rumored PS4 Game Genres:

Preview: Project CARS, the Racing Game We Want and Need

Useful PS4 Tips &Tricks

PS4 Tips and TricksA collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for your PS4. Updated monthly with contributions from our awesome PS4 fans around the world.

February 2015's Best User Submitted Tips

Hey everyone, welcome back to our second month of user provided tips. Let's see what you guys has for us this month!

Tip #1: "She's Burnin' Up Captain!" Verified online

Envisioning the Future of the Elder Scrolls on PlayStation 4

Beginning in 1994, the Elder Scrolls: Arena, released for the PC under the DOS operating system, made waves in the gaming community. Arena received praise for allowing the player to do anything they wanted and shape their character any way they see fit. In 1996, Daggerfall for the PC expanded the series further, with the first console release being Morrowind in 2002 on the Xbox.