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Beyond: Two Souls Review: A Glimpse of the Other Side

The Division Beta

The Division Beta has come and gone, but it certainly had a few bumps in the road. It seemed there were mass amounts of Gamers that pre-ordered the game, but did not receive their beta codes through email. Ubisoft went ahead and stated they could no longer guarantee access for pre-orders, let alone the free wait list of those hoping to get in without the pre-order. They extended the beta by 24 hours, which was nice, but in many regards didn’t help the thousands left waiting to get in. For many, it was too late by the time they got their codes.

I am Gamer

I have lived and died so many times, saying I have lost count sounds like an understatement. Knowing I’ll be sprung back to life if I’m struck down, brings little comfort to me in the moment. I’ve been burned alive... shot, stabbed, drowned and more. All physically painless, I don’t even flinch. Like a moth to a flame, I’m attracted to the chaos, except I don’t burnout.

Top 5 PS4 Keyboards Reviewed for 2016

PS4 Keyboards

Gaming has evolved over the years, and not just the games and the graphics and so on, but more importantly the way we play them. We started with Keyboards, then we added mice, and then came consoles with their controllers. Nowadays you can flap your arms around in front of a spy camera, whoops, meant to say Kinect there, and play your games that way. Here's is our top five picks for wired and wireless keyboards, updated regularly.

Official PS4 Media Remote - Complete Guide

PS4 RemotePlayStation consoles have always done more than you would expect from a game system. Even the PlayStation One was able to play music CD's, along with all of the games released for it. With the PlayStation 2, suddenly we could watch DVD's and play our games on one device. Now with the PS3 and PS4, we can watch Blu-rays as well.

More than that, on the PS4 we can watch Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll, YouTube, Crackle, and so many more video services! It's awesome, but there's just one issue...

Best PS4 Games 2016

Best PS4 Games 2016While 2016 still has that “new year smell,” we already have details on this year’s hottest games. Maybe you finally finished Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, and if you did, how did you possibly find the time? Let’s assume you’re all caught up for argument’s sake, and you are ready to set your sights on the next big hits in 2016.

Today we’re looking look at the best PS4 games in 2016 that show the most promise.

Notable titles out on PS4 today

There has been a lot going on with HD remasters on our current gen consoles and with Sony’s plans to bring over an extensive library from the PS2 era, it's really only just begun. There has been a certain amount of disappointment from the gaming community in regards to not being able to simply play their old PS2 discs, but on the upside, these games are cheap, come with trophies and are upgraded to run smoother. 2016 has a large lineup of AAA titles and Sony has been touting specifically about first party titles, so don’t be discouraged.