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PS4 Game Rumors

Rumored PS4 Games

Want to know whats likely to be on the PS4? Check out this continually updated list of potential Playstation 4 games brought to you by our crack team of newshounds, only available at PS4 Experts. Be the first to know! We've separated the rumored new games into genres, so you can easily locate your favorite genres and get hyped over the potential games you could be playing on your PlayStation 4 once it releases!

Rumored PS4 Game Genres:

PS4 vs Xbox One - Who Wins

There will always be PS4 fans there, XBox fans and sometimes those who love both. Can you guess who we deem superior?

PS4 vs XBox One - Two Reviews - Two Winners Declared:
See full details below, post your comments!

PS4 vs XBox One: 1 Year Later

Skylanders Trap Team Preview - Meet the New Family

PlayStation 4 is The New Home of JRPGs

There has been one thing missing from the PlayStation 4's lineup, one absent genre that our fans have been asking about since release: The JRPG. Many folks felt the genre was relegated to handhelds, that no console would ever again present with JRPG goodness.

At the Tokyo Game Show, a bombshell was dropped on the Xbox One, as Japanese companies pledged full support to the PlayStation 4 with the following JRPGs:

1) Persona 5

Final Fantasy XV Revealed For The PlayStation 4

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PS4

A video game series created by CD Projekt RED, The Witcher, based on the books of the same name, has quickly grown in popularity since the first title was released for the computer in 2007. Just a few hours after Sony's announcement of the PlayStation 4, the Polish developer announced that its third game in the series, titled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, would be released on the next-generation console in 2014.

Top 5 Best PS4 Games in 2014

Top 5 Best PS4 Games of 2014
After a slow start in 2013, the PlayStation 4 really came into its own in 2014. We saw a great deal of indie games and heavy hitters hit the system, especially in the latter half of 2014. However, we're here to answer one simple question: Which games were the best in 2014? Which games should any PS4 gamer make sure they play before the year is up?

November 2014 NPD Results Are In

The November 2014 NPD results are in, and unfortunately the PS4 is no longer the top selling console. In a statement to the press, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One was the top selling console for November 2014, which makes sense: The Xbox One offered much, much better deals on Black Friday than the PS4 did.

The top 10 selling games of November 2014 should come as no surprise either, with Call of Duty leading the pack:

Top 10 PS4 Games to Get for Christmas

Playstation Christmas

Christmas time is fast approaching, and the PlayStation 4 has recently exploded in the amount of quality games to get. With so many games vying for a spot on your Christmas list, getting stuck with a dud will turn Christmas cheer into Christmas sneer. Here are the top 10 PlayStation 4 games to get this Christmas, letting you show potential gift givers the best PS4 stocking stuffers this holiday season. See our Black Friday article link below.