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Top 5 PS4 Keyboards Reviewed for 2015

PS4 Keyboards

Gaming has evolved over the years, and not just the games and the graphics and so on, but more importantly the way we play them. We started with Keyboards, then we added mice, and then came consoles with their controllers. Nowadays you can flap your arms around in front of a spy camera, whoops, meant to say Kinect there, and play your games that way. Here's is our top five picks for wired and wireless keyboards, updated regularly.

Top 5 PS4 Headsets - Reviewed in 2015

PS4 HeadsetsWhile the PS4 proudly announced it featured a 3.5mm headphone jack in all of its controllers, not all headsets came PS4 prepared upon launch. Yet, never fear, as we are here to help! Here are five of the top-performing headphones to use with your new PS4.

We asked two of our authors to independently list their picks for the top 5 PS4 headsets. Below is a review by both authors of their top picks.

I know I’ve said this before in a previous article, but I feel the need to bring it up again. I don’t like talking on the phone. As I said before, not sure why, just not a fan of it. The same applies to talking with random strangers online. With the dawn of Xbox Live all those years ago, people got on a Halo and figured out that they could say whatever they wanted and the worst that could happen is that someone reports them. All that pent up rage, all that trash talk that never got taken to the curb, all of it was about to be unleashed. And just like that, in one fell swoop, the online gaming sphere found a whole new breed of jerks (for lack of a more pertinent word).

Useful PS4 Tips &Tricks

PS4 Tips and TricksA collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for your PS4. Updated monthly with contributions from our awesome PS4 fans around the world.

The Best User Submitted Tips

"Videos Can be Streamed to YouTube, and Uploaded to Twitter"

The Officially Licensed PS4 Media Remote

PS4 RemotePlayStation consoles have always done more than you would expect from a game system. Even the PlayStation One was able to play music CD's, along with all of the games released for it. With the PlayStation 2, suddenly we could watch DVD's and play our games on one device. Now with the PS3 and PS4, we can watch Blu-rays as well.

More than that, on the PS4 we can watch Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll, YouTube, Crackle, and so many more video services! It's awesome, but there's just one issue...

Top PS4 titles to play this Halloween!

Halloween is definitely a holiday favorite among the gaming masses and here we are on the eve of another. For most gamers out there, Halloween isn’t complete without putting a little time into a title to help us get into the spirit. Whether you’re out trick or treating with the family or passing candy out, there comes a time when the night settles and it's time to play a game. The problem is, there so many great titles out there I couldn’t possibly list them all so I listed the 8 most popular titles from running a poll. To make matters worse, I couldn’t rank them in order.

Sony's Paris Games Week 2015 Conference - All the Announcements in One Place!

Paris Games Week 2015

I've often compared the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) as Christmas for gamers. This year though, there have been a steady stream of announcements coming down the pipeline for PS4 owners. I dare say that this entire year thus far has been one giant holiday for gamers to enjoy amazing new titles and some epic new announcements.

Playstation: The Discussion

As October comes to a close and the holiday season begins, there will be plenty of sporadic news updates coming from all ends of the internet. While it’s difficult to keep up with everything, I’ll do my best to help keep you up to date with everything that's relevant to the PS4. For starters, this may seem like a minor tidbit but, Sony’s PS4 did mange to claim another month as the top selling console in September. Some analyst claim that the current gen consoles have reached their peak and sales will begin to decline. I think that's nonsense of course and many others agree.

The Essential PS4 Accessories For Every Gamer

PS4 AccessoriesThe PS4 comes with just about everything you need to get started. You get the system, power cable, HDMI cable, controller, and a charge cable. All you need is a game and you're good to go. Of course, once you unleash the beast that is the PS4, you'll quickly find out that what comes in the box just doesn't cut it.

That's where accessories come in. This massive industry brings tons of different companies together to bring you all of the extra bells and whistles you could every want or need. Today we'll take a look at the ones that are worth your time and give you some insight into just how spoiled we as gamers can be nowadays.

Need For Speed Beta Review

The Need For Speed beta is one of the best beta experiences I’ve had in terms of content. I was really surprised how much of the game was available during the beta and it really gave me a great peek into what the full release will contain. Keeping in mind with any beta you will run into connection issues with the server, bugs and other minor nuisances, but that's the whole point so I’m not going give you the tidbits of agony.