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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ongoing Review - The White Wolf

A video game series created by CD Projekt RED, The Witcher, based on the books of the same name, has quickly grown in popularity since the first title was released for the computer in 2007. Just a few hours after Sony's announcement of the PlayStation 4, the Polish developer announced that its third game in the series, titled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, would be released on the next-generation console in 2014.

Broken Age Review - Two Sides of The Same Coin

Not only does Broken Age have a story, but it has a story behind it as well. You may not know this, but today’s title was one of the first major Kickstarter gaming success stories. Ever since it was funded a few years ago, the platform has seen numerous other games get funded from good people like you and me making donations. The brilliant man/team behind this project is Tim Schafer/Double Fine Productions.

Could Sony be the next major internet provider?

The future of Playstation is certainly bright thanks to Sony’s re-focus on the players. With more than 22 million PS4 consoles sold so far,the Playstation 4 has more than started off on the right track. While there has been a lot of focus on triple A titles and indies and not to mention some great new features, there are some really new and exciting concepts in the works and many are wondering what the future holds for the Playstation brand.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Review - Lucha Libre!

Try saying that name five times fast. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (from here on out referred to as STCE) is not the first time this lucha inspired metroidvania style game has seen the light of day. If any of those terms made you tilt your head in utter confusion, don’t worry, I’ll be explain everything momentarily. What we have here though is the penultimate version of an indie darling that received high praise from the critics when it first released.

The 5 most wanted sequels on PS4

There have been so many video games created to date that when you ask the average gamer what their favorite title is, it feels nearly impossible at times for them to answer. Asking the question what is your most wanted game sequel isn’t an easy one to answer either seeings as it plays off the former, but after extensive research and running online polls we have managed to compile a top 5 list of most wanted video game sequels based off the Playstation experience.

Sony gets BO3 timed exclusive? Deus Ex devs call foul and we predict BO3's storyline

The world reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops III happens on April 26th and so far there is a lot buzz around it. We are all used to a CoD title dropping each year and there is always hype but this has been slightly different from past years. Continue reading to learn what we know, what we think will happen and what gamers and developers alike are claiming.

Mortal Kombat X Review - FATALITY?

Mortal Kombat X

You know, it takes a special breed of gamer to truly master a fighting game. Much like the music games of yesteryear that are suddenly making a comeback, these types of games require actual training. Just like you study for a test or train your muscles, so too do you sit in the training mode and hash out combos and memorize sequences. To some it sounds absurd, I mean, why you practice a video game?

BloodBorne Review

BloodBorne has finally released and now that its here the big question on everyone’s mind that hasn't picked it up has been clearly answered. Does it live up to the hype? Absolutely. The expression “I like pleasure spiked with pain” pretty much explains how many of us feel about BloodBorne. While staying true to challenge and difficulty BB manages to bring a few new elements to the series that fans new and old are sure to appreciate. Keep in mind this is not a sequel but a spinoff so before we get too deep into new elements we need to go over the basics.


PC vs PS4

There is a war that runs even deeper than the one waged between consoles each generation. It is a secret war, a hidden war. You all know it, but you assume the victor has already been chosen. Let's reopen those old wounds, shall we? It's time to pit the PS4 and the PC together in an epic battle that will be waged until the end of time.

PC > PS4?

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