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Call of Cthulhu Preview - The Great Old Ones

Call of Cthulhu

When I mention the name Howard Phillips Lovecraft, or H.P Lovecraft, two things should happen to you. The first is a cold chill that starts at the base of your neck and slides down your spine like an icy sludge through your body. The second is the undeniable feeling that someone is standing behind you, looking over your shoulder. Go ahead, check behind you. Nothing? Huh, that’s interesting.

Silent Hills Preview - Oh Kojima, you Got Me Again!

Silent Hills

Any gamer that has played one of Hideo Kojima’s games knows that the man sure does know how to weave a deep and complicated story. Metal Gear Solid, his most well-known franchise, has it’s own wiki for crying out loud. Yes, I know a lot of games have their own wiki, but that doesn’t change the fact that the story was incredibly complex. Beyond storytelling though, Kojima is known for his elaborate game reveals.

Powers is the First PlayStation 4 Original Television Show

A few months ago, Sony made a shocking announcement: They were diving into the realm of creating and distributing their own television shows via the PlayStation Network. The first announced show was Powers, an adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis comic of the same name.

While details were sparse at the time, we now have the first trailer to share with you. Just a word of warning, the trailer contains graphic language and content.

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