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Black Ops III Beta Review

Now that PS4 players have had the chance to let the beta resonate after a long week of gaming, it’s time for us to review the first real taste of Black Ops III. I’d like to get some minor issues out of the way real quick that can be solely based on it being a beta itself. There were plenty of times we’re lag was an issue and waiting to find matches took ages. Friends lists worked off and on and joining parties often created errors which needed to be resolved by closing out the application at times. While these things were a nuisance at best, this is all part of the beta.

The Kitchen on Project Morpheus - Horror Comes to VR

We all know that virtual reality can be an immersive experience, but just how far can it go? When Project Morpheus was announced, my first though was how could they do a horror game with this?Turns out Capcom had the same thought because they developed a tech demo for the virtual reality headset called "The Kitchen."

So, while it's not a game (yet) this tech demo has been getting some serious buzz after gaming journalists were able to take it for a spin. Want to know if horror and VR mix? Keep on reading to find out!

Useful PS4 Tips &Tricks

PS4 Tips and TricksA collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for your PS4. Updated monthly with contributions from our awesome PS4 fans around the world.

The Best User Submitted Tips

"Sharing is Caring (Unless You're Kermit)"

This week in PlayStation

Normally I’d try and deliver this closer to the weekend, but there has been a lot going on already this week and some of it just can’t wait. You may recall our report that Sony was bringing a new vote system over to PS Plus. Players will have the choice between 3 titles to vote on with the winner automatically being placed into the free lineup the following month and the other receiving a discount. There seemed to be a lot of excitement pouring out from fans and they are in luck, you’ll be able to start the voting process tomorrow August 13th.

Check out the HORI FPS Plus third party controller for PS4

During E3 we caught wind of an Xbox style controller with a PS4 touchpad from the HORI company based in Japan. The PS4 has been on shelves for nearly 2 years now and this is the first third party controller designed for the PS4 and with Xbox players in mind. Granted many of us can agree that it's not the most attractive design, but it serves its purpose.

Playstation Network Status Page

This page is dedicated to the current playstation network status with links to the most up to date information. Is the Playstation Network up or down for you? Post your comments below.

Why You Should Be Playing Journey on the PS4

Games are a form of art, it's a known fact and it was even ruled as such by the U.S. Supreme Court.Art is meant to entertain, to inspire, but more than anything it's supposed to teach you something profound about yourself or the world. It may be subtle, or it could be the entire reason the art exists, but there's no denying that all art is profound in some way, shape, or form.

Metal Gear Solid V: Kojima's Pain

Just about every Gamer out there has heard of publisher Konami and their long running (not to mention wildly popular) franchise Metal Gear. On top of that most everyone is aware of the falling out between publisher Konami and Metal Gears creator Hideo Kojima. Its not something any of us really want to hear about and not just because we are afraid the franchise will be ruined, but we also have concerns for the people that are put out of work by these company disputes.