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PS4 Pro Specs

PS4.5 Specs

The PS4.5 is set to have a more powerful CPU, GPU, and faster RAM. Join us as we look at how these new specs stack up with the original PS4, and how they will affect the way we play games on the PlayStation 4.5 code named NEO.

Primarily, this new hardware will empower the PS4.5 to play games at an upscaled 4K UHD resolution, but the increased power will also allow for better graphical fidelity and higher frame rates.

How Much Will The PS4 Pro Cost?

PS4 Pro Price

PlayStation's CEO, Andrew House, has confirmed that the PS4 Pro is real, but we still don't know how much it costs. He did confirm that it would be more than the current price of the PS4, which is $350. More power, better performance, 4K? Yes, yes, and more yes, but I already own a PS4, so what’s the plan? Many rumors are pointing to the PS4 Pro being priced at $399. Read below to find out more exactly what we think Sony should do.

Rumors have been going back and forth on price thus far, but today we’ll look at what is being said, and what we think Sony will do to make everyone happy.

Understanding the PS4 Pro

There seems to be a lot of half truths floating the internet and social media regarding the PS4 Pro. Perhaps the only consistent truth is that the console doesn't come with a 4K Blu-Ray Drive. That being said, I’m going to go down the line here and explain what the PS4 Pro has to offer to gamers that use a 1080p and or 4k HDR ready tv.

PS4 Pro Understanding

Microsoft Says Scorpio Will ‘Obviously’ Be More Powerful Than PS4 Pro

After the announcement of PS4 Pro, Microsoft wasted no time firing off some shots via the internet and interviews. Sony hasn’t been too kind either, so it looks like these mid-generation consoles are going to throw some fuel on the console war fire whether we like it or not.

Join me today as we look at the flaming artillery being shot across the vast gulfs of the internet. This should be fun!

PS4 Slimmer!

As we already knew before, the PS4 Slim is an actual console slated to be released on September 15th, 2016. A few weeks back, the PS4 Slim was introduced to the world through online auction sites as several of the consoles were apparently stolen from a manufacturing company in Europe.