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Top Movie To Game Titles

The history of games to movies titles is quite often a highly debatable topic when among gaming buddies, the long line of Hollywood stinkers never fails to amuse but there has been the occasional ray of hope. It’s quite a challenge to pick out some of the best game based movies as there have been a few blockbuster hits that lived up to gamers expectations, then the majority that are about as fun to watch as a paraplegic doing the 100m’s but somehow still manage to please the fans.

Brett Huffman - PS4 Gaming Article Author

Brett Huffman - PS4 Gaming Article AuthorAbout Me:
Brett has been gaming since a very young age and his first gaming memories are playing Combat and Pac-Man on the Atari 2600. His fascination with the fantastic grew into a love for tabletop gaming, which ultimately culminated in him working in the tabletop gaming industry for several years. After video game technology caught up with his imagination, Brett re-discovered a deeper passion for them while working as a freelance writer.

Blaine Smith - PS4 Gaming Article Author

About Me:
I've been a video-games journalist for a little over 5 years now and provide high-quality articles to a number of websites, magazines and other publications. I've worked for MMO directories listing game summaries and MMO reviews and also console related sites where I provide guides and news articles. I never thought my hobby and passion could evolve into a career but it has, so I urge anyone out there with a dream, to follow it relentlessly.

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