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Infinite Warfare Reveal

The initial world reveal of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has come and gone, but unlike many other titles, there have actually been quite a few details already dropped by the developers at Infinity Ward. The IW devs have already hosted 2 live streams to fill in some of the blanks of what's to come, but as you can expect, some of those details are rather eluding.

Gaming since the 80's

Being a little kid in the 1980’s was a wondrous time for video games, but it wasn’t until after the market crashed that the industry really became the staple it is today. It seemed like every store I walked in, had a standup arcade or pinball machine. While a quarter per play didn’t seem like much in the moment, arcade games had a way of draining my already tiny wallet, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

PS4 Update 3.50

Update 3.50 will become available tomorrow and while it doesn’t feature the ability to change your PSN name, it does offer some new useful additions to the core experience.

Probably the biggest part of the update is the ability to stream your PS4 to PC and Mac with Remote Play. The new feature is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 10, OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11. Some disappointment can be found in the frame rates and resolution dropping, depending on your internet connection speeds.

PlayStation VR pre-orders with no down payment

Playstation VR Pre OrderAs you probably already know, PlayStation VR made its pre-order debut last week in the UK and sold-out in roughly 10 minutes on Amazons UK site. Today, pre-ordering became available for residents of the United States and Canada at 10:00 am eastern time. The UK version vs. US is slightly different. The UK debuted with a core bundle that did not include the PS Move or the current PS4 camera and ran for $400.00 USD.

Can The Division predict how Gamer's would react to a world crisis?

There is a lot to be said about Tom Clancy’s The Division and the players that have gone all in for the new franchise. As you can imagine, I have put a lot of time into this game, more than the average player. That being said, I tend to meet a lot of online gamers. If you played the beta, you may have noticed by now that players were much more aggressive and ready to go rogue at any given time but, not so anymore. So what has changed?