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Brink Review - ...Almost

As a lover of Team Fortress 2, I was excited by the early previews of Brink. For my dollar, character classes in multiplayer games create a more cohesive team experience that is sorely lacking in most games that essentially devolve into free-for-alls. It seemed like Brink was a spiritual successor to Team Fortress 2. Couple this team play with the excellent visual style and the addition of parkour to first-person shooting, it seemed like this game was going to be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, Brink does not live up to expectations.

Bulletstorm Review - Kill with Skill

The first DLC (called Gun Sonata, naturally) for Bulletstorm just came out recently, so it's a good time to finally take a look at this title and see what's what. When I first heard about Bulletstorm, I admit I was mostly sucked in by the hype put out by Epic Games. Kill with Skill! Yeah! Then I played the demo and had a blast. The voice overs were over the top, but I kept my fingers crossed and hoped that was just a marketing tactic.

Batman: Arkham City Review

Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City was an example of a superhero video game done right. No other Batman game successfully captured the feel of the character and highlighted his title of "The World's Greatest Detective" so well before. It had gritty, modern takes on just about every character from the Batman universe and made you feel truly immersed in the experience. Batman: Arkham City is all that and then some.

The Plot

PSN's 'Welcome Back' Customer Appreciation Program

With the Playstation Network apparently back and here to stay, albeit currently limited, Sony is finally getting down to brass tacks and telling us all what it is going to do to get back in our good graces. To that end, they have released the details of what they are calling the "Welcome Back" customer appreciation program.

The Details

First, all existing Playstation Network members will have access to two free PS3 games from the following list. They will be available for download for 30 after the Playstation Store is restored and are yours forever.

* Dead Nation

What Will the Future Playstation 4 Network Look Like?

Playstation 4 Network PSN PS4The Playstation Network is one of the features of the PS3 that we don't hear a lot of complaints about. It's intuitive, looks great, has a lot of options for all your entertainment needs, and does what it's supposed to. All that good will was quashed, however, when in the PSN was hacked in April 2011. Now we see nothing but complaints, and understandably so.

Portal 2 Review - Great Gameplay + Great Humor = Awesomeness

The original Portal was a seemingly tacked-on little gem of a game that many fans found top be the best part of The Orange Box. It was a game of puzzles and mind-bending physics that required you to use your mind and your video gaming skills so Chell could could escape Aperture Science and their evil AI, GLaDOS. This time around, we return to Aperture to find Chell awoken after hundreds of years in cryo-sleep.

Review - Prototype 2

As a big fan of the original Prototype, I was pretty excited to hear there would be a sequel. Unlike many others, I had a blast with the first game. To me, it felt like the perfect open-world superhero game - even though Alex Mercer was no superhero. You could fly around at will around New York City, fight giant monsters and evil government agents and their tanks and helicopters, and just have an all-out blast. I hadn't enjoyed such super powers in a sandbox game since Spider-Man 2 on the PS2.

Gotham City Impostors Review

Gotham City Impostors is a downloadable game available on the PSN/SEN that has been through several beta cycles before finally making it to final release earlier this month. I was lucky enough to get in on one of the betas, and to be honest I only did so for the heck of it and to be able to say I did. As someone that has kind of soured on FPSs of late, I went in with no preconceptions.

But, what do you know, I loved it!

Top Movie To Game Titles

The history of games to movies titles is quite often a highly debatable topic when among gaming buddies, the long line of Hollywood stinkers never fails to amuse but there has been the occasional ray of hope. It’s quite a challenge to pick out some of the best game based movies as there have been a few blockbuster hits that lived up to gamers expectations, then the majority that are about as fun to watch as a paraplegic doing the 100m’s but somehow still manage to please the fans.

Brett Huffman - PS4 Gaming Article Author

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