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The Mind of the Girl in the Game

Mind of the girl gamerLong ago, in a decade far, far away, there was a ruthless stereotype known as: the girl gamer. She was tom-boyish, exceedingly competitive, defensive of her gender, perhaps even unattractive. In fact, her overall demeanor and attitude shrouded her sexuality enough to allow her to comfortably hang out with the guys relatively undetected, or at least, she didn’t pose much of a threat to the raw, unbridled manliness of her companions.

Not anymore.

Teens Spending More Time on Their PS3’s NOT Playing Games

Playstation Does EverythingSony’s tagline for the PS3 is “It only does everything”, and their goal for the PS3 was for it to be the first home console that truly went beyond just gaming, and became a complete entertainment hub. So while a recent study by Nielson may come as a surprise to some industry people and fans, it must be putting smiles on the faces of Sony execs.

Patent Hints at Possible PlayStation 3.5

PS3.5 PatentIt’s been recently revealed that back in August, Sony filed a patent for a new external processor unit which could conceivably be used with the PlayStation 3, possibly bumping up the system’s processing power, making it more akin to a PlayStation 3.5 than either a PS3 or PS4. In fact the patent went so far as to specify that multiple external processors could be used in tandem for truly dynamic power.

Playstation 4 Graphics Engine

Crytek Already Preparing for PlayStation 4's Launch

If you know anything about PC gaming, you've probably heard of Crytek, the envelope pushing company that busted out a game so graphically intense in Crysis that most computers spontaneously combusted upon trying to run it. The intense hardware requirements of the game resulted in underwhelming sales upon its initial release, though the game has sold over 1.5 million copies to date now, 18 months after its release, as more and more PC gamers finally acquire the capability to simply run it.

iPad Outpacing the PS3 on Kids’ Wishlists

IPad Gaming

It seems even young kids aren’t immune to the ever-growing hype surrounding Apple and its products, as Apple’s tablet PC, the iPad, has topped their wishlists heading into the final month of 2010. Among 6-12 year olds, the iPad appeared on 31% of wishlists, according to Nielson, who conducted the survey, while it also topped the PS3 among gamers 13 and up, though it appeared on just 18% of their wishlists.