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Is Street Fighter V worth the market price?

Street Fighter V released on February 16th, and to be completely honest with you, I have been stalling my review. The game offers me that nostalgic feeling, that old school arcade feeling. I’m sorry to say, it also leaves me feeling a little empty. If the year was 1999, the game as it is would without doubt, be an absolute masterpiece, even if you removed the graphics and gave us 32bit, it would be top notch, but in today’s market, it's lacking in content.

The Division Review

We’re a few days into Tom Clancy’s The Division and there is plenty to discuss. If you played the beta, you have probably realized by now how much Ubisoft left out of it. A lot of people commented after the beta, they were canceling their orders because the game lacked so much in content and it became too repetitive. Others complained the graphics were weak and the game belonged on last gen. The list goes needlessly on.

Grave Preview - Beyond Death

Grave PS4

There's a new trend in today's horror genre that's pushing titles with lots of jump scares and some kind of "monster" always chasing you at every turn. It's fun for a while, but it gets exhausting. That's why I get really excited when I hear about a game that takes the alternate, but arguably more difficult route of trying to create psychological horror.

PS4 Pulse - Controller

Introducing the PS4 Pulse Controller, yet another amazing PS4 prototype design by Industrial/Interaction designer Tamar Fleisher. The PS4 PULSE is a new controller for the PS4 console, which combines the full body movement trend (as in Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move etc.) with physical and visual feedback.

PS4 Controller Pulse - Specs Overview:
PS4 Controller - Pulse

Uncharted 4 Beta and PS4 Update 3.50

To start, I’m happy to inform you that there will be an Uncharted 4: A Thief's End open beta starting this Friday. Players interested in joining the stress test will be able to download the beta for free in the PSN store today. You won’t need a PS Plus subscription to play either, so that’s good news for those that want something extra to play this weekend, but aren’t active PS+ users.

Sports Games

PS4 Sports Games

Sports Games

  1. Fifa 14

Dying Light: The Following Review

Developer Techland has released the highly anticipated Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition and stand alone dlc The Following, if you haven’t played Dying Light, this is a great time to play catch up. The initial title itself without add ons is already a complete experience, but the Enhanced Edition offers the full package and more content than a lot of games out on the market today.

Unravel Review

Unravel has finally released on the PlayStation 4 today and it comes with little to no disappointments. An absolutely gorgeous puzzle game with a similar Little Big Planet feel to it. While LBP has a much larger world, more features and not to mention all the levels created by players, Unravel competes on a much smaller scale.

PS4 Board Games

PS4 Board Games

Board Games