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Most gamers don’t realize just how big the accessory business is. It’s a far more lucrative section of the industry than most gamers give it credit for. Accessories encompass anything unrelated to games, be it extra controllers, steering wheels, memory cards, dance pads, and much more. In a broader sense, accessories could also include anything gaming related, such as gaming chairs and routers.

With every new console, the old accessories for the most part won't work on the newer hardware and this is true of the PlayStation 4. Fear not, as PS4 Experts is here to provide you with an up-to-date list of all the awesome accessories you'll be able to use on your brand new system.

Even though the announced accessory list is slim at the current time, we'll be sure to update this list with each new announcement!

Standard Controllers

DualShock 4
While the PlayStation 4 includes one DualShock 4 controller, the system supports up to four controllers which you'll need if you're looking to play some local multiplayer. Extra DualShock 4 controllers will run you $59.99 per controller and are available from a variety of retailers such as Amazon.

Third-Party Controllers
Currently, no third-party controllers have been announced for the PlayStation 4. However, as we get closer to release it's a given that we'll see quite a few unofficial PlayStation 4 controllers!

PS4 Accessories Fighting Game Controllers

Mad Catz PlayStation 4 fighting game controllers
Mad Catz has announced that all PlayStation 3 arcade sticks will not work on the PlayStation 4. The company has announced no plans for PlayStation 4 fighting game controllers at this time, though this is likely due to the PlayStation 4 currently not having any announced fighting games.


PlayStation 4 Camera EyePlayStation 4 Camera
If you're looking to take advantage of the full potential of the PlayStation 4, you will definitely need the PlayStation 4 Camera. Check out PS4 Expert's coverage on this amazing device and preorder the camera at Amazon today! Like the DualShock 4, the PlayStation 4 Eye will set you back $59.99.

Charging Stations

Nyko Charge Base PS4Nyko Charge Base
Nyko has announced the Charge Base for the PlayStation 4, a stand that holds the controller while it charges. The Charge Base will retail for $29.99 and will be available this holiday season.

PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station

The PowerA Charging Station charges two controllers at one time using an innovative arm system and retails for $29.99.

Red Samurai Player Charge & Grip Kit and PowerA DualShock 4 Charging StationRed Samurai Player Charge & Grip Kit
This charging cable from Red Samurai also comes with a pair of grips to slip over your DualShock 4, letting you hold the controller firmly for those long gaming sessions.


Astro Aiming and Turtle Beach PS4 Headsets Astro
Astro Gaming has announced its intentions to bring its line of headsets to the PlayStation 4 but has currently not shown any products.

Turtle Beach
Much like Astro, Turtle Beach has announced PlayStation 4 headsets but has currently not shown anything. However, the company confirmed that PlayStation 3 Turtle Beach headsets will be compatible with the PlayStation 4.


DLink GamerLounge Wireless Router PS4DLink GamerLounge Wireless Router
Clocking in at a whopping $199.99, the GamerLounge Wireless Router by DLink touts that it gives you the best possible Wi-Fi connection thanks to StreamBoost technology. In a nutshell, StreamBoost controls the Wi-Fi connection tightly to ensure your online gaming experience is the smoothest it can possibly be. The GamerLounge Wireless Router is available now and not only works with the current generation of consoles but is confirmed to work for the PS4 as well.


Red Samurai Vertical Stand

Red Samurai Vertical StandThis stand retails for $17.99 and enables you to place the PS4 in a vertical position.

What accessories are you most looking forward to? Know of any additional PS4 accessories not covered here? Let us know in the comments!

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Insert Date: 8/8/2013

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add some futuristic gun accessories katana's etc digital display

you used to sell a plug in katana for your playstation back in the day it was great come up with some more immersive gadgets to enhance the experience...thanks

Can't wait for it and only gonna be 350 pounds :)

In the UK that is :P


I want to know if my logitech G27 racing wheel is compatible with PS4.


Tutle beaches should be able to transfer over, im not paying for one of those again!

They can, you need to buy a

They can, you need to buy a cable (amazon sell them for £5 and its an official turtle beach cable) this is for xbox to ps4 and I dont think you need a cable for ps3 but jm not sure...

I want it to charge

I want it to charge accessories while powered down.

it does. has a new stand by

it does. has a new stand by mode.

That would be nice. I'm so

That would be nice. I'm so annoyed when a controller is not charged before I want to play.

it does

it does


One of my biggest pet peeves about the ps3 was that I had to play for hours to get my stuff completely charged.

The price

if it is priced that high no one will get it. it will be around 400

love sony

i have a sony phone ps1 2 3 and hope to get4

sony is the best

same here buddy .sony is amazing


who doesn't love sony (Microsoft Sucks big time)

Microsoft Sucks Big Balls

You're completely right about microsoft. My friend has a Xbox and you have to pay for internet.

me 2

ya budyy sony fo life microsoft sucks and so does xbox


I think that the ps4 should come with a mic just like the Xbox 360 dose anyone else feel this way or is it only me?

it will

it does contain a mic at some retail stores


I second the mics with the ps4
That would make sony even better then
Xbox 1

mic nah

nah but Xbox 360 1 sucks and i'd buy 1 anyway. With a mi Sony would have 2 rise prices so if u want mic buy 1

Not really

The Xbox one's are pretty cheap though, only the 20$ brand. Most people, like me, would just rather buy a high quality mic of their choosing, unless, this mic has some special features, then I don't think it is necessary.


you can probably buy the old games on playstation stor

Yeah buddy

I won't get it if it is over 450

PS4 Price

will be around $2000 to $ 2500

not even close

lmfao!! wont b over 800

Would be funny

Have a FIFA edition ps4 build the ps4 inside a real soccer ball and kick it around the house while u play. Haha, now that's thinking outside the box.


Or a way that you can move the soccer ball, and it appears on the game, like the Kinect or whatever its called, that way you can also get exercise while playing.


Make a power sute (like power glove) but u feel the game and so the 3D glasses can look at the suit as ur game that yiur playing . We be come the fighter or shooter ect. Just like the six aixx

Make a power sute (like power

Make a power sute (like power glove) but u feel the game and so the 3D glasses can look at the suit as ur game that yiur playing . We be come the fighter or shooter ect. Just like the six aixx


it'll be at least $700 on release, hopefully no more than $750


Most people want the system $400-$500 many people won't buy it at all

I think 400-500 is a

I think 400-500 is a reasonable price with all these CPUs and things they are using being made cheaper these days. But you gotta remember sony have A LOT of losses to cover and we will see this in the PS4's final price. And for those of you who are all like "if its over 400 i aint buying it" well don't then. Sony deserves dedicated followers. I am so passionate about gaming and my ps consoles that ill gladly pay 899 for the console


I think that PS4 should be able to play PS3 Games

Re: 250?

It's highly unlikely PS4 will be $750.
Even high end CPUs and GPUs (or in the rumoured specs for PS4 an APU) cost a fraction of what they retail for.
When hardware goes into a store, before the shop's or websites have tacked on their margins and when AMD or Intel makes a big profit these units cost a significant fraction of what the stores/sites sell them for.

People on this site and in many other places on the net have been coming to the wrong conclusions over the cost of parts to Sony.
Sony doesn't buy the parts for their consoles at retail price.

They won't be paying $200 to $300 for their GPU, even if they used high end units, they'd likely pay half that, even a top end APU like the A8-3870k costs $109.99 on Amazon US right now, AMD probably sells them to Amazon for half that.

If Sony wants to use the same quad core processor, tack on a better GPU component, they can probably make a console that costs them no more than about $470 and then either chose to make a loss on hardware to sell for a more reasonable cost to consumers (knock the price of the console down to $400, maybe $450) or start making a profit early of $30 per unit at retail cost of $500, they'd be making $300,000,000 on their first 10,000,000 units and that's on a console that could easily produce full native 1080p graphics, with high to ultra level PC graphics settings and frame rates above 30 FPS with a lot of action on screen.

$700 is highly unlikely and if that does end up being the retail cost Sony will be making either a profit of about $200 or the console will be close to the best high end PC currently possible, it'd also have to be pretty massive as the thing would generate way too much heat otherwise.

ps4 price

they have to put that price to at lease $250

how much

Hopefuly this dosent cost a lot of money cause that would suck @.@

prepay ?

is it able to prepay Ps4 ? cuz i really want this one, i missed the PS3, so now its time to get the latest new ;) just like i got the IPhone 4, before 4s. but contact me at ; my E-mail adress :

if i get hacked, i'll hack the hacker!!!


im literallly turned on by this!

Not that much

That is too much you don't want it to cost a bazillion dollars do you?


so its time for us to give up our play station3s well lets do this 4 sony like they say out with the old and in with the new.

Wat about PS Vita game cards

that would be epic

Compatibility would be an issue.

Do you mean you want the PS4 to be able to play Vita games?

If that's what you mean I hate to say that probably won't be a feature of PS4, mainly because compatibility in the hardware of PS4 won't allow for that too happen.

Backwards compatibility with PS2 games will likely be limited if we get it.
If the rumours of Sony making micro-cell modules (with 1 PPE and 3/4 SPEs) that can bolt onto an AMD APU (like Kaveri) are true then compatibility with PS3 games shouldn't be the issue alot of people think it will be.

Another issue with Vita games would be the native resolutions being so far below HD that upscaling them would make them look dreadful on a 1080p screen.

I could see Sony making a larger version of Vita, with a screen that's similar in size to a Wii U tablet and maybe enable more cross platform content, perhaps releasing versions of proper HD vita games on the PS4, possibly allowing users that own the Vita version to download or stream the PS4 version at a small charge from PSN to PS4, but actually plugging the video game cartridge into the PS4 and playing straight from the PS4 onto a large HD TV probably won't be possible.

The idea would probably appeal to a lot of Vita owners that plan on getting a PS4, but it's a matter of how the Vita's CPU processes game code probably being vastly different from PS4's CPU.

If it could work then it would be a good way to boost Vita game sales, giving sony another way to push their sales up and of course encourage the sales of Vita consoles to improve, so who knows.
Another good idea IMO would be for Sony to release a dual play version of Vita titles, with the Bluray and cartridge coming in the same case at a slight additional charge over the Vita release.
I'm sure devs would be happy to get a more cash from those sales, sony would have to be happy for the additional business.

Video cards is a different

Video cards is a different word the real word is graphic(s)

This user didn't mean GPU, they meant:

This user was talking about playing Vita games on the PS4.

There's no way the Vita's GPU could be a viable piece of hardware to use in a HD games console, not when it is significantly weaker than the PS3's RSX and Cell combo.
Several Vita graphics chips would be needed, probably stacked on a die to push the necessary performance to even meet low level 1080p PC equivalent settings.

PS vita outputs low AA 720x408 resolutions max.

Sony's probably going AMD HD 79**, to 8*** series, potentially with some 9*** series features as this would give them proper levels of AA, AF, particle and loads of other modern graphical effects at 720p+.
With games probably looking more filmlike at lower resolutions than 1080p.

The kind of hardware that's possible now in a PS3 sized package (or slightly larger, like an Alienware X51) can easily do the equivalent of ultra PC settings at 1080p 60FPS in a game like Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 or Black Ops 2, most console gamers would be pretty happy with that, but probably far more impressed by something that approaches Avatar levels of fidelity at 720p, which is what developers want to achieve.

when will it come out

When will the ps4 comes out cause I can't wait LOL!!! I <3 sony


on october 14 2012 at acout 5:00 on sunday




3D will be Sony's focus.

A year ago, I would have laughed at this concept, but then just last week I saw Panasonic's VT30 3D demonstration and, as far as I can tell, the 3D you would expect of the technology is all there now.
It works.

James Cameron's Avatar in 3D was on it and I have to say, I almost fell over; every caveat that I had with 3D, was gone.

Next Generation Gaming Consoles that don't reach the capability to support 3D+1080P+60fps are going to suffer at the hands of Next Generation Game Consoles that do in a very acute way.

3D+Gaming+40-60" displays; that's where the future is.

I doubt Microsoft nor Sony like the idea of "Toys" being in the same sentence as Next Generation Gaming Consoles - which is why Microsoft "appear" to be releasing two distinct technologies.
Even kids don't like anyone calling their Xbox360 or their PS3, a "Toy".


ps4 will be awesome



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