PS4 Ball


PS4 Hover Bot

This PS4 Concept looks like it could hover via magnetic propultion or something. Maybe for a PS9 concept where it floats around the room and follows you.

its funny you say that

Its funny you say that because years ago. Befor the ps3 I saw a youtube video on the concept of the future of gameing and lol they used the "ps9" witch was a floating ball like this one but the ball reliced some type of nano electronic orbs that enter you'rebrain and stimulate dxm in you're brain witch would b a change in video gameing as we know it lol mainly because there is no viedo you just trip lol so its a brain game system


they did that years ago dude its called LSD lmao


Tripping is LARPING not video-gaming.


DMT not dxm dimethyltryptamine