PS4 Concept Design by Darpan

Incredible PS4 pics of a Concept Design by Darpan
New exclusive PS4 concept design, you saw it here first, enjoy!

With Stand - Black and White Controllers
PS4 Concept Design by Darpan A

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PS4 Concept Design by Darpan B

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Open and Without Stand Facing Right
PS4 Concept Design by Darpan C

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PS4 Concept Design by Darpan D

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All PS4 concepts created by Darpan, a talented graphic designer and science student from India. We are very proud of his work.

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Last year I heard about the

Last year I heard about the ps4 but at that time it wasn't going to be released until 2014-2015 do to
No current tv could play it.things changed but any one else hear about that

would b nice 2 have the ps4

would b nice 2 have the ps4 to stand up tho. as far as the console designs Sony's got up in the air, i'm confused about the 1 w/ the whole "transparensy" design. i realize we're well beyond cavemen days, technology-wise, 2 say the least, but... really? g whiz... when a ps5 is released, might as well b totally invisible & 'auto-play' 4 us. i'm only a fan of sarcasm when I'M the 1 using it. heh heh heh.

unanimous vote

1 thing we can all agree on: Sony, lose the disc tray. no 1 wants dust 2 get in their playstation. gamers have more than enuff system hiccups... thank u very MUCH!


the controller is strange i dont like it

Please put mic in the system

Please put mic in the system or controller also i would lik to be able to copy my games to my system


I say go with the design which offers the stand and transparent touch screen. Just looks right vs the other designs even this one.

Keep the brand.

They should keep the PS logo on everything it's the Brand of PlayStation the colorful PS

It's a great design but...

It looks a bit like a humidifier lol

cross game chat

the playstation 4 should really have cross game chat and music, plus some other stuff to buff it up to xbox. because the last thing sony wants to do is look like a copycat..

another thing

Also, i understand that technology is expensive but im afraid the ps4 is gonna be too expensive to afford, but hopefully that wont be the case..


Sony will have a cheaper version than Xbox next generation :)

Playstation.. enough said.

I feel thet the PS4 needs to be durable and have the option to lay on its side. The main thing though is the door. Before PS3 came out i would have problems all the time with dust getting in the door of my console, but when PS3 came out and it just had the slot where u slide the disc in i cant remember ever having that problem. Ive had the ps3 ever since it came out and i play it all the time, hours and hours at a time and its still going strong.. I have an Xbox 360 as well and in my opinion its nothing compared to the ps3 because its totally dummy-proof and so simple. Whatever Sony comes out with for the ps4 i will strongly support it over the xbox and wii.. And free psn is a MAJOR plus over xbox. Go Playstation!


I just hope they don't change the controllers
And the door is a horrible idea
I like the way the ps3 looks, how you just slide in the disc
The wireless controllers are just like the ps2 and 1
Were used to the shape and they're nice
The new design looks crappy
I just hope they make it backwards compatible
I hate how only the older ps3 models with 4usb ports can play ps2 games


Agree with you about the backwards compatiblity-stuff :)


The design is flawed. I like the size and shape, however the door is a horrible idea. Keep it the way it was with the PS3 with no tray or door to break off. The size might be a problem. From what I can see in the picture, it looks small and it doesn't seem like you would be able to play long because of the incredibly small fan. With that said, I like the new design of the controllers, but they don't look comfortable. Also the PS3 Slim Models do not have the capability to play PS2 games, and the PS4 does. Sony, keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the finished product hooked up to my 60' LCD with surround sound.


the only part is the door it will brake over time but overall desing seems ok to me when when i buy it im not paying more than 1k

It is really quite sad how grammar has gone down toilet.

"the only part is the door it will brake", really brake? Its break.


Your post makes baby grammar Nazi cry too. Just shut up.


shouldn't it be "down THE toilet"?

I really hope the controllers

I really hope the controllers won't be changed.


Me too, it fits nicely in the hand, doesn't become uncumfortable after long play and it's just a good, distinct design, people seem to know it when they see the PS control, maybe a little change with logo for the next console's symbol, maybe some added functionality, but hopefully nothing that messes with what works and what feels right.

it sucks

it dont look any different than a ps2 except its a little bigger and roundish ii definatly think it should not have a door on it like a 1970 wax record disc player i will switch too the ignorant sexbox if its not gonna blow everythimg out of the water it shouldnt look anything like any other game system ever made

Are you blind?

Did you even look at the picture? It looks nothing like any game console ever made.

power button

is it just me or does it have an xbox power button i think this desighn is retarded i like the other ones this looks like a leapfrog or something


the ps4 should have dual hdmi ports for a tv or projector and a surround sound system

No necessary

If people have a HDMI receiver with multiple HDMI outputs they won't need dual ports from the PS4.
Some modern TVs support a return channel HDMI connector, my TV has one and it's well over a year old.
TBH it likely increase the cost of the PS4 to put that in and there are simple ways around it for consumers that are relatively cheap now if they need that function.

Not saying it's not a useful thing for Sony to put in, but I don't think it would be something Sony will think about with the design of the console.


It just needs 4 USBs with space to fit them all in around it.

What we all want

I love the operating system of the ps 3 simple and elegant,but the controller aren't good playing hours on end causes wrist pain, it would be better if they design the controller so that it has th option of swithing the position of your left analog stick and the directional pad so that you can customize it to suite everyones needs this will also invite the xbox crowd in and boost sales since a hell of a lot of sales are based purely on controller outlay.Also I think the idea of volume buttons on the controller is awesome, well done there they controller should also be the same shape it is now but the grips should be made to prevent perspiration if possible were talking about sony here after all the buttons should under no circumstances be made smaller they work.The vibration feature needs an upgrade to be more aggressive,don't overdo the buttons and add strange screens which detract from the controllers main function remember we want it to be comfortable funtional and stylish,less is more.they could instead of the directional pad give us four more buttons and do away with the directional pad all we use it for anyway is to switch guns modes and do fatalities.That would also give more customization in menu's we love that don't we, another thing is smaller is better but I'm not gonna spend R6000 rand on something that I feel afraid is gonna break,it should feel weighted and strong astetics should really be looked at since that is another factor in buying and colour options cause black is really good but it's boring now.If they decide to change from disc to sd cards or something like that the price will impact on sales cause games are already expensive,an ssd and bigger hhd capacity would be appreciated and also the ability to store blue ray movies and original dvd's on it so when you travel you can take it with you on vacation.Themes plaese more themes don't make us download every single thing these days and plese no steam that why we buy consoles because you put it in and you play no downloads required except for dlc's and gear-armor swords costumes guns and apps, non negiotiable. Also since some players use there pc screen to play why not include av ports like a sound card has so you can plug you sound system in-there,like the idea that the gpu will supply graphics power on the fly so you don't have to void the warranty to overclock it just not sure why they didn't go nvidia,sure they would have got a much better option there also I think they should launch after the xbox 720 because gamers won't buy untill they see what sony brings out giving sony time to tweak I'd rather want the better console then then the one that comes out first,also if they take away dics playback how are you going to play blue ray dvd's,remember that and also anotherway of generating income for ps4 and keeping gamers very happy is if they were to allow the covers to be changed and designed covers so gamers could customize there ps,how'd you guys feel about that?In short please design the controller better with customization so everyone can enjoy it I like the xbox controller more but I love my ps3,colour schemes guys,be way out there, don't overdo buttons don't add gadgets add funtionality.....

It could

If it's laying down it would be a lot better. Like the wii it always falls over so i leave it on the side.


I like the desing but really need to be duraable fo years of use jake


I love the design by darpan, i think we all ought to give him a slow manly clap


Can't wait till the newest PlayStation console comes out! Sony hardly ever disappoints, they really know their stuff! Hopefully prices don't start off ridiculously high like they did whenever the PS3 debuted. For now I'm good with my PS3 and black ops :) Oh and one more thing hopefully the shape of the dual shock stays the same, in my opinion the dual shock is the best controller out there.

Real PS3 Design

this clearly wont be it because its too small, its hardly taller than the disk and about a third of the thickness of the ps3, obviously we arnt gonna be able to shrink all the components that must in only a couple of years so it just wont fit. Be expexting something the same size of the ps3, but with a new futuristic and or retro body style, the led and prodjection lighting and graphics could be possible and are very likely to make them stand out.

logo is awsome

Love the logo will make ps4 seem dominating this guy is awesome who created it?

hope this desing makes it to the market

I really love the designed exterior it will make xbox seem bad so people will buy playstayion

awsome desing

I like the seeing this look of the playstation 4 this guy is really creative hope seeing this diesng comes out please

south park make consoles now??

i remember the first time i got the ps, i was 12. i got petrified by the coolest console ever made, cds instead of sandwiches, super cool. i also remember i asked to myself if this goes on and sony makes well, how futuristic will ps3 be for instance?... not what i expected back then. Now, i talk to myself, what a mastercrap!!!!! i mean, are you #%)!@*& with me? an urinal? that my friends is the most breakable thing in history. haven't you learn from previous models?
neither i am an engineer nor a designer but i assure you that based on my passion for how far technology can go i would be making more money than you right now. said that, you better come up with something that is not a humidifier for ps1,2 and 3 players sake.

concept ug to the max

please stick to the concept that is see through id care less for playing on a waffle maker. its not bad just not original. keep the blue green lights nd put it on the see through ps4 nd you have a winner


when ever it comes out, i cant wait. cause its one of those no brainer christmas or b-day gifts. you know must have. everybody want but not all can have

Playstation 5

I do not know how the arts, design, and specifications on the PS4. But I'm sure, in PS5 we will play like Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed, where he lay sleeping on a machine named "Animus 2.0". There he would wake up in a 3D world, and adventure in a virtual world until the mission is complete. After that, he would get up and go back to the real world.

"Gamer" movie into reality

The movies set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments. We can see and feel call of duty or battlefield more closely and real. in which people can either pay as user or be paid as 'actor' in a system of mind-control. Well, I'm really waiting for this.

The Matrix Revolution???

Is this similar to technology used by the "Neo" in the The Matrix movies?

Door will break off !!

I dont like this design at all.

It would be funny if the PS4 came out and looked exactly like the ps3 slim.

But with a PS4 logo on it some different ports and more horsepower.

All I want is make it able to render any game at 1080p, not upscaled.

Keep the bluray, perhaps use superfast flash cartridges for games. and of coarce all new CPU and GPU. 4G of DDR3 memory. We'll prob get only 2G of mem.
But that is 4 times more than the 512m we have now. 2G will be ok, 4 will be better. .. Oh BTW,...when do we get the PS9 nueralnet system?


I like the logo, but really? Why not stick with the P3 style logo. I know, a random complaint, but just something to consider.

ps4 cost 1,000$

when ps4 coming out. it cost 1,000$ for really no joking :(

malaysia costs

but how it cost in Malaysia


The current controller is a little too small and I have small hands. Give it foam grips and hinge it in the middle with a resistance spring like a workout device. It'd be great if it was also adjustable so that you could make it wider if needed.
And, how about a second kind of controller with bigger joy sticks that comes in two halfs held together by magnets and straps to each leg above the knee.


I partly agree. I think this is an interesting concept, but either put grips on it, or just make it the same shape as the dualshock 3.


Really looks disgusting. I wouldn't buy it. Thank god it a concept T-T

Are you crazy

Are you crazy

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