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<div><object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="400" height="82" id="countdown" align="middle">
<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />
<param name="movie" value="" />
<param name="loop" value="false" />
<param name="menu" value="false" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<embed src="" loop="false" menu="false" quality="high" width="400" height="82" name="countdown" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />
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You can also change the background color by changing the ?bg=FFFFFF to whichever hex value you want. For black you would set it to ?bg=000000. This needs to be changed in two places so just copy replace.

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Long live the PS4!

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No matte how much Microsoft will try, they will never ever get better than Sony. Bill Gates do not know how to make games, only OS


ps4 is comming 13 august 2013!!!!!!

Ps4 2 Raw

if u think Microsoft is better than Sony you got brain damage u need 2 get checked out


dumbass have u seen the xbox 1 u need to get ur sense back


Gl in life picking a favorite before you test out one or the other. That's going to get you far. For all you know the xbox could perform twice as good. From the looks of actually performs pretty smoothly transitioning between features. Who knows what will be the better choice. I still prefer pc.

xbox end of privacy

As the subject sugest xbox is dead before it even releases constant internet required constant authentication with live no used games no trading games no borrow games your basicaly paying 50 dollars for a rental that is absurd to expect me to give you 500 dollars for a system and 50 dollars a game and tell me i cant do whay i want with it i dont own is just stupid.


Haven't you heard? Microsoft has reversed that policy. No constant internet required and no limitations on trading games. Yes its stupid that they would even implement that to begin with but its now an old pilicy


PS4 should be the best game of the year

lol dont u mean console

ps4 is a console lol



ps4 ist the best

ps4 is the best. no matter how much it will cost i will buy it and all its latest games

PS4 is raw

if ps4 comes out many people will buy it becuz they want it so bad which will be sold out soon so dont get ur hopes up about ps4.

PS4 comes out a day after my aniiversity so that is wat i am gettting from my wife.

If u trash talk on the ps4 sony will band u from the game online for a year or drop u down to level 1 on MW4 which comes out november 14 I know this from math.

When u get ur hands on this console u might say that i am rich but ur not unless u are a rapper or comedian so might be poor or homeless so will this game console is already out becuz for some reason they make all games and consoles come out months before it is acutally relesed so this will cause some people to be exparasious for that cost they will probably return that and relised wat they did and get it back.

Wat i am trying to say dont get ur hopes up it might be pushed back like splinter black list and GTA 5 which will come out September 17 and that will be sold out so dont think someone is going to walk to ur door and give u a PS4 or the new hand held psp.

Sony make a change in the PS4 the PSN account doesnt work for my PS3 so take that off or u will might shut down.


Sorry, we don't speak retard. can you try again?

does it work

New Playstation 4 Release Date by -

xbox suck ps4 is epic

i have an xbox 360 but i going to buy a playstation 4 because i have just realized that microsoft suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

i think its to fast

there is already a pspvita and ps3 i think no one will buy ps4 cause of the other consels they have

Re: i think its to fast

It's been almost 8 years since the Playstation 3 was announced, by November 11th this year the PS3 will have been out for 7 years, previously it's been 6 years between the launch of each new Playstation, so the next machine is already a year behind on how much time it's been between launches of new Playstation consoles.

If what you've written was true no one would buy iPods or iPads when a new one comes out, with slight improvements, year on year or every 6 months, but they do & those cost more than the PS3 did at launch.

Around 3 million people have bought Wii U's, that console is only a little bit more capable than PS3 in graphics, physics & AI, PS4 will be a much bigger step ahead of the PS3 than Wii U is.

Of course PS4 will sell, the industry's been getting really stale over the last few years because new hardware is needed to allow developers to create more impressive games.
PS3's been tapped out with what it can do, developers can't really make anything more amazing than The Last Of Us, God Of War Ascension, Uncharted 3, Beyond: Two Souls & Killzone 3 with the PS3's technology, so they need new technology to be able to.

It's most definitely time for the PS4 to be announced, well it will be on Wednesday, the 20th of February this year.
Anyone that thinks that's not what is going to happen is ignorant of the fact Sony's called the event "The Future of Playstation", that they've already uploaded 2 videos called "The Evolution of Playstation" on YouTube, the first was about the PS1, the next was about PS2.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see they're setting the stage for the announcement of PS4 at their New York event on Wednesday next week.

Many developers have said both Microsoft & Sony will release their next home consoles by the end of this year, that they will have games ready to come out by the end of the year & Gamestop has also stated they have insider information saying the new consoles will be in stores before Xmas this year.


PS4 Release Date by -

Just what I need

In the last few years I have spent hundreds of dollars on play station stuff I'm sick of it

Re: Just what I need

I think it's great!!!!!!!

Bring on the PS4, I want to be able to buy it and it's new amazing games this year.
If it comes out in November everywhere then everyone's got over 8 months to save up & buy the console, with a good amount of games.

Also the Xbox 720 too, I'm not a fanboy, I wish Wii U had games that interested me, but it doesn't yet.
If both consoles are good & all 3 companies bring quality games to their machines that interest me this could be the 1st year I have all 3 consoles to enjoy for the majority of their generations.

Very exciting times for console gaming!!!!!

wii u is great

u should try a wii u alot of the games that are going to be on the ps4 r on wii u also and every knows its better than xbox 1 also dnt be afraid to try nitendo cause it might be a waste of money they fixed their failuers and brought themself bck up






i bet you will only be able to play the new grand theft on it and not play grand theft 5 on ps3.

Grand Theft Auto in the next gen.

GTA 5 is coming to PC, 360 and PS3.
Maybe 720 and PS4 will get the next game in the series after GTA 5, whatever that ends up becoming, but GTA5 is a current generation release, not a next gen title.



ps4 so epic!

Ps4 is going to be epic xbox succccccccccckkkkkssss




Ur retarded if u think ps4 is goin to suck!!

ps 4

can play psp ps vita on it

Ps4 game

Can the ps3 games be inserted and played on the ps4

It's possible PS4 may play PS3 games.

As things stand nobody knows for sure whether PS4 will have backwards compatibility with PS3 titles.

BC is all down to whether or not the PS4 can deal with game code in the same way PS3's cell processor can.
With the advent of a new PS3 slim likely being released prior to xmas this year and using a miniturized system on chip (or SOC for short) version of the PS3's hardware it gives sony an opportunity to mass produce those SOCs for use in PS4 in case the deidcated CPU in PS4 isn't compatible with PS3 titles, this means that the CPU/APU or whatever PS4 has can be turned off to save on power.

Essentially the cell processor in PS3 is what may prevent PS4 from playing PS3 games, but the SOC in the new PS3 slim should be fully compatible with all PS3 games.

Right now it's a waiting game to find out what parts are going to make it into PS4's design.

PS4 will have to

With all the money people like myself have spent on the Playstation Store, they HAVE to make the PS4 able to play all those games. Otherwise people, like myself, would be outraged. Many people sell their previous consoles to buy the new ones and carrying over what they purchased on the store is a must. Expect PS4 to play PS3 games.

I agree.

I do agree, but like I said we'll have to wait to find out.
I don't personally see why it's such a hard thing to make PS4 backwards compatible to a pretty high degree with most PS3 games, even with all of these rumours about the new x86 CPU that will apparently be in PS4 not being able to deal with the PS3 coded games just like PS3 having the PS2's processor it's not expensive to stick a cell in PS4 and solve the problem.

probably not

Its not likely


Where dose the games go in the PS4

PS4 #1

i heard that they making new tvs for the ps4 because the graphics are gonna be to realistic and the plasma they gat right now it goes up to 1080p well the plasma is going to be 8000p supposely. so that means if you want to get the ps4 you would have to buy the new tv too if anyone knows more information about this comment below.

I'm afraid you've misunderstood, Re: PS4 #1

The idea that people will have to buy a specific TV to play ps4 is completely wrong.
For one thing 8k is in the very early stages of development and another PS4 will likely have various different resolution settings and be designed to accomodate multiple different scales of resolution and rumours putting the highest figure at 4k.

In order for the graphics in PS4 to look more lifelike it just needs a more modern GPU and CPU compared to PS3, this means resolutions of 1080p plus.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 cannot do 1080p native, with frame rates of 60fps with high levels of effects.
Current gen consoles do not do tesselation and all the modern effects modern GPUs will do.
Crazy high resolutions are not needed to make games look even more amazing than the Kara demo, graphics in mid to high level PCs look better, because they can achieve those effects, with native 1080p and high frame rates compared to consoles.

Quite frankly what you're talking about isn't even possible with the best NVidia or AMD GPUs, in Sli or Crossfire.
Sony and MS wouldn't even be able to fit that much hardware inside of the console's case, they'd have to use a massive, full sized tower to do that and then there's cooling.
4 GTX 690's would cost over £3000, just for the GPUs, even taking into account that Sony or Microsoft could buy them far cheaper they'd never buy them for less than £1000 and Sony is never going to charge even £600 for a console that will make them more than £400 of a loss.

While modern GPUs can achieve 2k and 4k in relatively cheap GPUs (a hd7770 can do 4k) frame rates would suffer.
PS4 is more likely to focus on getting 1080p native resolutions right this time around, because PS3 and Xbox 360 both had trouble going to those levels of resolutions.
If PS4 can do 4k then it will be because Antialiasing can be turned off and a console is a closed system or because PS4 will hardware upscale from a far lower native resolution to 4k, which seems far more likely.

Right now 4k is an incredibly small market for TV manufacturers, it's only just going to start being sold from next month in the US and EU, with american prices being $22,000 ar about £14,000 uk.
Really 4k and 8k aren't necessary to make games look stunning, MS and Sony knows this and they know that their market (along now with Nintendo) is people who already own TVs that can do up to 1080p.

The likelihood is Sony will cater for 4k TV users with PS4, with most likely an upscaler that can do 4k.

release date and cost

When is it coming out and how much is it?




i dont care how much ps4 is because im getting it also playstation is so much better than xbox in every way.
playstation kicks ass and xbox SUCKS compared to it

U lie!!!

Xbox is way better then the playstation will ever be

SO Wrong

Playstation is so much better than the XBOX and every one knows that XBOX sucks so bad one day i could sell or destroy it that quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You lie

Ps4 is better because any system and games r always number 1 in business for almost 20 years. A magazine said it to me years ago

Years ago..

That was years ago

Shut Up!

The PlayStation is WAY better than the stupid Xbox, and isn't this a PlayStation website, so if you are on this website you must like PlayStation. And please, check your spelling bro. PS: Xbox sucks. Xbox fan boy with Xbox fan boy with bad grammar. Leave, now.

i think sony gaming systems kicks microsoft gaming systems ass

sonys ps4 is going to kick microsofts xbox 720s ass just like the ps3 did to the xbox 360. i am for sure getting ps4 instead of xbox 720 because playstation is better then xbox all the way.

i totally agree

i totally agree

Can't Wait

I am going to get the ps4 no matter how much money it is

PlayStation Network

1.Are you gonna be able to sign in to your old ps3 psn file?

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