PS4 Future Concept Model



ooooohhh my god u got talent i wish the ps4 would be like that .....u r the best keep it up


It should be the last 2 pictures


no the first 2 should be the PlayStation 4 and the last three PlayStation Move 2.0


I agree

all four picturs go together

all four picturs go together the first 2 are the system and the last 2 are the sreen.

all wrong

I Seen this design in Ps magazine 2 years ago.
The first 2 are the ps4. And the last 3 are the psp.


So tell me how they got all that info if sony hasnt told anyone how the ps4 will look? Sorry buddy but It looks like your wrong.
Your remind me of that girl on tv that thinks everything on the internet has to be true lmao