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PS4 Trailer videos. Have you seen them all? (Post your trailer comments below).

Can you imagine what some of the games will be like in 3D... Grand Theft Auto 5 3D on the PS4!?!?!

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Work harder....

Work harder and you can get what you want, PS3 was ok but not that great will be interesting to see what PS4 has to offer... As for 3D tvs i certainly wouldn't get a a sony 3D tv, as samsung 3D tvs are a better tv than sony all..

...and panasonic 3D tv's are

...and panasonic 3D tv's are better than samsung.


ps4 will be good it will have better graphics than xbox 720


I really dont see why we need a ps4. That will ruin everything. People with a lot of money will get it. And they will leave the ps3 in the dust. And the peeople who can't afford the ps4 most likely have friends who do so they will be forced to find new people which, i dont know if you have noticed is kinda hard. Can't they just put it In an update? Likebuy the newest controller design and it comes with an install software thing. Or for connecting it to a smart tv. That can be nstalled in an update. I honestly think the ps4 is a wy for sony to try and get more money just as the ps vita was.

$400 isn't too much...

It isn't hard to scrape together $400 nowadays...

Ps4 > XBox 1

Do you think Sony really NEEDS the money? No, I think they are really trying to make things better for the PlayStation community. And it's working! The ps4 will be better than any of us can imagine, and it won't be too expensive. Sony learned form their mistake of releasing the ps3 at 600 dollars.


yeah I paid $600+for my backwards compatible ps3and now you're telling me that the ps4 is going to be under 400 boy did I go wrong.don't get me wrong I do love my system I would love to have the ps4but is it going to be backwards compatible because I have over 100 games of the ps3

Yes backwards compatible

Yes backwards compatible


How tragically boring you are.

Sony just can not.

The reason Sony can not just add a new update is because the PS4 will host new hardware and graphic chips. The ram of the device will also be upgraded from the measly 256MB to 2GBs of ram so if Sony did make an update to include most PS4 features and games the graphics and games will be slow and hard to use because game software designers will design their games for the PS4 which includes better graphics and more ram as I've stated.People will not be forced to buy a new one with in the first year to the second year because most game titles like Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and possibly Modern Warfare 4 will still existon the PS3 and most studios will not release 2 games in one year which means the most popular games will only have 1 or 2 sequels before the PS4 price begins to slowly plumitdown.

You can't upgrade hardware through an update...

The PS3's hardware is INCREDIBLY outdated. 256MB or RAM, compared to the PS4's 8GB or RAM. You can't switch out hardware components electronically... I don't see how you wold think that's possible. There's already been SEVERAL price leaks showing $430-530 (USD). It isn't THAT unaffordable, especially compared to the PS3. And it isn't hard to find more friends on PSN. You if you have fun playing with someone online just add them.

And if you bought a PS3 this far into it's lifecycle, then frankly, that's your own fault. Console generations tend to last around 5-8 years, and getting a PS3 in 2012 is similar to getting a PS2 in late 2005. I got my first PS2 a few years after the PS3 was released, and then found a used PS3 on Ebay for about $275 in 2009. If you can't afford the PS4 at release, wait for the price to drop. Many others will, and there will still be a large community on the PS3. You'll still be able to enjoy your PS3. Just get the PS4 later in it's lifecycle like you did with the PS3.


I agree 100%... why do they need a ps4?
I probably wont be able to get one, neither will you probly either. That is why I agree with you


It is so annoying I got my ps3 last Christmas now this thing is coming out and yea only minted people will be able to afford it


get a job.

LoL... So true. i have my

LoL... So true. i have my money set aside for this already

SAVE YOUR MONEY....Work harder

I have it on order already...Thats how i roll, yeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!!

I'm getting mines!!!

LOL! Exactly get a job and you get what you want! I got my money ready for it! All these bitter people need to go to work and get money if they really want it...

get a life im am minted to the bone i can buy 15 if i want

get a life im minted very well icould buy 200 of them so all of you need to work harder!!!! im 44 become a millionair at the age of 32 because of hard work NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!

More colors

The ps4 should have more color options, I know its not a big deal bu it would be cool to play on a gold ps4

same controler

i reaally hope that the ps4 will have the same old controler as the ps3 and ps2 .i really like that design. iv gotten ust to the same feel each time i pick up a controler..i dont care if the change it a little but i want the same basic design

basicly the same feel but has new features

here is a link to look at it all

will you be able to have your ps3 account on your ps4?

i want to know


yes you will be able to access your acount on a ps4 ,the main reason the ps4 is being made is because that sony needs another console update because of competitors.all games and info will be switched on it when you log in to psn

can the ps4 play ps3 games?

hopefully i can play mw3 and bo2 on the ps4

RE: can the ps4 play ps3 games?

A lot of rumours seem to point to PS4 not being backwards compatible with PS3 games, this seems to be based on the rumour that PS4 will have a more traditional PC type CPU or x86 processor, where as PS3 had a cell processor & games were programmed very differently to how PC games are.

It is quite possible that current rumours are based on dev kits that don't possess a cell cpu, but Sony may install one on the motherboard to allow for backwards compatibility with PS3 games in PS4.

IMO since it's likely that Xbox 360 may be playable on the next xbox (rumours all seem to point to it being able to play 360 games) & Wii U supposedly having perfect backwards compatibility that Sony will make an effort to make PS3 games playable on PS4.

Some people that like to bash Sony & playstation like to say that it would make PS4 too expensive, but this isn't a logical thing to believe since the PS3 is now profitible for Sony, even at the lowest end model (the 12GB PS3 Super Slim), which retails for £150 in the UK, basically the CPU makes up a very small portion of that overall cost.

Being that it will be an important selling point for the next gen playstation, that it's cheap & that as long as the cell processor tech can be installed within the console (which I can't really see a reason why it couldn't), that the more of the cell processor Sony makes, the cheaper they become it just doesn't seem logical for PS4 to be unable to play PS3 games or older PS2 & PS1 games.

IMO remain open minded, don't make up your mind before Sony makes the announcement next year or whenever (though next year's E3 seems like a likely time for an anouncement of both PS4 & XBox 720, because that's what some named developers are point to for their games coming to these machines), be prepared for it to go either way.

Personally I'm swinging towards it being likely PS4 will play PS3 games, unless Sony completely omits anything like a cell processor in the console.
If that is the case they may offer some other means to play those titles, maybe through some kind of PSN related service, though streaming old games using their new Gaikai company seems like it would be overly costly compared to putting a Cell processor chip on the motherboard seems the least expensive way to do it.

Hope i could afford the ps4

hope to be the maximum 700
to 800

Re: Hope i could afford the PS4

Considering current rumours are putting PS4 at having an AMD A10, probably with something around an AMD HD 8850 you shouldn't have any problem if $700 is the price you can go up to.

The guts of a gaming PC, based around the A10 can be bought from (I'm brittish BTW) for around £210, a D 7850 is £130, Bluray is about £50.
Overall I can build a PC based around that tech for less than £500, Sony can probably do it for around £300, maybe £350, which is the price of the 32gb Wii U, with Zombie U over here, if Sony takes a loss then they could probably release for around £300, America will get that will get it for around $350-$400.
If Sony goes with a newer GPU chip & more advanced, newer stacked DDR4 then it'll cost no more than $500 IMO.

Taking inflation into consideration PS4 will be an incredible bargain.

Hope i could afford the ps4

hope to be the maximum 700
to 800

ps4 nice

the ps4 is going to be more that 500, if not is joy worth it ps3 nice game sold for 6 ps4 is going to be much better is not going to be sold for lesstha 5 or6

PS4 Capabilities

I bought the PS3 over the Xbox 360 as the PS3 was also a blueray player.

I don't like the rumors that the PS4 will not be backward compatible with PS3 and I don't like that the PS4 is rumored to have "Big Brother" technology. If this proves true, I will probably wait for the Xbox 360. :(

yep its comin 2012 3/20/13

yes it will come ot on 2012 3/20/13 and im Tony Ford a Playstaion maker

tony ford

tony ford that got his phone nicked


you cant even spell playstation and your a maker this should be fun

the one&only

ithink the ps4 will daminate the peaple even the ones who dosnt like video games &xbox is the end sony is control the gaming world and thats for sure


this is amazing --

you failed its xD not dx

you failed its xD not dx

Guess he wrote Dx and not dx

Guess he wrote Dx and not dx

Public release

Sony already said that the new Playstation should be shown off at the during 2013.
This means the new console will probably be available end 2013 - begin 2014.

These are the only things we know we an say with a bit of certainty.
All the other things you might've heard about the PS4, are rumours.


ps4 will be for 3d 1080p tvs and $759 wii u will be $250 any tv and greayt 3d graphics no x-box 720 until 2016
-ps insider

Absolute rubbish.

PS4 will be compatible with 3D TVs, that doesn't mean it won't play on other TVs that are just regular 720p, 1080p or even older standard def (480p or whatever) screens.

Sony will aim for a price below PS3's release price, tbh no current GPUs, CPUs within the range of products that will work well in a console will cost enough to justify a release at more than $600.
Release for both MS and Sony's next machines will likely be around either late 2013, early 2014.

Allowing nintendo to have much more than a year's head start with a new platform (which will by then be showing just how much better games can look and play on newer hardware will, because developers will be very much getting used the newer features of the Wii U) is an impossibility.

PS3 will be 7 years old in nov 2013 and Xbox 360 will be 8, these machines are very old and in dire need of proper upgrades above some additional motion controller stuff, more efficient, but same level power in components and software upgrades that we've had so far this gen, it is quite frankly time we had new consoles released, what we have now is severely outdated.


This is no guarantee,
where ever you got this from,
it probably is just a rumor.
Altho there is a possibility.


psvita i hope will have cross play with the ps4. I realy hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psn network needed repair

When psn was shut down it wasnt their fault the group "anonymous" shut it down just like they threatened to do with google and fb and twitter just so they can get what they want they couldve shut down xbox if they wanted to but ps3 is better so thats why they did it, they couldve done it no problem but i hope when the ps4 does come out it will revolutionize the gaming world forever im tired of the same old bs with wii, xbox, and play station we need something new to keep us interested in ps

psn shut down

anonymous didn't shut it down sony shut it down to prevent any further hacking threats which is why the increased the secruity



I still feel that we havnt

I still feel that we havnt seen all the ps3 can do, why not a 10 year shelf life instead of 6. they just lowered the price by 50 bucks, so everybody can afford to play. I for one am not loaded, but of course im excited about ps4 release but my wallet is not, I might have to enjoy the ps3 until the ps4 slim is released.

My ps3 cost me 650 euro at

My ps3 cost me 650 euro at launch now she just an ornament ill never buy at launch again


I hear that 1% extra performance is coming out next this year, and then a further 1% in the new year.
Then the PS3 will really shine.

... It's time for the PS4.

playstation 4

first off playstation 3 has not been pushed to it limits said by the sony man him self there are no plans for playstation 4 to come out any time soon

all the hype is research and devolopment desginging a playstation 4

playstation 3 is a very powerful machine we have not seen what all it can do yet

sony has programers program there games to a set of specifcations of how much memory to use for the game and graphics etc.... sony has not even unlocked that yet
to where programs can push the systems limits hell there not even telling any one what playstation 3 system is capable of at the moment.

lets take a look and focus on the current market right now and get some inside information over the past year we have seen blue ray dvd players take over the market now you are seeing blue ray 3d players becoming the new standard in home movies and 3d tvs and even the sony 3d laptops its hard to say but playstation 3
now is able to play BLUE RAY 3D MOVIES with a update so instead of sitting here dreaming about playstation 4 while don't u save up your money and buy a 3d tv cause guess what
folks the blue ray 3d games are coming out for playstation 3 !!!!

i just only hope u buy a sony 3d tv cause what ever brand u get your going to wish it was sony good luck with the playstation 4 dreaming cause u already need a new tv dogg hahahahahahah

They already have 3d games

They already have 3d games for ps3

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