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About Pre Ordering the PS4:
The PlayStation 4 is now fully available for preordering! Currently, the initial price is $399 for the basic system. We've compiled a helpful list of every retailer in the United States carrying the PlayStation 4, along with whether the system is still available there or not, so you can quickly reserve your system at your favorite retailer! While the chart just covers the system and accessories, keep in mind that every retailer on this list also lets you preorder nearly every announced PlayStation 4 game!

Retailer Still Available? What They Offer Accessories
Amazon No, you need to sign up by email to be notified when it becomes available. PlayStation 4 System and Assorted Bundles DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera
GameStop No. Not available. PlayStation 4 System and Assorted Bundles Both Official and Unofficial Accessories
Best Buy No. Sold out. PlayStation 4 System and Assorted Bundles DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera
Target Yes and no. Available in stores, sold out online. PlayStation 4 System and Assorted Bundles DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera
Wal-Mart No. Out of stock online. PlayStation 4 System and Assorted Bundles DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera
K-Mart No, you need to sign up by email to be notified when it becomes available. PlayStation 4 System DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera

Pre Order The Playstation 4With the PlayStation 4 finally announced, we quickly get closer and closer to the release date. Of course, anybody who has ever paid attention to the release of a new console knows there won't simply be hundreds of them sitting around the store waiting to be purchased; everybody is excited to get their hands on the new next-generation console. Unfortunately, there will probably be more fans waiting the PS4 than there will be consoles available to purchase. With this in mind, anybody who wants to take home a PlayStation 4 on day one will definitely need to look into pre-ordering the console. It may be the only way to be sure you get a PS4 in time for the holidays.

Fortunately, there will be plenty of places to pre-order a PlayStation 4 console, each of which has its own email list to alert readers the moment the console becomes available for pre-order. First up in the list is the largest online retailer, Like with its other pre-orders, Amazon may offer a deal as an incentive such as Amazon credit or even a free game. In addition, this is likely the best place to seek getting a pre-order; fans need not stand outside in a line, and there will likely be more consoles available for sale through here.

The next best place to get a PlayStation 4 pre-order would be In terms of physical retail stores, this is likely the best place to not only reserve a console but to specify the store where it will be picked up on release day. The same can be said for other places to pick up pre-orders, such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart. However, given that neither store is a games specialty store, these two stores may not have as many copies available for reservation. Other stores that will most likely sell the PS4 but do not have websites up include Target, K-Mart and local game stores in your area.

Given that we have only recently witnessed Sony announce the console, it is difficult to say specifically when retailers will be able to officially open up reservations. What we do know, however, is that this is largely because retailers do not currently know what price to sell the console for; it is safe to say that whenever Sony finally announces how much it intends to sell the PlayStation 4 console for, all retailers should begin letting customers pre-order the console on a first come, first serve basis. While we do not yet know when Sony will announce this price, it seems likely that the E3 2013 convention would be a good time to expect this information. As soon as the price is announced, retailers will open preorders as early as minutes after the announcement so be prepared.

When pre-ordering the PlayStation 4, there are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind first. Above all, pay attention to retailers announcing the date that pre-orders will begin. Those who miss the first few minutes or are not among the first in line at a store likely will miss out on the opportunity to get a PlayStation 4 console this holiday season. Similarly, it is important to pay attention to the price that Sony announces for the console; attempting to get a pre-order from a source that sells the console for a higher price is most likely not a Sony-authorized retailer and is likely attempting to purchase the console elsewhere and charging you a higher price. Some examples include those selling pre-orders through classifieds and auction websites like Craigslist or eBay, respectively, but this can also occur through individuals selling the console through Amazon through the Amazon Marketplace.

Because Sony has not yet announced the price for the PlayStation 4, we do not yet know how much to expect in terms of cost. However, based on rumors that have been coming out regarding the PlayStation 4's 40,000 JPY Japanese price tag, we can likely expect the console to cost either $399.99 or $449.99, depending on the different models Sony releases. If retailers use a similar mechanic for pre-orders as with the PlayStation 3, then customers can likely expect to have to put down $100 or more in order to reserve a console.

The staff at PS4 Experts will update this page as soon as we know when retailers will begin allowing customers to pre-order the PlayStation 4 console. In the meantime, keep an eye on our PS4 Release Date page and our PS4 Price page for updates!

Update -- September 25th, 2013: Amazon offers Pre Order Upgrade
Follow this link to learn more. Amazon has offered a pre order upgrade to some who pre-ordered.

Update -- August 20th, 2013: Wal-Mart To Start In-Store Preorders For PlayStation 4
Wal-Mart has announced that beginning August 24th, gamers who are still looking to preorder the PS4 can do so from any Wal-Mart store.

The only requirement is that you pay 10% of the PS4's cost, which is $39.99 plus any applicable tax. Unlike other retailers, such as GameStop, Wal-Mart will hold your PlayStation 4 until December 13th, 2013, giving you plenty of time to pay it off!

If you want to guarantee yourself a PS4 but you will need extra time to get the funds together, definitely look into this option. But hurry -- the PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th, 2013 in the United States, just a few short months from now.

Update -- June 11th, 2013: Preorders Now Available @Amazon
The PS4 is now available for pre-order at There are some fears that the PS4 will sell out before the holiday season.

Update -- April 12th, 2013: Preorders Available At Asda For The UK
United Kingdom supermarket chain Asda has announced that they have now opened up preorders for the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 potential customers can place a £20 deposit online to receive a unique code that will prioritize their place in line when PlayStation 4 preorders officially go live.

Keep in mind that the code does not guarantee you a system: Asda states the preorders will still be on a first come, first serve basis. All the code is guaranteeing you is an advantage of those customers without a code. Asda claims that due to factors that are out of their hands, such as limited availability of stock, not all customers who receive a code will get a system when it launches.

Asda claims the PlayStation 4 will be out around Christmas 2013 and has not given any other information towards price and date. However, the £20 deposit will be deducted off the cost of the system.

If you are in the United Kingdom and wish to preorder with Asda, you can do so here.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/14/2013

Update -- March 14th, 2013: Preorders Available Now For Australia!
If you happen to live in Australia, today is your lucky day! The Australian EB Games branch is giving its customers the ability to place a preorder for the system as of today. EB Games has set the preorder for 899 AUD, which translates into $933.16 for the US.

Keep in mind that Australians generally pay higher for games and consoles than other countries and that EB Games is clear that the price is just a placeholder. Chances are good the price is intentionally higher than what the company expects; it's easier to refund money for a higher price than charge customers more for a lower price which, in many cases, companies cannot do as a preorder locks you into a price.

If you're in Australia and interested in preordering the PS4, you can do so here.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/14/2013

Update -- March 24, 2013: Preorders Available Now For The UK!
Video game retailer GAME, located in the United Kingdom, has now opened preorders for the PlayStation 4. Unlike EB Games in Australia, GAME is requiring only a 20 pound deposit for the system at this time. Additionally, if you preorder the PS4 from the GAME website, you will also be entitled to free shipping for the console!

If you're interested in preordering the console and live in the UK, you can do so in-store or from the GAME website.

As of this date, there are still no opportunities to preorder the system in the United States.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/24/2013

Update -- March 27th, 2013: Preorders Available Now In The Netherlands!
Another European country has stepped up to offer PlayStation 4 preorders to excited fans: the Netherlands. Games retailer Game Mania is currently offering free PlayStation 4 preorders on their website; when the price of the console is known, you will then receive an opportunity to pay the announced price.

Preorders are first come, first serve, so preorder today to guarantee your system!

If you live in the Netherlands and want to preorder the PS4, you can do so from the Game Mania website.

Update by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 3/27/2013

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how much is the ps4 going to cost?


like 800- 1000 dollars


more like 600-700 I've seen posts on different sites and the all say from 600-700


??? WTF!?!?! guys, it probally wont be more than $600 because noone wants to buy some system that costs $800 dollars


holy crap, i'd take the 600-700


I will pay from 900-2,000 dolaars im rich as hell can be



Yell RIGHT!!

And I bet your full of crap too, at $#2000.00 Sony can shove it with the bad luck the PS3 had on returns and over heating problems and nor with XBox 720 with the rattling noisey problems Microsoft has with the xbox360....

pros and cons

XBOX PROS it has no pros CONS ring of death, disk rings, overheating, have to pay for internet, stupide avatar, disk tray, crapy games, gient power cable, and it just plainly sucks PS3 CONS it has no cons PS3 PROS better games, no ring of death, better graphics, free internet. and i could go on all day so hate xbox

Use educated guesses, not rumors on price.

Given the recent statements by the CEO's of both Bungie and EA, the next-gen consoles will not surpass the current generations' launch price. You can expect Nintendo to follow it's trend of lower-price, however their next-gen will probably be competitive with both the Microsoft and Sony counter-parts. You can assume that the launch price-tag on both the new Sony and Microsoft gaming systems will be around where they were for this generation. Cheaper set-ups starting around $300-$350 and more advanced set-ups/bundles in the $500-$600 range. This is based on numerous things, primarily the aim of both Microsoft and Sony to make their game systems, and games for them more accessible by lowering the price. It's basic economics; the cheaper it is, the more than can buy it. The good news is we've got a few years still until our current systems become maxed out, it's widely known that the PS3's full capabilities are yet to be utilized by a AAA-title game.

PS3 vs. Xbox...

Your right, ps3 still has allot more potential, but the Xbox has been maxed out by some developers, and that my friend, is holding Playstation games back.... or any that are on both format's any way, So we're waiting for Xbox to be upgraded.... not ps3, cause thats what is needed for progress

Don't care...

Whatever the price of the system will be.... I will pay whatever. XP

i just hope

i just hope if yall going to charge so cheap for the ps4 at least we all get free repair services cuz sony is 1 of the worse company's of all

I am getting the 2014 XMAS

I am getting the 2014 XMAS bundle...with Killzone 5 and Little Big Universe.


I woulden't mind paying about 300-400 dollers for it,when it first comes out, but it should have a lifetime warrenty on it because the ps3 had a bad reputation for it with the whole overheating thing. They then wanted to charge you an extra 50-100 dollars to fix the thing with a cooling fan. I ended up returning my ps3 and getting a wii, which to this day I have never had a problem with, other than the battery life. Those remates die realy quick.

On you behalf it wasn't that

On you behalf it wasn't that smart why trade in your p3 and get a wii??? THE GRAPHICS DON'T EVEN COMPARE LIKE wow...


how will it compare?

manufactuer fight

I heard the Xbox 720 will b out in May 2011. More people like the 360 better than the Play Station.So theres gonna b a fite between Sony and Microsoft while Nintendo will probably sell the Wii 2 which by the way will have an HDMI output and a blu-ray drive.By the way I don't think the PS3 sucked that bad. Yeah it's boring like the PS2, but it just had that overheating thing. I personally think Sony should come out with that extra collent system for playstation like the xbox.

I doubt it.

My guess is that the console wars won't heat up or cool down much at all. There are already external cooling systems out for the PS3, and Sony pretty much owns Blu-Ray (they started the Blu-Ray foundation) so I doubt that the "Wii 2" will have Blu-Ray.


how much is the ps4 going 2 cost in price (uk - money ) and is it been confirmed for definate if its out in 2012 ? and i like to know what kind of features it has on it compared to the ps3?/ write back please ... thank you


Okay I am not a PS fan (Xbox ftw) $800 is a bit over the top. I mean Sony had it hard the first year. Because it had a massive price tag (compared to Xbox) so I think $600 to $700

its not going to cost no 60o

its not going to cost no 60o or 700 nar 800 its going to be the same as the ps3 so the ps3s will go down in price


yea everytime a ps comes out they have all been 1200.. it wouldnt surprise me if its more!!

it probably will be 600-700

I don't know and no one knows, what I'm saying or anyone else is it's just speculation. I'm also speculating that we won't see it until at least 2013. I think Sony will get their foot out the door and firmly on the floor this time because, M$ has just spent over a billion dollars on kinect so I can't see them releasing Xbox 720 before 2 years. If they did they would be sort of abandoning it and need to recoup all that money by continued advertising and bringing new games out. And yes kinect will probably be compatible with the new Xbox but it will be taking a back seat big time, and the money that's been spent on it kinect needs to be at the fore front like it is now. Speaking of putting kinect first look what M$ have done, they have little to NO exclusives due out this year! PS3 has 10-12 like, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, AGENT, DC Universe online, The Agency, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Twisted Metal, R&C A41, PS Heros and that's not all of them!! The only exclusives 360 has is Gears 3 and Forza 4.



What it is

Well at 300 to 400 we will not get as much of a noticeable performance increase as we would at 600 to 800. Tech costs money and no one wants only a slight bump in performance atleast I don't. The tech we have is fine for now ,but my prediction is this. If the ps3 is so untapped power wise as everyone is claiming then it will start to show big time this year (2011) and next year (2012) it should be blowing the 360 away. So what do you think M$ is going to they will do? Well easy they will launch the next xbox (whatever it will be called) to again get the jump on sony. The xbox will be again cheaper and less powerful 'but first plus easy to program for so as to get developer support. Basically rinse and repeat of this gen console war. If you ain't first your last in the next console war. Also keep in mind M$ is in this to win and money not a issue for them ,but it is for sony. Sony has to win the next round or they might not make it to the round after that. Nintendo could make a awesome come back and trump M$ and sony this next round if they push 1080p and allow all the cross platform games onto line up. Samsung may jump into the console war as a surprise player or even apple may test the console waters who knows ,but it exciting to wait and see what happens.

is it?

my dad said the model shown on top may not be the model released. Is the PS4 model going to be similar to the PS3?


3 questions HOW MUCH will PS4 cost? This economy is lousy PS4 should be A.f.f.o.r.d.a.b.l.e. with jobs being at an ALL time low' and pay cuts. WHEN will PS4 be released ANY insight is HOPE! I predict late 2011. COMPETE, if PS4 has a powerful CPU it will be able to compete with gaming PC's now ah days.

Come on

If you cant afford it dont buy it simple as that. They put so much money into the product...the price is what it is...stop complaining about how expensive its going to be...its a high tech electronic device so 800 seems correct

Release date

I heard rumors the the PS4 wasn't coming out until between the years 2015 - 2017

Realese date

I heard it will come out in 2012 and the ps4 above is the real ps4 1 more year :)




This new controller looks amazing..............i want to know wut the 720 will look like.............will it b same-o same-o

PS4 Vs. iPhone?

Soo many people will buy a PS4 as it will cost $800, iPhone is in the same price class, and how many people have an iPhone? :D

no body

no body

Ps3 vs Xbox

I think that everyone who is so nerdy to be having fights about Ps3 and Xbox should get a life. Just turn of the TV see what is going on in the real world, not your fake fantisy games games!

If you are a true gamer then

If you are a true gamer then no matter what the cost of the ps4 you need to buy it just get off your _____ and save up the money or beg your parents


we r gonna say about 250- 705$ the sony will have dualshocks and if not then this community will start a petition and send it to sony ps. the ps4 will look closer to its daddy ps3

My Xbox 360

I'll sell my 360,mobile and everything i have on me t0 buy it!! but i'll sell ps4 when 720 comes 0ut:P


its just going to get the three rings of death, by the good system. sony makes the highest quality things so it will have no problems and allways it has better graphics and gameplay. xbox sucks

If you are a true player cost

If you are a true player cost for something this great is the best deal even if cost 1,000 it's still going to be the best out there so start saveing now and enjoy the new gameing life


the ps4 - if that is wat they will call it in the end is still far off Sony needs to get off its ass and make games that truly test the systems limits instead of sticking with the same crap as xbox. and they need to leave the best selling monster hunter series on the PlayStation systems instead of giving them to wii. if they placed effort into making a monster hunter for plastation3 then i think that would be the game to really test the graphic content of the platation3 system as all nintindo could do was keep the same if not worse graphics as the PSP -plataion user-MikeWolfe

need game to be hd

sony should take advantage of the ps3's blu-ray cappabilaties and make the games blu-ray(or red-rays,green-rays) i dont care how retarded the name is as long as its good


the ps4 should have everything on it and the internet free cant wait 4 i to come out


i would love to have it but it'll be at least $1000-$2000 easy


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