PS4 Cheats

PS4 Cheats

Playstation Cheating vs. Hacking
There are essentially two types of cheats on a computer-based console. There are the ones coded into the game that can either be accessed through a password or awarded to the player for completing certain objectives. These cheats are generally not game breaking and serve as an added layer of fun for people who want to experience the game in a different way. The reward for unlocking these cheats also serves as an additional challenge for players.

Then there is the kind of cheats used by players to gain an unfair advantage in multiplayer skirmishes. These are considered “hacks” and are brought into the game by outside programs and software. From invincibility hacks that prevent players from losing in fighting games to instant level ups in the Call of Duty games, these kinds of cheats are generally frowned upon by the community as a whole. There is an added level of meanness with certain hacks that prevent players from advancing in ranks and levels or resetting their progress altogether.

PS4 Cheats HackedWhile this occurs less on consoles than on computers, there are still some groups and websites dedicated to enabling cheats and hacks on the PS3, which presumably means there will be more of the same for the PS4. While there will be better PSN security that will prevent hackers from ruining game experiences in the long run, there will probably be a niche community that thrives on beating the system with custom made cheats.

The point of the story is that different players have different responses to cheating, glitches, and even hacks for their favorite video games. The PlayStation 3 certainly had its fair share of hacks including software for the dashboard, individual games, and even the less than protected PSN. From a developer’s perspective, there isn’t a technological advancement in existence that could prevent hacks from happening.

A Bedtime Story
There is an achievement in the original Left 4 Dead that requires players to get gold medals in every single Survival level. Gold medals were handed out for not dying on the level for a minimum of 10 minutes, which often included at least 24 smokers, 19 hunters, 16 boomers, and seven tanks. Playing with friends barely got you over 10 minutes while playing with strangers often netted you exactly zero medals. There are some players on the leader boards that have over an hour in survival time on one map.

How? They cheated and used map glitches to make themselves invulnerable or invisible to the game’s zombie AI. This essentially gave those players medals for leaving their game running while everyone else had to fight back horde after horde in order to scrounge around for bullets and health kits. To some players, earning medals was a test of endurance and practice. Cheating the map and its intended challenge was totally unfair to legit players and devalued the purpose of Survival mode. Other players found those glitches to be an easy way to earn gold medals towards the achievement and exploited them whenever a new one was found.

End the Exploits
Exploits are not technically cheats unless the game’s community collectively agrees that using poorly thought out level designs is a big no-no in multiplayer games. Generally speaking, exploits either give one person or one team an unfair advantage over the other and while not game breaking in the same sense as hacks, using them is considered poor sportsmanship. Players don’t usually get banned for discovering and using exploits, even if they’re for a static rewards like replaying one level for massive experience points.

PS4 HackedExploits are not something the PlayStation 4 can protect itself against because it’s a software issue by level and system designers. Since these are made from different game companies, it’s akin to installing a new playground on the same piece of property. The kids will jump at the chance to play on the new levels and systems with the reckless abandonment of children. Kids break stuff and even the most anal game companies will not find every single exploit in a game during alpha and beta tests.

What tends to occur in games with a multiplayer component to the exploits (because let’s be honest, no one really cares about single player exploits except the person playing it) is that some communities and game servers will ban it. Other less competitive servers or leagues will not bother regulating it and players can go about their way deciding what “version” of the game they want to play. For the PS4, exploits will exist and they will either be praised for their ability to deliver clear advantages or shunned for its unsportsmanlike encouragement.

Go Away Glitches
Then you have your classic glitches, which depending on their nature, could either be annoying to game breaking. This is again not an exclusive problem with the PS3 or console gaming and can occur depending on how polished a game is when it comes out. While an exploit usually gives a player some sort of advantage (hence exploiting the game), a glitch occurs when that same error in systems and levels design does something it’s not suppose to without benefitting the player. For example, falling through a floor or having an AI script not complete its cycle is an example of a glitch.

For multiplayer games, negative glitches can be core functions not working properly or failing to apply the effects it says on the tin. If an upgrade grants a player 25% extra health and it fails to do so, it can be considered a glitch. Having a weaker-tiered weapon instantly kill opponents on a certain map while playing as a certain class would be another example of a glitch, which could expand into exploit territory if players choose to gain an advantage using it. For the PS3 and onwards to the PS4, glitches will appear and their level of cheat will range from poor coding to horrible problem in need of patching.

Mad About Mods
Now we come to console modifications, which can be considered hacks in the sense that owners dive into the guts of the PS3 to make things run a little smoother or a little more efficient. While there isn’t a huge market for console mods outside of maybe a HDD switch, there are some console owners who run their system Dr. Frankenstein style with bits and pieces everywhere. In terms of multiplayer gaming, console modifications don’t give a major advantage because hardware. That’s right, because hardware. No further explanation needed.

There isn’t really a software cheat that can be found in this approach because jail breaking software like the one used in the downfall the Dreamcast does not exist widespread. Your best cheat from console modifications is perhaps rolling back to an earlier firmware version. When it comes to the PS4, there might be console and software modifications that will run amok. However, this does not seem to be a major concern for the launch of the PS4.

Top Reasons to Cheat when playing PS4
  1. Why wait when you can cheat?
  2. Instant gratification
  3. After seeing you cheat your friends wish they did
  4. Even girl gamers cheat
  5. Bill Clinton cheated why not you?
  6. Bill Gates is rumored to have cheated while playing Atari
  7. All the cool kids cheat
  8. Life is full of cheaters
  9. Cheating gets you lots of cool weapons and stuff
  10. Cheating will help you save the world faster
  11. Join the cheating side, we have cookies!
  12. You can be the first perp to be arrested by the PS4 Gaming Police.
  13. Making small kids cry on their mics is far easier when you're cheating
  14. Cheats open all the cool kid parts of the game
  15. Cheating gets you ready for the real world.
  16. Being bad feels so good.
   Top Reasons not to Cheat when playing PS4
  1. Only retards with no skills cheat
  2. Cheating will leave your soul empty for eternity and then you'll die
  3. Chuck Norris will eventually kill you in your sleep if you cheat
  4. Your PS4 will divorce you if you cheat. If you live in California it will get half of all your gaming assets.
  5. Cheating is not better than sex according to a recent study by the National Federation of Gaming
  6. Girl gamers don't really cheat, you only thought they did
  7. Mr.T says "I pity the cheatin' fool!"
  8. Every time you cheat an innocent kitten mutates into a gremlin
  9. Cheating is gay
  10. Your girlfriend will secretly label you a pussy if you cheat
  11. Lets face it cheaters cheat because they have no skillz
  12. Cheating is bad, 'mkay?
  13. Cheating demonstrates a level of immaturity that is on par with eating your boogers.
  14. Cheating is like a one night stand, a bit of fun but can have consequences
  15. Punkbuster detectives will find you and T-bag you
  16. If you want to cheat, do it on your exams, not video games

Tell us your reason to cheat below, good or bad! Funniest cheat wins a?

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Cheating when the (gaming company provides them), wouldn't that be more like a upgrade option in the game? To me cheating would be more like the little F@$kers gliching outside of the place were the game is suppost to be held in and having said "F@$kers" shooting you thru walls.
If you cheat when you are NOT on MMO type game then all good.
If you cheat to beat people in ranking, I hope your "junk" falls off you little prick :D

About grammer: If you got the msg then who cares? Being a smug prick about it is way worse then being a tard lol

dont cheat dumb ass

you should probably only cheat if you are having deep trouble with the game but then still you shouldent cheat

I don't understand...

I don't get the point of this page...

Cheat codes...? Those haven't been in many AAA titles since like GTA 4... And then it was so that you could have fun in a super car, or cause some havoc with some powerful weapons or vehicles... I don't think they worked online, so I don't see the issues...

And why is "Even girl gamers cheat" an argument...? Who, honestly, CARES?

It becomes a problem when people hack and use bots and such online.

Cheat on Tests xd lol

Cheat on Tests xd lol

NO!!! CHEATING!!! lol

i dont really like cheats it ruens the whole point of the game and hackers are noobs just like you said cheaters are people with no skills and thats what i say to alot of gamers and cant wait for ps4


not when u are 56 yrs old and been robbed ps3 7x's.. u loose all what u have built and try to get all back... not everything about cheats are bad,, ps3 has save my brain after 2 brain surgery's,, never criticize till u know the reason.. Evil_Accident


cheating is for fags and it gits you no way is life and is means you have NO skill and your gay if your cheating and girl don't like people that cheats because they like people that have skill real skill but glitches i doe't that is cheating and that is my mesagge

God, how can this generation

God, how can this generation of kids be so horrible at spelling? Texting has made you all dumb. Instead of gaming, you should learn to write and spell.


Cheating can also be used for people who want to have fun


Where is the fun in cheating? All cheating does is to show the other players you lack any morals and ethics. You parents failed to teach you those principals.

use spell check jackass.

use spell check jackass. spell check doesnt require a cheat

use your own advice

"doesnt" do you mean doesn't, you know there is an apostrophe that goes between the n and t

World is full of cheaters

Like any gaming console, the playstation 4 will have it's share of cheaters as well.

cheatting is not good

cheatting is only for some wanan be gamers that have no skilzz and cant face the facts that they suck and should not have a game system and they will never be good anuff to play with the big boys on their so if u cheat YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no lie and foe real gett off if u is going to cheat

by kenny walker
aka gamertag on ps3 wickedclowns2


Cheating online: I don't like the concept of it, but it does happen

Cheating offline: I've been known to do this off and on over the years. there are good points and bad as well, but it all comes down to your preferences. I keep my cheating offline and restricted to RPG's.

Ask anyone, they'll tell you, I suck at shooters, though I like them.

playstation network: Gundam_Phantom

cheatting is great

I love to cheat

Cheating can be OK!!!!!

After i beat a video game, i start to use cheats because i've beaten it. I don't like to use cheats when i first buy it. But if i beat the game a couple of times, I start use cheats, glitches, and other thing to try. So, you should use cheats after you beat a video game. But, that's my opinion, and we all have different opinions.


Instead of being concerned about people cheating (not cheatting), why don't you get off the system and get an education so you can be a functioning member of society?


The only way I am going to buy the PS4 is if they make it backwards compatable with PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games.


cheating is gay it makes noobs not what 2 play the game because they are worried about getting their asses beat by high perstegers and hakers SO DONT CHEAT MAKE THE GAME FAIR!

Wrong list

This was placed in the wrong category. Please move it to the other list.

8.Every time you cheat an innocent kitten mutates into a gremlin

Thank you

lol really?

what is an innocent kitten? they're all evil!!! they will steal your soul!

You are.

LOLOLOL Gay lords. Xbox is better.


Enjoy paying for your XBOX live.

u said it

he can pay 4 the frogs fat ass xbox live

re you are

you are just a dumbass


The only people who play fair lose.
Quote from ghost recon future soldier commercial (slightly modified).


I think every game should have an option of cheating on consoles like the console command. Cus all the nerds who want to waste there time playing fairly can waste there time while all of the cool people cheat.

reasons why i shouldnt cheat and reasons i should.

reasons to cheat reasons not to cheat

cus it frickin fun!!! .........................
cant think of any

Reasons to: Coz Itz

Reasons to:
Coz Itz bozzzzz
Reasons not to:

that was stupid

the why you shouldn't cheat was the dumbmest thing I read


I think knowing how to cheat is great.If you don't know how to cheat knowing who to pay for cheats and haveing the money is kool.Cheating is the way of the world.


how much is the ps4

the ps4 should be 600

at the most


i put in all the cheats for gta4 and there was a glitch and i completed the game and the ps3 didnt even know i cheated


THIS SH!T IS FUNNYYYYY!!!!!!!! hahahah

Chuck Norris

Fear him, he will find you cheater!

i think ps4 shoud be able to

i think ps4 shoud be able to play ps1,ps2,ps3, games


yes i agree that would be cool cause than u wouldn't have to get read of your old games

use of word

i think you are trying to say {get rid of your old games} not read ;read is for books silly fool

use of word

i think you are trying to say {get rid of your old games} not read ;read is for books silly fool


lol it better freakin play those i mean i have every playstation console that came out but i dont wanna hook them all up to play a little old school ps one or 2 games they should all have reverse compatibility... enough said

Its all the same

If they had made it hand drawn, starting at the timer, it won't hold the content. They even have to color in doodles and squiglies, fix all their hard edge gender bender kid variety marketing. As well as correct the "Ut Oh, IS TTHE MOFO'ing UNREAL TOURNAMENT OUT YET?~!! YAAAAAHHHH"-[ =not] Then, even with cheats, maybe like 500GB, it became single sided singularity. Nothing original enough for Chrono Triger 5.

Need Truspace and Trickster, old school.

long stratton computer repair

im sold

But they better be chocolate chip


They sey cheaters never win wrong

Why ppl are looking up PS4 cheats.

Here's a reason ppl are looking it up: Sony included a time machine as an accessory for the ps4. During the testing phase, one of the science nerds was sent back to our time with the time machine. While walking down the street, he got beat up by thugs who took the time machine and didn't know what it was so they sold it for $5 to a 12 year old. While he was tampering around with it, the time machine activated and sent the boy to the future, where he became a beta tester for the ps4. He couldn't beat the next mission in GTA 6 and got frustrated. He used the time machine to send him back home and smashed it to bits. He then regretted it and spent all of his time thinking of how to beat that level in GTA 6 for when it was released, along with the ps4, in his time. He then decided to perform some Google searches on the topic, but to no avail. That young boy now lives in a psychiatric ward, mumbling about drugs, cars, and futuristic strippers from GTA 6.


Most stupid of a topic this is... Hex edit any ps3 save file you can get your dirty hands on, and you instantly get what you want, including the easiest plat trophies right there and then, no questions asked.

Cheats are a thing of the past when you can literally do what you want with a save file, just have the knowledge or scout the net for your dumb brain to find what you wish... I've never seen COD games be conquered so easily, who needs multiplayer when you can plat trophy whore yourself, then not care about the pointless online achieving stuff thing when 12 months later you'll be doing it all again, cough, ha, boneheads...


I'm sorry, but that's even lamer than playing through a game with cheats. At least when using cheats you're still actually doing SOMETHING; whether it be just tooling around having fun with the cheats, or actually using them to help you beat the game. Hex editing a save file is just the epitome of laziness and/or ineptitude, and is in no way a gaming accomplishment.

re Lame


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