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Funny Playstation Videos

Video Categories:
Playstation 4 Videos   |   PS4 Game Videos  |  PS4 Commercial  |  Playstation Commercials
Funny Playstation Videos

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Dont weird

Dont make playstation 4 system weird

ps4 vs. xbox 720

i heard about ps4 that it has touch screen and no disc tray what the hell! i mean i love my ps3 games but xbox 720 sounds kinda cool where u can see that graphics all over the room and the graphics blends in with the so stupid they showing wat the ps4 look like so microsoft could try to beat wat ps4 is doing and make the consoule 10x better than thiers and sony will make no money

your post makes almost no sense

you obviously have not read up on either console because PS4 has already been winning and its called the Xbox one so i don't know where you're getting your bad information

Please look at the date

Please look at the date before commenting on a post. It was from 3/16/2013, a good while before any hard specs were released about the PS4. Hell, up until last month, the PS4 was nothing but a confirmed name with a ton of rumors around it.

your post makes almost no sense

you obviously have not read a thing about either consoles, and ps4 has been beating Xbox One yes its called Xbox one not Xbox 720

Blizzard Games on PS4

When are they going to put World of Warcraft on there? Or even Stararcaft ll?! Diablo lll is the only Blizzard game I DON'T play out of the three. So, because my luck is the worst, they're putting Diablo lll on gaming consoles. >.<

All your PS4 News!


I'm telling you all. Sony will make history, the eight core processor,
will be mo match for the othe out their.
now what we need is to see a VR unit. if sony can add that, with real world man it'll be better then any 3D out their.

Skyrim in PS4

Skyrim, definitely


as long as there is a psn and a ps store with demo and add ons and stuff im good

No backwards compatibility

I think it just killed me right there. I love collecting older games. Original PS games and PS2 games and such. I can't bring 3 systems with me so I can play all 4 generations. I was disappointed my new PS3 couldn't play ps2 game, but at least it play PS1. Now it won't have any. If this is the case, I'm going to have to wait quite some time before I will buy it since I can't sell my ps3 or anthing.

if you watch the 2 hour video

if you watch the 2 hour video it will have compatibility eventually and it will be able to play ps1 through ps4


Please blow exbox out the water. I have been a ps fan to long. Dragon quarter. Dot. Hack... Zone of encores. Exetra exetras. Please plastation. Have all games compatible. Now we have skyrim and N7. Com on beef up the grafics. Make double disc games and carry over games info for a spacific game.( like dot hack.) Please PLEASE, twice.....


I can already tell the ps4 is gonna be beast. if you pay attention to t you can see that it looks pretty futuristic

Am so keen sony help!

i don't know wen dis guys will release ps4, did anyone have an idea




PS4!!!!!!!@!! O YA!!!!!! CANT WAIT !!!! STUPID XBOX

when is it coming out and can you play the same games in the Ps3

I rilly want to know when is it coming out and if i can play the same games that i have on my Ps3 on to the new PS4?


the ghost in the machine video didn't make any damm sense

Made perfect sense to me bro

Made perfect sense to me bro

hahahahaha FOr REaL

hahahahaha FOr REaL

early 2013

Early 2013 it comes out spoke to.the company but that's all they could say or they get fired reason I ask cause I had my ps3 for as long as its been out and needed a new one.

ps4 5 and 6

does any one know how ps 5&6 are going to be like anyone

bro look at ps4 get an i dea there gonna be EPIC!!!

how are they going to top ps4 with ps5 and 6 is toping 5 HTERE GONNA BE EPICCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT FREKIN WAIT MAN

Like freaking awesome

Like freaking awesome bro.
Ive heard they will be 2 and 3 generations newer than what we have now. For real!


2020 is likely to be the point where the first Graphene-based Game Consoles are considered as they're specific enough to be considered for Graphene rather than Silicon.
Anything larger and more complex would be a challenge at that point.

100x the power of the PS4 at room temperature. That's the kind of power increase that could occur.

As long as they achieve a band-gap in Graphene (where Electrons can be turned on and off (and they can pass back and forth through that band-gap - which currently doesn't fully exist yet).

In 2021, the PS5, based on Graphene fabrication would likely be a "25"Ghz SoC (with no cooling required) on a "50"w design.
A 25Ghz Graphene SoC would do ray-tracing like nVidia and AMD currently do triangle-polygons+texture fillrate.

100x power is probably the least of what it could achieve of whatever you are expecting to get from a PS4 in 2013.

There's a good chance that could happen in the next 10-15 years.

ps4 will be rad

i cant wait i mean ps4 with 4D graphics that will be awesome exept if theres go'n
2 b one of those hybrid toaster old radio dick waffels playstation. i also think that ps4 would be useless if the controllrs are glass theyl break in 1 sec.

Is it true?

The ps4 is not going to be much better then the ps3? what is the point of putting one out? i hope no one buys it and show Sony to stop trying to take money from us for nothing. How about you just make a good quality system. like the ps3 Freezen up getting kick off the online sever stuff like that. people dont care about new shit if you just make the best one at that time. we all know you are holden back on the tec. plus you guys are even saying that theres not going to be that much of a diffrence. REALLY?!?! Why waist your money? Hello Wake the hell up!

Yes it's true

If you want a good quality system buy an xbox360, until then shut the hell up.

dude wake up

ps4 is going to be a revaloution like all ps technology is there not just put millions of proudects to make us buy them they are make them for the entertainment of the (and s@#t loads of money)


It wouldn't be a significant jump if they released it toward the end of 2012 to compete with Nintendo's Wii-U (which will be no slouch; and don't listen to anyone telling you different; Wii-U will be much more powerful than the current gen).

A PS4 in Q3/Q4 of 2014. Well that's a completely diffierent situation. Sony need breathing space.

I don't think Sony should try and quickly bounce with Microsoft, because they're going to lose trying. Microsoft if pushed by Sony, will get pushed back twice as hard.
Sony should relax, sit with the PS3, and believe in their investment to it.

What they did all those years back with Cell and Blu-ray - I don't know any company in the world right now that does something like that and manages to be successful with it.
It got close to falling into a black hole, but Sony pulled through.

As long as Sony doesn't fall for the bate that Microsoft is doing with their next Xbox, they'll be fine.
Let Nintendo and Microsoft duke it out instead of Sony having to pull the punches all the time.

R U Serious!

OK, I'm sorry but where exactly did you hear that the PS4 wouldn't be much better than the PS3?! Didn't you see that video of the polygons enhancement? No it's not on this page but if you find it you'll realize. without a doubt, that the PS4's graphics are going to be unbeatable. Think real life graphics!


If the PS4 arrives toward the end of 2012, then it should be approximately 5 times more powerful than the PS3 - or equivalent to a VERY HIGH-END PC gaming rig. That would be the maximum extent of it until PS4 developers started hitting "the metal" in the early stages of 2014 (where, as expected, the PC will start to break away from it).

Any next next-gen gaming console is going to have to kneel before TDP green policies set by Government energy target requirements. Less than 200W; though don't doubt for a moment that Microsoft and Sony will try very hard to meet 150W.

If the PS4 arrives in 2014, it would likely be around 15 times the power of the PS3.
That would crush any high-end PC you can dream up, until 2016, when Intel takes x86-64bit to levels that simply cannot be conceived of right now

On another note, discarding HDD and SSD altogether would assist strongly in this TDP target gain. And that a new form of "Optical Srteaming" will take place. That's where the Cell's SPEs come into focus - they are absolutely monsters at streaming data from Optical linear devices.

Giving every ounce of "power per watt per transistor", where it's actually required, CPU and GPU, is how the expectations of these consoles can be achieved.


Haha... You just destroyed his opinion.

whats 4D anyways?

idk whats 4D but when the ps4 comes out im afraid that ill cost me my whole body to get it ive heard it cost 1600 dollars. im excited that the ps4 is ganna com out.

4D iswhen you can smeel what

4D iswhen you can smeel what happens on the screen

Don't be stupid!

No it is not! I know movies and junk put that out but original 4D is time and space added to 3D. You would have to actually be somewhere at a certain time for 4D. This makes 4D essentianally impossible for gaming. I'm sorry to say you probably heard from an inaccurate source.


4D is at least 1 other sense other than just 3D i cant believe you mistaked it with that guys theory of time and space havent you ever heard of that 4D movie spy kids all the time in the world with cards you scratch and smell.

U would be surprised

In video terms it is actually smelling

Your getting confused with Stephen Hawkins way of explaining time travel


Actually, 4D (talking about video 4D of course) is the combination of 3D and physical effects. Not just smell, it could also be touch or taste. The chair you sit on could move, there could be water spraying on you and wind blowing in your face. It is unclear however, when buying a product that has 4-5-6-7D, what they are actually referring to, since there isn't a real definition for it. It depends of people's views.

4D is when you can rotate

4D is when you can rotate around a person and see the back side as well as the front

What 4D (in gaming terms actually means) My Opinion :-)

this is an opinion when it comes to 4D
when considering 4D you have to think, what do they mean?, yes you have Stephen hawking's theory of time and space but that's 4 dimensions which is what 4D.

As we know 2D is flat pix-elated not much to be seen there just creating an object on paper now say you draw a "3D" shape on a piece of paper has the deception of being 3D when it is not its just how our eyes would analysis that.

The 3D we have now uses 2 back drops of the same image which then uses glass that flicker at a high speed so we can see it in 3D (this of course is the tv technology 3D).

Now considering that wouldnt ya think that in "gaming" terms 4D would be 3D but without the glasses? but the only way that could happen is to create technology for that and considering atm 3D is not that popular i cant see this happening anytime so but probably in the next decade


AMAZING AMAZING is sony! much better than nintendo or xbox sony makes my life better!

Microsoft give the peopel

Microsoft give the peopel what they want: Graphics. Sony's graphics compared to microsoft's are horrible man, so shut up!


Learn how to write. And don't be so aggressive: you sound like an angry nerd protecting what his life is all about.

ps3 graphics are years ahead of xbones ones

sorry man but PS3 graphics are way better then xbox360 right now you should open your eyes and ps3 got blue ray ,3d and they kept an eye on company that make games for their system got the kinect =this is the only positive thing

have you seen xbox graphics

You must be the PS3 with 360 graphically. Maybe your slight retardation is what is hindering your vision.


The only reason the XBOX 360 has better graphics right now is because it came out a year earlier than the PS3. Therefore, the game developers have had more time to experiment with the extent of the XBOX 360's graphical capabilities. They have almost maxed it out, but the PS3's maximal graphics have not yet been seen.


I think that it is time to include on this website a video developed by unreal engine 3, I am talking about the famous video "samaritan demo" which includes amazing graphics... Those powerfull graphics going to be used on the future, maybe 2012 or 2013 that could be the next generation of videogames....


I will buy it even if will cost me alot of money i'm just waiting that day ^__^go go sony you make the LIFE HAPPY ^_^

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