Our Playstation Friends

What fun is life without great friends to share it with. The Playstation community is an amazing group of sites across the globe. Here is a list of some of our special friends within that community. We recommend you check out their great websites. To network with us first create a link to our site and then contact us with where you placed the link (Playstation related sites only).



it would be cool if u can play games online and have music playing on the ps4 an how much is it because if it is a 1000 im not going to buy that and if it looks how it is on the ps4 home page im not going to buy it and if i do and it looks like that and it broke i could of just buy the ps3 but if it can play music and u can play online like the xbox i will buy it but not for a 1ooo


You make me want to punch a baby.

david fox

my name david fox


i need a friands on the ps4 i play gta5 and other

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