Arizona Sunshine - PSVR Review

If you follow VR news and updates, you’re probably aware that Arizona Sunshine was already a big hit on the Oculus and Vive VR units last year. Luckily for us PSVR owners, Arizona Sunshine has made its way to PS4.

Set in Arizona, you awake to a zombie apocalypse. You step out into the “Sunshine” and begin your journey to find other survivors. With no intelligent life nearby to keep you company, you have no one to talk to except for the zombies and yourself. That being the case, the dialog can be quite funny and kept me entertained.

One of the best features you will find in this game, is how it caters to three different controllers. Each has their pro’s and con’s of course. I feel the AIM controller offers the best option here. Using the AIM feels more natural as you lift the controller to aim down sights. You can do the same with the Dualshock 4, but it removes immersion and felt a bit weird to me.

The AIM and Dualshock 4, both allow free movement and teleporting. I don’t really like teleporting in any VR game myself, so if you’re in that same boat, you may want to skip the move controllers. The Move controllers only allow you to teleport, but, they also let you dual wield pistols, whereas the other controller options restrict you to one. Dual wielding is fun, but I’m not sure it’s worth the movement restriction. Holding down X, moves you forward and you can turn by also physically turning, but can tangle the cables. Again, restrictions.

Graphically, the game is solid. While I only played on the PS4 Pro and can’t attest to the standard console difference, I have little complaints here. Arizona Sunshine does come with PS4 Pro enhancements, so you may not be as satisfied if you are using a standard model.

All in all, Arizona Sunshine is alright, but doesn’t feel like a must have title. It is fun and passes the time, but not at the price, not really. The game does deserve a solid 7 out of 10. It has good audio, funny storyline and decent graphics. The controller mechanics work well and I didn’t have issues motion sickness, though I rarely do. I would maybe recommend waiting for the price to drop down to half of its current price now. Let me know what you thought of Arizona Sunshine in the comments below!


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