Black Ops IIII Reveal Recap

The love-hate relationship for Call of Duty continues to be a tug of war for fans and haters alike. Love it or hate it, Black Ops IIII is next on the list and after an hours long reveal and a little QnA, there is seemingly a lot to discuss.

Let’s get the campaign out of the way right now. There is none. For me, it doesn’t matter. I don’t buy CoD titles for their campaign anymore. I never actually bought them for the campaigns, but I did play through them. I have heard a lot of outcry about the lack of a campaign and while I feel for my gaming brethren, I think we all knew this day would come. Whether or not it will hurt sales, is something we have to wait and see.

Although a solo campaign has been removed, there will be solo missions to take its place. Solo missions will take place during Black Ops 2 and 3, and will give players a look at back stories of new and returning specialist. The solo missions will also help players learn how to use the specialist, before jumping right into multiplayer. While these missions aren’t equivalent to a campaign, its something. Though i’m sure there is no one out there planning to buy the game for its solo missions.

While specialists are indeed coming back, there will be no thrust jumping nor wall running in Black Ops IIII. You know, for a second there I thought I did see some thrust jumping, but luckily my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I think by the time Infinite Warfare came out, I was sick of the boost movements. It probably doesn’t help that IW was kind of a crappy game in the first place. I probably wouldn’t have complained if it was in fact coming back to CoD, but boots to the ground is a safe way for BO4 to go.

The introduction of manual healing is something I look forward to experiencing myself. I haven’t heard much chatter about this little feature, but I think it could it will be handy and fun to use. Handy in the sense of not needing to wait to heal. There isn’t any detail on how long the recharge will be between uses, but it could very mean the difference between a win or loss. It will be interesting to see how much it affects gameplay and strategy.

The return of specialists isn’t necessarily a big deal, but their abilities are actually pretty cool from what I’ve seen. We really only saw a taste of what’s to come, but I did like what I saw. It seems as though specialists are undergoing some serious changes that could really shake things up. While I can see players partying up and using communication mixed with abilities to dominate in matches, I wonder how well solo players will fare in certain games modes.

Speaking of game modes, we didn’t hear much, but we do know Battle Royale is on the way! There is good amount of detail on the upcoming Blackout mode that is Battle Royale the Black Ops way! To start, the Blackout map will 1500 times the size of Nuketown. It's difficult for me to visualize, but that seems to be a pretty massive map.

Blackout will have 10 years of Black Ops features that will surely prove to be a massive selection of choices. Ranging from favorite weapons, maps, characters and not to mention usable vehicles (land, water and air? Yes please!), this could very well become a huge hit for Battle Royale fans everywhere. I will have to play it a little while before I can decide if I do like their version of BR, but I do like what i see so far. I hate to say this, but I think graphics alone will make this an incredible battle Royale. I’ll have to play it abit first and we’ll see what opinion forms after that.

Let me not forget to mention Zombies. I’m not sure how fans are feeling about the storyline for Zombies, but I found it to be interesting. 4 players travel through time to retrieve an artifact that will help them put an end to some organization that controls a zombie army. Adding a feature called Callings, players will have limited time events, seasonal content and more. I think this could very well appeal to new and old fans alike, but if you’re new zombies, a new mode called Zombie Rush, will simplify things for newcomers and help work their way up to the Zombie big leagues. Or just play whatever you want. Your call - (Smiley face).

All in all, I think Black Ops IIII is shaping up to be a decent game. While I’m not quite on the hype train yet, there is still much more to be announced and likely a beta to play later on. I will be picking up Black Ops IIII either way, but I think the real begins after E3. Are you planning on preordering BO4? What are you looking forward to most?


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