Call of Duty WWII Beta Impressions

As a long time Call of Duty fan, I have mixed feelings about my experience during the private beta. I also spoke with a lot other players and it seems many of us are in agreement about several things. Not necessarily bad things, but notable opinions that certainly seem fair.

First off, I did enjoy the beta. It was fun to get online with my buddies and talk about what we hope to see upon full release. Thats where my high hopes lay. Within the full release. The beta gives us a pretty good idea of how classes will be made, the movement system, a taste of a few maps and some other tidbits.

Admittedly, the beta definitely felt like a true beta. When the Black Ops 3 beta was playable, I absolutely loved it. It felt like a completed portion of the game. The Infinite Warfare beta was fun, but as it turned out, not much was fixed upon release. The WWII beta shows that there is still much to do in regards to balance, buffing, nerfing and other tweaks,

I tried out all of the assault rifles and smgs available in the beta. I did not bother with the sniper rifles or the shotguns, outside of picking them up from a dead player. SMGs are probably going to be nerfed in both range and recoil. The majority were so easy to use and get ranged kills as well as win a close range battle against the ARs.

I felt as though ARs were acceptable for the most part. They certainly didn’t seem overpowered in my mind. Using attachments on the ARs and SMGs showed some difference, but one in particular was disappointing. Rapid fire did not hold its own during several attachment tests. For starters, it adds no recoil to the weapon in hand. Your accuracy stays the same in the stat menu and I’m not sure I’m ok with that. I enjoy rapid using rapid fire for some game modes, but I certainly don’t want to have unfair advantage.

The second half of my issue with rapid fire, is that it doesn’t seem to add much more than a couple bullets to the flow. It adds 3 to the stats, but if it simply means you get 3 more bullets, it needs to be renamed and reworded. I’m sure this is something that will be addressed upon game release, but not everything I want will happen. If it doesn’t get fixed, I guess it just won’t be an attachment I use.

I heard a lot of complaints about quickscoping on social media. I may have been quick scoped a few times, but for the most part it seemed like I simply popped my head into view at the wrong times. I’m not a quickscoper myself, but I didn’t get the feeling that quickscoping was as easy for others as it has been in past games. That might have just been my luck that got me into lobbies where players simply didn’t use the sniper loadouts, but let me know what your experience was with them.

Incendiary bullets for the shotguns seemed pretty powerful. While I thought it was a cool addition to the weapon class, I also felt like it made it too easy for those that are already skilled in arts of the shotty. Accuracy didn’t have to come close to light someone up. I picked up a shotty and downed 5 players at tough odds. The range was a little too good and the spread is deadly with two shots at medium range. My feelings are mixed on this topic so far. I know the developers at Sledgehammer said they were going to look into it, but I don’t know what they should do with it. Maybe just shorten the range a little?

The way the create a class system works, is kind of relieving to me. I enjoy being able to use any perk I want when creating my class, but WWII kind of restricts it a little bit. I feel like this forces players to make a choice between their preferences. It boils down to how you play, but you might need to adjust your style or sacrifice one perk for another. decisions, decisions…

Like it or not, I have to touch base on the graphics. I did not feel like the graphics were on par with current gen consoles. Enabling HDR didn’t make the difference. I felt like there was a lack of detail on many fronts. While a lot of folks might argue that it was only a beta or that graphics don’t matter in multiplayer, I was still disappointed. Sure the game will get a polish before release, but that doesn’t add detail to the graphics of the game. While I don’t expect the graphics in MP to pair up to a campaign, I still expect a little more detail. Sorry not sorry? Maybe.

To sum up my overall thought of the beta, all I can say is that I need to experience the full game before I can say yay or nay. I liked the beta, but nothing wowed me. I didn’t feel like it was a refreshing take on the franchise at all. I felt like it was something I have already played before and I went back to try some new dlc. I’m not trying to hate here, I just don’t have any real hype on my mind. Maybe when it closer I’ll be more excited. Until then, there just isn’t lots of excitement for me.

Let me know what you thought of the beta and what your experiences were. Should I be hyped or do you agree with me? I’m happy to hear your point of view on the subject!  


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