Free PS4

Free PS4

Free PS4 - We are giving one away!

  • Why? Because we can... We want to give back to our fans!
  • When? Happy PS4 recipient to be announced in December of this year.
  • Who? A lucky PS4 fan will be randomly chosen from our Newsletter subscriber list.
  • How? To join, fill out the form on the right.
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Good luck, we hope you win the free PS4! If you do win the free PS4 you will of course need to pick out some Playstation 4 games to go with it. If you like this idea and want us to give away more free PS4 stuff like it and share this page with a friend.

Let us know what other free PS4 items you think we should give away in the comments below?

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If i will won this.......

if i will won a ps4 it will be my first and greatest gift for Christmas and great start of 2014

free ps4 im game!

My son so wants one and I cant afford it.. im no one special but it would be nice if u picked me so my son could get what he really wanted... :)

I have owned every play station

I have a neuromuscular condition called Murisen diffident conjentital muscular dystrophy and I have owned every play station (except ps4) because Xbox sucks and it's one of the only things I can do

I Hope I Can Win This PS4

I hope I can win the prize.. i've waited this for a long last ps4 is coming.....

Thank You

Thank you for acknowledging your fans. PS4 controllers and cameras would make great giveaways. Regards Ruben

ideas to give away

I think giving away accessorie that enhance gaming limits would be a good thing to give away.

give away

How about a ps4 with one of the exclusive new project Morpheus headset to go with it would make my Christmas the best ever


I would like a free ps4.

ps4 i want

no money to buy never had my own ps only seen others playing so i want please..

if i will win this.....

Submitted by Anonymous on, 16/02/2016 if i win this ,i will be so happy because 2 year i want it..i think it can make me so happy .. i really want it..please help me..i want it for free...i want it.i want it.i want itttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need one my ps4 was broken plz gave me a ps4 plzz i wil be happy of you gave me a ps4 thx of you Gave me a ps4 plz can you gave me one plz ):


I need one my ps4 was broken plz gave me a ps4 plzz i wil be happy of you gave me a ps4 thx of you Gave me a ps4 plz can you gave me one plz ):

PS Vive

PS Vive is actually Virtual Reality set, and it is very sick! Hope I win. :D


you should also include a NBA2K17 as a free giveaway


Honestly, I doubt that I'd be winning a PS4 but a decent bundle would be pretty cool like a PS4 pro and 5 of the ps4 best sellers with an extra controller but yeah, let's see what happens....


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