PlayStation 4 Concept Designs

We reached out to talented artists worldwide to create amazing PlayStation 4 concept designs for our fans. Check out these exclusive PS4 concept designs featured in gaming magazines and PS4 sites. A big thanks to all our concept designer who took the time to be creative and explore the possibilities.

PS4 & Xbox One Console Concepts
GamesTM Magazine

GamesTM Magazine Features PS4 Expert's Concept Artists!
GamesTM Magazine Features PS4 Expert's Concept Artists!
New PS4 Concept Design
Tamar Fleisher

New PS4 console and controller concept by skilled artist Tamar Fleisher.
New PS4 Concept Design by Tamar Fleisher
PS4 Console Concept and Controller Design
David Hansson

Check out David Hansson's playstation 4 controller and console concept design.
PS4 Console Concept and Controller Design by David Hansson
PS4 Console Concept
Niklas Heller

The PS4 Console Concept is designed by skilled designer Niklas Heller.
PS4 Concept Design - Console by Niklas Heller
Darpan Aero

The PS4 Concept REACT is a prototype PS4 design by concept designer Darpan.
PS4 REACT by Darpan
PlayStation 4 Concept Design
Darpan Aero

The PlayStation 4 concept design was created by Darpan a talented artist from India.
PlayStation 4 Concept Design
PS4 Controller Ergo DualShock
Tamar Fleisher

The PlayStation 4 controller ergo dualShock was designed by Tamar from Israel.
PS4 Controller Ergo DualShock
PS4 Controller Pulse
Tamar Fleisher

The PS4 Controller Pulse, Handgun, Guitar, and Bow & Arrow was created by Tamar.
PS4 Controller Pulse
PS4 Glove Controller and 3D Glasses Concepts
Dennis Patzelt

This PS4 concept consists of a glove controller, 3D glasses, and 3D camera designed by Dennis.
PS4 Glove Controller and 3D Glasses Concepts
PlayStation 4 Console Concept
Marcus Luk

This unfinished PS4 concept design was created by Marcus Luk from DeviantArt. Do you think he should finish it? We never heard back from him. Please leave him a comment here.
PS4 Concept Design Console by Marcus Luk

Which one is your favorite design? Comment below:

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I like the one that niklas heller designed. But it would be nice to know what designs playstation4 is coming out with .And can PlayStation 3 play with the new ps4?

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