Cubeworks Review (VR) - Mix and Match


Puzzle games have been given a new lease on life with PlayStation VR. Concepts that would normally make for interesting, if standard, experiences on a flat screen, are suddenly given tactile gameplay and immersion when you add in PlayStation Move controllers and VR.

Cubeworks is one such puzzle game. With the addition of VR, this matching puzzler offers a fun way to knock out some puzzles for a great price point. Should puzzle game fans pick this one up? Read on to find out.

A Satisfying Combination of Mental and Physical Reflexes

Cubeworks is played using two Move controllers to pick up and rotate various industrial cubes that come through your space throughout each level. Using the controllers, you can reach out and pick them up for a close look.

Holding the Move button allows you to rotate them, but the mechanic is hard to grasp at first. Since you need to match up specific sides of two cubes, an easier method of rotation would have been welcome.

The sides of the cubes come in a variety of designs and colors that really make finding a match interesting and challenging in the chaotic environments. When you do find a pair with matching sides, you can pick them up and snap them together using the Move controllers.

There’s a satisfying click and a nice crunch when the cubes break apart, signifying that you were correct. The game offers a variety of challenges across five different stages. Both the levels and the goal change consistently as well.

Sometimes your goal will simply be to match a certain number of cubes within the time limit, while another level will only give you a finite of cubes that you must use all of to create matches. If you mess up and match a cube that could have gone with another, you’ll run out of matches and must start the level over.

The method by which the cubes are delivered also varies between the levels. Sometimes they will be on a rotating conveyor belt beneath you, while other times they will be tossed across your vision for you to catch.

Power-ups are an option if you throw junk into nearby furnaces. This will offer things like slow motion or magnetic properties that pull matching blocks together. The tracking works very well, and while the rotation can take some getting used to, the mechanics are fun and challenging.

The presence of leaderboards also drives you to improve your score, so there is some replay value to be had there. This is one of those games that really benefit from being in VR. It breathes life into the gameplay, and the Move controllers offer a nice tactile feeling every time you match cubes together.

Repetition does tend to set in, but for quick bursts, this is a fun and satisfying option for VR owners.

Gritty and Immersive Style


Cubeworks has an industrial aesthetic that changes across the five major stages of the game’s levels. The immediate detail looks great in VR, with plenty of sharp visuals for the cubes when you’re examining them.

Things in the distance tend to become blurry, but it’s not enough to distract from the environment around you. The electronic soundtrack also sells the industrial feel, which adds to the immersion.

Overall, Cubeworks is a simple and fun puzzle game for PlayStation VR that offers a nice amount of content for a very fair price point. It doesn’t have a story or major incentives to keep you coming back, beyond leaderboards, but what is here will make a starved puzzle gamer very happy.

Final Score: 7.5/10

A copy of Cubeworks was provided to PS4 Experts for review purposes

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 5/8/18

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