E3 - 2018 - Rumors and Confirmations

With E3 around the corner, we’re seeing more and more leaks drop on the internet and the floodgates of speculation have fully opened!

While the list of what’s already confirmed is relatively small, the list of possibilities is growing larger each day. Recently, a listing made by Walmart - Canada, hosted a series of unconfirmed titles. While it doesn’t mean these possible leaks will be at E3, it raises questions. Let’s take a look at what we might see this year.

To start, RAGE 2 was a listed title in the Walmart leak and Bethesda immediately began to tease images for the game. We were also treated to confirmation that RAGE 2 is in fact on the way. Bethesda dropped a short teaser trailer that I thoroughly enjoyed, and promise more info is on the way. While the original title was rather short, I hold a special place for RAGE in my heart. I cannot wait to see what the sequel might have for us. I am sure we will see more at E3, this year.

Splinter Cell, is next on my list. It’s been a while since we have been treated to a new Splinter Cell game. Surely enough, Splinter Cell is on the Walmart leak list. I have been hearing from readers that want a new entry in this great series, and there is a good possibility we will see a return of Sam Fisher! I would like to see another installment myself.

Just Cause 4! Why? Just cause! Why else? Jokes aside, Just Cause 4 was on the list of leaks and while I do enjoy this series, it doesn’t get me that excited to see it could make a debut at E3 this year. Just Cause is a good series with off the wall action. Maybe Just Cause 4 will offer something amazing, maybe it doesn’t exist. We will know soon enough. Or will we?

Borderlands 3 was on the list walmart leak, but weather or not it will make its way to E3 seems like a no. Gearbox has gone on the record to say it will not be featured at the show this year. It’s definitely a real product, but I can’t imagine Gearbox would tell the world it won’t be showing off any game footage at E3 and not mean it. I would really like to see it happen, but at the time of writing this article, it has been debunked.

Those were the top 4 possible leaks making their way to E3 this year. Here are some other titles that could possibly making an appearance at the show as well;

Kingdom Hearts 3, Life is Strange 2, Shenmue 3, Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy VII remake, Days Gone and Cyberpunk 2077.

Sony did announce that they would be featuring only 4 game titles this and the spotlight will likely be divided evenly between them. Days Gone will probably not make an appearance as it is a PS4 exclusive and did not make Sony’s list of titles. That doesn’t mean the game won’t make an appearance though. We will have to wait and see on that one.

I have hopes to hear something about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. A recent leak online has lead to speculation that the game title could possibly release in the year 2023, which brings us to the 35th anniversary of the FF series. While I likely won’t lose interest in the remake, it is disappointing to keep hearing about its delay. Will we ever see this title release???

To sum things up, here is a list a of titles that have been confirmed for the show this year, so far;

Battlefield (5?) - Not sure what the working title will be, but BF is definitely going to be there. Beyond Good And Evil 2 - A personal favorite of mine. I still can’t believe a sequel is coming.
For Honor - I have no clue what is coming to For Honor, but I’m sure it’ll be worth my time.
Spider-Man - One of the big 4 titles promised to be at the Sony’s show this year. Can’t wait!
The Last Of Us Part 2- Another of Sony’s big 4. This is going to be a great game, I’m sure of it.
Anthem - I’m not sure what to expect from Anthem, so the show will have to guide me!
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - With a reveal coming on MAy 17th, it’ll be interesting to see what the show brings us in terms of COD.
Fortnite - The hugely successful Battle Royale Free to Play game will indeed be at E3 this year.
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion - I’m sure someone out there is stoked for this title.
Death Stranding - We are all curious about what this game will bring to the table. High Hopes!
Ghost of Tsushima - a heavy hitter in the lineup of Sony exclusives!
The Division 2 - I enjoyed The Division for a while, but it got stake for me after about 6 months in. I hope part will give me a longer interest. Maybe I just need to add more friends to my list that will be playing this title. I look forward to hearing about it.

So, there you have it. A quick list of what could be and what will be. There are of course more rumors and obviously more titles that simply haven’t been confirmed for the show as of yet. Hopefully it's a show to remember.

What are you looking forward to see at the show? What would you like to see make an appearance? Share in the comments and we can discuss!


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