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Fallout is not only very real, it is now available for preorder on Bethesda's website! Gamers have been waiting a long time for a new release of Fallout and have suffered a slew of letdowns every year thanks to false imagery and rumors. There was one rumor that had managed to sneak out of the gates a few years back which was dismissed as false, but actually has turned out to be true. Boston! There were images and rumors that the next Fallout was titled New Boston and it was quickly dismissed by Bethesda. Technically they didn't lie to us, the title is named Fallout 4 so there should be no feelings that we were misled.

Now that we have that out of the way we can move onto what's really important here, Fallout 4! At the moment there has been no release date scheduled, but the Bethesda store is suggesting it will drop in 2015. In the 3 minute trailer reveal there is no actual mention of Boston, it is evident from the scenery this is the next location. Hailing from the Boston area myself, I picked up quickly on what I was seeing and am even more excited to play in this post apocalyptic setting. The trailer reveals several Boston icons that are undeniable i.e; a stunning view from the Massachusetts State House, the image of the USS Constitution, Paul Reveres statue and more! Not to mention there were talks of the Commonwealth in Fallout 3 which was ultimately a hint that we would eventually land here.

Speaking of Fallout 3 we have some good news for Three Dog fans! Your favorite post apocalyptic DJ is going to to “On The Air” in Fallout 4, while we don’t if he will be broadcasting in Boston or from Washington D.C. it’s still nice to see Erik Todd Dellums (Three Dog’s voice actor) reprise his role and give his fans a familiar voice. Three Dog won’t be the only DJ in the Wasteland though, the introduction of Travis Miles leaked as well as an engineer named Sturges who has been described as a Vin Diesel and Buddy Holly cross. Per usual, The Player is confirmed which is of course you, The Player. Not much to be said about that, you create your player and poof, The Player is now the star of the show.


Aside from the above there is not much else we can report at the moment. There will be a 20-30 minute reveal trailer for Fallout 4 at E3 this year, which will no doubt give us a much better idea of what features may be added. I think the biggest feature on everyone's mind is whether there will be online play. While I can’t imagine the game will take away any focus from the solo campaign many of us love, it would be no surprise to some sort of multiplayer function added. Be sure to check back as we update you with confirmed information and updates. Followed by a full review after release.

About Fallout: Fallout is a series of post apocalyptic role playing games. Set in what is described as a retro-futuristic post apocalypse, the setting is more so mixed with a 50’s type theme. First debuting on PC and working its way to consoles over time, Fallout plays host to an enormous open world to explore. You can often choose between strictly following the story or going off and exploring, but your actions can often have an affect on the game so its important to keep that mind.

Bethesda is holding a live E3 showcase on June 14th, 2015!

Updated: 06-15-15

Now that we have seen the full reveal of Fallout 4 we can pass on everything you need to know now and will of course continue to update if any viable details come about. Fallout 4 will release this year on November 10, 2015. Preorders are available at just about every major retailer and if you're a collectables fan or just big FO fan in general, you can preorder a special Pip-Boy edition that come with quite a package. A pip-boy that can be used as a cell phone case (with compatible smart phone) you wear on your wrist while playing the game. Why would you wear your cell on your wrist? Because you'll be bale to use it as a second screen! Not a lot of titles have utilized second screens, but this should prove to be quite a useful tool in game. Also included in a mini hand guide to help you out with tips and tricks and everything you need to know about your pip-boy. You will receive a stand and capsule case, the physical vault-tech perk poster and power armor collectible metal packaging.
Pip-Boy edition will run you $119.99 USD.

The storyline itself is still a mystery to us, but that's fine because we all have the general idea. What we can confirm is the setting is Boston, Massachusetts (where I reside, nice!) and its surrounding cities. We also know the game will show us life prior to the bombs hitting the good ol' US of A so we will no doubt see an amazing change in the landscape and most likely an awesome cinematic we won't want to skip. Fallout 4 will feature a massive open world with plenty of npc's and quests, with the option to join a faction or go at the game alone you'll be able to get a little help if needed.

Bringing back the You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L! create a character system you'll have hundreds of perks to choose from to develop exactly how you want to play. Included in your choice is whether to be male or female which I find its important to cater both sexes in gaming. The choice between FPS and third person is back and that's a major winner in any game as it can cater to players who prefer one or the other. Target assist V.A.T.S! will be available and the FO series has had one of the best hit detection and targeting systems for quite sometime compared to other titles. You will collect and build mass amounts of items in order to craft armor, weapons upgrades and food. With main character voice acting added for the first time, you'll hear your own thoughts narrated aloud... well the character you play as that is.

With gorgeous graphics brought on from the power of next gen from a new engine, Fallout 4 will have all its bells and whistles on. You can preorder Fallout 4's standard edition now or wait the next few days until Pip-Boy edition is available. We'll keep you up to date if we learn anything more. Thanks for reading and we'll see you in The Wastelands!


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