For Honor Review

For Honor is not your typical hack n’ slash title. It has elements deeper than button mashing and requires adaption on the fly. I have put my time in and then some. With a deep understanding of how the game works and how it is meant to play, this may be the most honest review you will on the web.

While many games have a tendency to be unbalanced, For Honor is pretty close to perfect in regards to character balancing. While some will disagree, the heroes play as intended. Choosing the hero you play with best, you will find there is always another hero that was created to counter you. Your hero will devastate some and be devastated by others. This is where strategy and adaptability come in into play.

With a short list of game modes to start with, you always have the choice of competing against human players or the AI Bots. Bots can be a great way to learn your heroes move set. As time goes on and you learn, bots get more difficult to handle, but as you master your move set,you will find you will have no problems taking them down. You might run into a hiccup and get slain, but it will be rare. Playing bots will offer the same rewards as playing humans, so if you’re struggling in PVP, consider practicing in PVE.

One thing to factor in here, is there are no dedicated servers, you are the server. For Honor is a P2P (player to player) experience, so if your internet has a poor connection, a strict NAT type, or any serious problems, you could very well suffer a poor experience. Even if your internet is amazing, you could still suffer if you get connected to those with the above examples. Luck of the draw is often the case.

The biggest issues I have had to deal with, occur during peak hours. When players rage quit or get kicked from a match, not only does game freeze for a moment while it re-synchronizes, it sometimes “rewinds” your position by a few seconds. I was in the middle of an execution and suddenly was reset back in place to right before I struck my enemy with a final blow. They were able to dodge backwards and escape. This happens a little more often than it should, but Ubisoft is looking to patching this issue.

Aside from playing 1v1 duels, I prefer to party up with my friends when playing a PVP mode. The in game chat seems to work when it feels like it, so playing with randoms is not always easy. Without communication in a PVP match, it can turn into a struggle. If you’re playing as a solo player and see your teammates are all off by themselves, but the enemy team is grouped together killing everyone off during team beat downs, it’s time to find some friends to party up with. If you're playing against bots, random teammates aren’t much of an issue.

The campaign is a lot of fun, but very short lived. It explains why the factions are constant battle and could even sway you to side with one faction over another, based on their storylines. Playing through the campaign offers steel (in-game currency) and scavenger crates. This is incredibly helpful for multiplayer, and does give you a little training to prepare for the long haul. I would recommend playing through the campaign on realistic mode first and then play through on easy to finish collecting anything you may have missed during the first run through. You can even play through the campaign with a friend online and you will both reap the rewards and trophies. The campaign is fun and has a well written storyline that makes multiplayer that much more enjoyable with your added knowledge of the lore.

Final impression
I desperately want to give For Honor a 9.5 out of 10, but because of the fact it requires an online connections at all times and the issues we are faced with thanks to the P2P vs dedicated servers, I have to take away a few points. If by chance Ubisoft does manage to fix these issues, I will come back and move up the final score. Until then, I give For Honor a solid 8.75. This game franchise has a very bright future ahead, I can only help it continues to get better and Ubisoft doesn’t drop the ball. Time will tell.

What would you score For Honor? Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Drop em in the comments below!




This is straight Ubisoft astroturf this game sucks hard. Unbalanced and p2p make it a mixed bag. By the time this game goes on sale there won't be a community to pay with.

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