Game Series We Want to See Revived on the PlayStation 4 – Part 2

Game Series We Want to See Revived on the PlayStation 4 – Part 2

This is the second part of our series on classic PlayStation games of old that we would love to see revived on the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 1 and 2 both amassed massive collections of game titles, which proved to be a boon to gamers, but was potentially a hindrance to publishers and developers. Despite the large installed base of PS1 and 2 owners, there was still the risk of good games getting lost in the shuffle, and this led to many games not getting the recognition they deserved, and no sequels.

In other cases, good games that did happen to find a niche found themselves without a sequel for various reasons. Whether the developer was content with the original story/game and didn’t want to expand on it, felt there was no room for expansion, or simply wanted to move on to other things, many fans got left out in the cold, waiting for a sequel that hasn’t yet come.

The following three games/series are ones we feel deserve a PlayStation 4 revival, both to satisfy fans of the originals, as well as introduce the series to a whole new legion of gamers.

King’s Field Series – While the recently released and critically acclaimed Demon’s Souls is a spiritual successor to the King’s Field series from the same company, From Software, it still lacks many of the elements that players of the KF series either loved or hated. The KF games received their fair share of criticism, but offered a level of ambiance few other games could match, and the first person perspective is rare among non-shooter games even to this day. The difficulty was another element that made the series stand out, in an era where games were getting easier on the whole, which generally pleased old-school players, while newer players despised the difficulty and slow gameplay.

King’s Field: The Ancient City was the last game in the series, released nearly a decade ago for the PlayStation 2. From Software has since said they have no plans to continue the series, citing high development costs, though fans of the series can hope that the success of Demon’s Souls may convince them to bring the real deal out of retirement in the future.

Road Rash Series – The PS1 received the last installment of this once highly popular motorbike combat game way back in 1999 (later ported to the GameBoy Advance in 2004). The series rose to fame on the Sega Genesis, featuring advanced physics-based racing (for the time), varied racing (including all manner of traffic and obstacles), and thrilling combat. Players could steal the weapons of their opponents if timed properly, and the games featured rocking soundtracks (though sadly, the dreaded live-action videos popular during that era also creeped into some of the later games).

Despite rumours a couple years ago that a new game was possibly in development, there have been no official announcements from EA, and considering their recent downsizing, it would appear that fans of the classic racing combat game may have to wait a few more years to see a return to the mean streets. Hopefully we’ll see this series some day on the PlayStation 4.

Jet Moto Series – The Jet Moto trilogy was one of the PlayStation’s defining brands in its early years. The popular hoverbike racing series featured fast and innovative racing (such as the brilliant suicide courses, and the magnetic poles which were used to swing around corners and over chasms), and a high degree of difficulty. Despite the series popularity, the relatively disappointing sales of the third and final game in the series prompted a break from the brand, which has now lasted for a decade. With the original developers now split into various groups, it’s not even a given which company would develop the game if any indeed wanted to resurrect the franchise. All we can do is hope that we’ll see a return to hoverbike racing on the PlayStation 4, regardless of who brings it to us.

These three series are just a few of the many which have seen release on PlayStation consoles of the past, and have since gone into hiding. These series enjoyed varying levels of success, but all of them struck a chord with different gamers, and could surely do so again on the PS4. Only time will tell if we gamers will get the chance to revisit one or more of these classic series.


Road Rash

That series was awesome. Playing the Genesis versions split-screen was probably the best multiplayer experience available at the time, save for Super Mario Kart, and it was a blast in single player too. I would love to see that series brought back.

Spyro The Dragon Series

There are two Spyro series: Legend of Spyro and The First Spyro Series. The Spyro Series is very adventurous where you have to complete strange missions to get to the next one. It is single player. it is a very fun game. I would love to see both of them brought back in great graphics. Thank You.

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