PS4 Horror Games

PS4 Horror Games

Horror Games

  1. 2DARK
  2. Amnesia: Collection
  3. Assemblance
  4. The Bunker
  5. Darkest Dungeon
  6. Claire: Extended Cut
  7. Blues and Bullets
  8. Days Gone
  9. Deadlight: Director's Cut
  10. Outlast
  11. DayZ
  12. Dying Light
  13. The Evil Within
  14. The Evil Within DLC
  15. H1Z1
  16. Outlast Whistleblower DLC
  17. Among the Sleep
  18. SOMA
  19. Resident Evil HD: Remaster
  20. Home: A Unique Horror Adventure
  21. Silent Hills
  22. Alien Isolation
  23. Call of Cthulhu
  24. Dead Island 2
  25. Doom
  26. Forgotten Memories
  27. Human Element
  28. Daylight
  29. HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age
  30. Kodoku
  31. Until Dawn
  32. Grave
  33. Draugen
  34. Bloodborne
  35. Killing Floor 2
  36. Let It Die
  37. Little Nightmares
  38. Lone Survivor: Director's Cut
  39. Neverending Nightmares
  40. Resident Evil Revelations 2
  41. Outlast 2
  42. The Forest
  43. The Order: 1886
  44. Slender: The Arrival
  45. How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
  46. Sylvio
  47. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  48. Resident Evil VII
  49. We Happy Few
  50. The Walking Dead Season 3
  51. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster
  52. Class 4
  53. Last Year
  54. Pamela
  55. Routine
  56. Dead by Daylight
  57. The Brookhaven Experiment (VR)
  58. The Walking Dead (Overkill Games)
  59. The Walking Dead: Michonne
  60. Allison Road
  61. Through the Woods
  62. Layers of Fear
  63. What Remains of Edith Finch
  64. The Hum: Abductions
  65. Dollhouse
  66. Dying Light: The Following
  67. Emily Wants To Play
  68. The Final Station
  69. Here They Lie
  70. Kholat
  71. Friday the 13th: The Game
  72. Uncanny Valley
  73. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  74. Weeping Doll
  75. White Night
  76. Zombi

PS4 Popular Horror Games

You haven’t experienced true horror until you’ve played these PS4 horror games. That being said, you’re busy, and maybe you want this massive list narrowed down. For that, take a look at our Top 10 horror games for the ps4. Still not satisfied? Let’s take a look at those ten terrifying titles and see why they’re worth your time.

The Top 10 Horror Games on PS4

10. Bloodborne

I honestly don’t know what makes this game scarier: the difficulty or the setting. Bloodborne has a decidedly Lovecraftian style to it with terrifying creatures to fight that are perfectly willing to rip you from your corporeal form at a moment’s notice. The game comes to us from the makers of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, so you know what to expect from the difficulty.

9. The Evil Within

From Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, comes his next series (hopefully). This horror game takes classic cues while blazing its own trails. You play as detective Sebastian Castellanos who begins the game investigating a grisly murder at the local mental institution. That’s how it starts, but things quickly spiral out of control.

Terrifying enemies and insane bosses make this a horror title worth your time.

8. Resident Evil: HD Remaster

The father of survival horror returns! This beautiful remake of the original Resident Evil brings back an instant classic and updates it for the modern gamer. Need I say more?

Okay, I'll say more. This game started the genre, and with a fresh coat of paint and some new options for controls, anyone can jump in and feel the tense atmosphere of the classic mansion setting. Just watch out, there's more than zombies hiding in the darkness.

You never know when something will strike, and the setting is so expertly designed that you’ll never feel safe.

7. Dying Light: The Following

The original Dying Light game was great on its own, but The Following adds an entirely new layer to the experience. Not only does this expansion add 20 hours to the game, easy, but it also adds a better map, story, and method of travel. Two words: dune buggy.

Driving at night while psycho zombies try to leap on board and order takeout in the form of your brain is about as scary as it gets.

6. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a love letter to horror fans. It combines everything you would want from a horror game. Jump scares, supernatural elements, a slasher style story, a classic cast, it's all here. The graphics are nothing short of incredible and the way you can pick and choose how the story plays out, and who survives, makes this one of the best horror experiences on PS4.

If you've played this one, be sure to give the VR spinoff a try. It's a lot different, but as a rail shooter, it can be a great way to experience horror on VR for the first time.

5. Claire: Extended Cut

There's something so terrifying and satisfying about a retro-designed horror game. This gem from Hailstorm Games is a beautiful and terrifying homage to the classic Silent Hill games. It was more than welcome when I needed to fill that whole in my heart where Silent Hills was before it got canceled.

Claire: Extended Cut places you in the role of a young girl who is haunted by her past and tortured by her present. She's a great character and the twisted versions of reality she explores would fit right into the iconic town.

If you like classic style graphics, great art, atmospheric music, and plenty of jump scares, you need to check this one out.

4. Outlast (Plus the Whistleblower DLC)

I have to mention both the base game and its excellent expansion here. When you look at the two as a whole package, it's easy to see why this is one of the scariest games on PS4. In Outlast, you play as a reporter following a tip from someone as he investigates a mental asylum.

What follows is incredibly intense, horrific, gory, and pulse-pounding. You're never safe, and you're always on the run or hiding. I can seriously only handle this one in bursts.

Then you tack on the Whistleblower DLC and you have the perfect horror package. This extra story takes place before the main game and adds even more unspeakable horror to the package. Seriously, buy both and play them if you want an adrenaline rush.

You also get a week's worth of nightmares absolutely free!

3. Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition

Ever since P.T hit the PSN, people have grown to like the idea of a exploration-based horror game. Layers of Fear hit the PS4 to fulfill this need and it did so with both grace and finesse. This title stars a painter who has become an alcoholic and lost his mind for all intents and purposes.

As you explore his mansion, the walls quite literally move around you. Furniture will shift, and rooms will change before your very eyes. That's only the beginning too. This game will seriously mess with your head.

The included DLC in this edition also does a great job of showing the story from another perspective. Taken as a whole, this is a great horror game for players of all skill levels, and offers a ton of scares wrapped up in an excellent plot and presentation.

2. Alien Isolation

This one is special for a number of reasons. For starters, it's one of the best games based on the Alien franchise (which isn't hard to do, given the alternatives, but admirable nonetheless). On top of that, it's also one of the most terrifying "play as the prey" type of horror games I've ever encountered.

In this game, an series icon, known as a Xenomorph, stalks you on a derelict space station. Did I say stalk? I meant that it hunts you. This thing can hear you and it can come from any direction. On higher difficulties, it can even smell you!

If you can see it, it's probably too late for you. This game literally had me on the edge of my seat, and I had to play in bursts.


While most would expect Amnesia to be at the top of this list (and while it's very scary), I would argue that SOMA is the better game from this studio.

You see, SOMA has a lot of the tense atmosphere, horrific enemies, and chases that make Amnesia so great, but it also manages to terrify you on an existential level.

The game's underwater setting and complex story are both incredible and extremely well realized. As you progress, the game would force you to ask questions about the nature of life itself, and the very existence of consciousness as a whole.

By the end, you'll be terrified from your close encounters with nightmarish creations, but you'll also have a unsettling feeling, deep in your soul. You'll think about things that only philosophers think about in their nightmares.

This game will terrify your mind, body, and soul. That's why it has a proud place on the top of our list. Stay tuned, though, because Resident Evil VII is just around the corner. Will it top our list and knock SOMA down a peg? You'll have to wait and see!

Which horror games terrify you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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The order 1886 the second

The order 1886 the second most popular game? What I've heard it's a product of lazy programming. Very average game.

It's not bad if you're a real gamer.

If you enjoy great storytelling, art design, character development, and perfect graphics, you'll love it. The only real negative things about it is its length, and love for QTE's, but I play games for their quality and depth, not quantity and length. It plays like an Uncharted game set in 1886 Victorian London. The gameplay is what to expect from a third person cover based shooter, it doesn't do much to innovate it, but it saves itself by adding a Red Dead like slow time mechanic and Nikola Tesla's innovative and scientific weapons. They're actually quite fun to use. All in all, it was an awesome game, just a little short. But as I stated, I play games for the quality of them, not the qualitative aspect if it.

To Each Their Own

Hey, maybe this guy isn't into what you're into. And being a real gamer doesn't have complicated prerequisites. Pick up a game, play it. You're a gamer. And although you may be concerned with graphics, familiarity, and storyline it seems this other guy and myself look for originality and amusing gameplay. I'm not knocking this game or anything, I haven't played it. That guy played it and he didn't like it, it seems, so let it be. But that real gamer statement was just ignorant, dude. I've played a certain trading card game since I was a kid, even won a few tournaments and still play to this day. As far as I know, I'm a gamer because I play a game, not because I have a certain taste in games.

real gamer?

Let's not use the term "real gamer". That's a term that is mostly used by gamers that don't like other gamers who have different taste. We are all gamers and saying someone ain't a real gamer because that like a different genre or game just makes you seem like a douche.


Completely agree with SOMA on top.This game is very underrated, I think it is one of best games ever made! Very good chart, easy to see that someone who did it played the games.

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