GameStop's Black Friday Ad Brings PS4 Goodness

GameStop's Black Friday Ad Brings PS4 Goodness

GameStop's Black Friday advertisement has leaked to the masses a few days ago and if you're looking for a PlayStation 4, you're in luck! The company is heavily advertising the PlayStation 4 in its ad, meaning that if you haven't secured a PS4 preorder you may get lucky if you venture into GameStop the day after Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, none of the games are on sale and the advertisement still lists both Watch Dogs and Driveclub as newly-released games; the perils of making an advertisement so early in advance, as we know both games are delayed to Spring 2014. Chances are we'll have to wait for Black Friday 2014 to secure deals on PS4 games.

The best deal for new PS4 owners by far is a year of PlayStation Plus for $29.99, a $20 savings over the regular cost!

If you're purchasing or plan to purchase a PlayStation 4, jump on this deal as soon as you can as discounts on PS Plus are always few and far between! This deal is only available on Friday, November 29th, so make sure you are the first in line before the cards sell out!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 10/29/2013

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Not in stock on Black Firday -- False advertisement

I just got back from my local gamestop, and unless you were there at midnight, you are out of luck. The glib remark from the store manager has made me seriously reconsider ever shopping at a gamestop again. He said, "Well, midnight is Black Friday too." To which I replied, "Well sir, Black Friday is ALL day long, so where's the Playstation 4's?"

Outa the trash

Chances are some uninformed assistant or individual saw an opportunity to cause a ripple and took it without paying attention to what information was really on the flyer.

This will be re-done....

Drive Club and Watch Dogs both have been delayed...

No It Doesnt!!!

Everything for the PS4 is regular price. Thats not "goodness" SMH

Yes It Does

Everything is not regular price -- a PS Plus membership for $29.99, when it's pretty much an essential for the PS4, is a great deal. I can't remember the last time Sony discounted those and I doubt they will never do so again in the future.

Also the fact that GameStop will seemingly have PS4 systems in stock for Black Friday is "goodness" for those that don't have a preorder.


Exactly my point, one thing doesnt mean "PS4 goodness". And let me inform you, almost every retailer out there will have PS4's back in stock for Black Friday, so thats nothing special.

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