Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel fans, rejoice! We will all be treated to a pretty fun Free-To-Play title, featuring many of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Not fully an MMO or RPG, but taking just a few elements from both sides, have given this game enough fuel to leave a good impression.

Marvel Heroes Omega is currently in its closed beta phase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers over at Gazzilion Games, invited me to play this weekend, and I put a lot of time in. Perhaps the most difficult decision was choosing which hero to play as.

I started off with my favorite neighborhood-spider, Spiderman! Throughout the beta, I also played as Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Iceman, Captain America and The Punisher. There are so many more to play and it is exciting to try each one out and see what powers they hold. The only real problem I have with this game so far, is the need to replay each level with each character you choose.

As you play through the main story, you will have to start over and over again, if you choose to play as another from your roster. While the completion of the story missions are fairly short, they get boring quick, if you switch heroes often. I would prefer to be able to skip some missions when switching heroes, but it is a minor want and not really a need.

Leveling up your hero starts quick, but with any rpg, it will slow down as you move up the ladder. As you level up and defeat more powerful foes and bosses, you will obtain gear for your hero. The gear will boost certain stats and abilities for specific heroes. If you pick up a pair of web-shooters, they are solely for Spiderman and can be destroyed or sold (usually), but only equipped to Spidey. Picking up gear will not alter the look of your heroes, but you can change your hero's costume in the roster selection tab.

As you level up each hero, you will unlock a list of additional powers. You can assign up to 8 active moves for each hero, but you will start the game with only a few, until you have moved up your experience. Every hero is free to play until level 10. Once that level is reached, you can unlock the hero with in game currency collected through missions, or purchase in game currency from the store. It is a free to play title, so they have to make their money in way or another.

Perhaps the best feature in this game, is the drop in-out couch co-op. Not a lot of titles allow a friend to just pick up a second controller and jump into your game. As a parent, it is nice to be able to ask my kids to pick up a paddle and help me out, if I’m not playing in an online party. In addition to couch co-op, you can create a public or private party for you and friends or random players. A party of up to 4, is your limit.

For a free to play title, Marvel Heroes Omega feels like much more. It offers hours of gameplay will continue to add much more as the game thrives on. Currently in closed beta until May 15th, Marvel Heroes Omega will have an open beta, later in May. At that time, Dare Devil will be given to everyone that plays, as a free hero. If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase a founder's pack for the game, which not only gets you in the beta now, but also helps to support the game's future.


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