Minecraft Is Building Anew On The PlayStation 4

Minecraft is definitely one of the top selling games of all time, selling over 33 million copies across all systems it is on. Up until recently, Minecraft was only available on the PC, Xbox 360 and mobile devices; however, Sony has now announced that Minecraft will finally hit Sony systems, including the PlayStation 4. The port of the game will be handled by 4J Studios, the team behind previous Minecraft console ports.

The premise behind Minecraft is simple: anything in the world can be destroyed and you can use what you destroy to build new structures. For example, dig up the ground beneath you and use that ground to build a house. With over 50 different building blocks, anything you imagine in Minecraft you can build. There is no limit on what you can build outside of your own imagination, with players building amazing looking castles, statues and replicas of real-life buildings. Not only can you build high into the clouds, you can also dig deep below the earth, uncovering vast networks of caves complete with rivers of lava.

4J Studios have confirmed that Minecraft will be a straight port of the PC version with little to no changes to the core gameplay. The game will include all the latest changes found in the PC version up to the most recent patch.

Like an MMO, Minecraft features a crafting system that gives you a wider array of items and tools to work with. For example, destroying a tree gets you wood, which you can then use to forge a pickaxe.

While crafting can make basic items, such as pickaxes, swords and armor, you can also use the crafting system to make boats, minecarts, ladders and even decorative items like paintings and bookcases.

Minecraft features over 100 items to craft and use, giving you a reason to explore the world and dig as much as you can.

Minecraft Coming To The PlayStation 4 Combat
When the sun sets, the monsters come out, with over 15 enemy types ready to destroy you when day turns to night. Enemies shoot projectiles at you, charge at you and, in some cases, explode themselves to destroy not only you but everything around you. Swords and bows let you defend yourself from these creatures of the night while armor lets you take more abuse before dying. When you die, you drop all items in your inventory so staying alive is imperative.

Underground, monsters can be found at any time as they thrive on the cold darkness of the vast cavern system. Sometimes you may even find a dungeon complete with a set of rewards for the adventurer who can see it through to the end.

Minecraft for the PS4 will include the multiplayer modes found in other versions of the game, letting you and a few of your friends build and explore together. It has been confirmed the game will offer both private and public servers, similar to the PC version of the game.

The PlayStation 4 Advantage
4J Studios has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will feature better textures than any previously released version, making this version of Minecraft visually superior.

Outside of that, no additional changes have been confirmed but it is rumored the team wants to make use of the DualShock 4 in some way, such as utilizing the light bar.

Release Date
Minecraft is slated for release in 2014, with no official release date provided beyond this broad range. The latest update from Mojang about the release date is as cryptic as you'd expect: "For you guys asking about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 edition: It is being worked on as we speak! I got no proper dates yet, but hopefully soon we can tell you!”

The game will be downloadable via the PlayStation Network and while no price has officially been announced, expect it to retail for the $19.99 it retails for everywhere else.

Excited for Minecraft on the PS4? Can't wait to play it together with your friends? Let us know in the comments and keep reading PS4 Experts for all your PS4 news!

Game Category: Indie

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 9/11/2013
Updated: 3/1/2014

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Ps4 mod

well if they only use vanilla version it's gonna get boring really fast. i hope they could work with FTB or something like that

console gaming

Can't wait to play minecraft on a console instead of a pc or tablet

Light Bar

They should use the light bar to indicate what time of day it is, as long as you have crafted a clock and have it in your inventory of course. That way you don't need it in your hot bar.

Awesome, surely gonna buy it

Awesome, surely gonna buy it since I've played it on the PC for 2,5 years now..


I love minecraft me and my bff are fans we paly all the time we also have accessories and clothes based on minecraft I have th ps3 it will be amazing to have it in the ps4


Really hope you don't have to pay to get it. I already have Premium acount. Please Plasystation don't make us pay!!!! :,(


I would kinda think they would make you pay.. if they didn't that would be a bad business move on their part. Because they took time to actually make the game on a different console, you can't just expect it free.


yes arrr im soo acsited ifjn dshzbhgjkzdtrhsnhjfi

This is epic. I can finally

This is epic. I can finally play minecraft without playing on the pc version

A Guy Who Wants To Know...

do you have to pay for the game on psn even tho i already have a Premium account?

You have to pay

Yes you have to pay. Console versions have nothing to do with the pc version. It may be a beginning version of minecraft that they have on pc, but the accounts to not cross apply. The xbox version uses the xbox live account that bought it as the account

PlayStation 4

is minecraft really coming to ps4 ????

yep yup (:

yep yup (:

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