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  1. When is an Official PS4 Media Remote Coming?
  2. Five Reasons the PS4 Needs to Get with Youtube
  3. Infamous: Second Son Paper Trail Walkthrough
  4. Is the Lego Game Series Getting Stale?
  5. Infamous: Second Son Easter Eggs
  6. Why a Subscription for Final Fantasy XIV is a Good Thing
  7. Infamous Second Son Tips
  8. Batman: Arkham Knight Wishlist
  9. 10 Game Collections We Want to See on the PS4
  10. Playstation Camera Talk Shows
  11. Unannounced Sci-Fi Epic From Sony Santa Monica Cancelled
  12. Is a New ‘Red Dead’ on the Way?
  13. Exclusive Interview With Ronimo Games
  14. Guerrilla Games is Working on a New IP
  15. These PlayStation Classics Should be on PlayStation Now by the End of the Year
  16. Everything You Wanted To Know About The PS4's Japanese Launch
  17. Sony Headset Review Roundup
  18. Is Ubisoft Set To Be One Of The Best PS4 Publishers?
  19. Are Traditional Adventure Games Getting Left Behind In The Dust?
  20. Playstation Tattoos
  21. PS4 Essentials
  22. Share Button Tips for the Dualshock 4
  23. Sony’s Latest Patent is a ‘Transforming’ PlayStation Move-like Controller
  24. Can the PlayStation 4 Keep Its Momentum Going In 2014?
  25. "Definitive" Proof That The PS4 Is Better Than Xbox One
  26. Watch_Dogs Rumors Revealed
  27. Is Titanfall a PlayStation 4 killer?
  28. Facebook Complaints about the PS4
  29. PlayStation 4 Rest Of 2013 Review Roundup
  30. The Biggest Rumors Surrounding the PS4
  31. How to Play War Thunder Today - If You Live in North America
  32. The Role Indie and F2P Games Will Have on the PS4 in 2014
  33. What are in-game microtransactions?
  34. Crazy Xbox Owner
  35. Top Five Keyboards to use on PS4
  36. NBA 2K14 Vs NBA Live 2014
  37. Which Games Will be Announced in 2014?
  38. Five Cool PS4 Secrets
  39. Is the Government Using the Playstation 4 to Spy on You?
  40. PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Best Launch Fighting Game
  41. Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty Ghosts
  42. PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Controller
  43. Striking balance between new and old IP's on the PS4
  44. Tips Every PS4 Owner Should Know
  45. Where can I find a PS4 between now and Christmas?
  46. The PS4 Launch From The Safety Of My Living Room
  47. PS4 First Impressions
  48. The Dark Sorcerer
  49. The PS4 Launch - A Day for the History Books
  50. Xbox One Lags Behind PlayStation 4
  51. Everything You Need to Know to Survive the PS4 Launch Day
  52. Top 5 Playstation Mascots
  53. PS4 New Owner's Survival Guide
  54. Top Five PS4 Games You Must Pre-Order in Winter/Spring 2014
  55. The Ultimate PS4 Gamer's Launch Guide
  56. PlayStation 4 Midnight Launch Survival Guide
  57. Top 5 HD Games Players want on PS4
  58. Top Five PS4 Games That Will be Available on Launch Day
  59. Is The PlayStation 4's Launch In Jeopardy?
  60. What Your PlayStation 4 Won't Do At Launch
  61. From the Frontlines: What Consumers think about the new Consoles
  62. PlayStation 4 is the Fan Favorite in the US
  63. Steam Machines vs. PlayStation 4
  64. India Now Accepting PS4 Pre-orders, China Lifts Ban on Selling Consoles
  65. Digital Download Version of Grand Theft Auto V Causes Some PS3’s to Crash
  66. Sony Announces PS4 Mega Bundle for Europe
  67. What Are Xbox Gamers the Most Jealous About When They Think PS4? And Vice Versa?
  68. PS4 – Hands on at Eurogamer
  69. PlayStation 4 can hook up to Xbox One HDMI Pass-Through
  70. Sony Digital Upgrade Program Helps Bridge the Gap
  71. Sony Projecting a Loss on PlayStation 4 Hardware
  72. Selling your PS3 on Craigslist
  73. The Most Competitive Games on the PS4
  74. Could The PS4 Be The End Of Let's Plays?
  75. CryEngine 3 Confirmed for PS4
  76. Is GTA V On Track To Be The Best Selling Game Of All Time?
  77. The Future of Zombie Games on the PS4
  78. The best apocalyptic games on the PS4
  79. PS4 Launch Lineup VS PS3 Launch Lineup
  80. Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase A PlayStation Vita
  81. Is Microsoft Just Copying Sony's Lead?
  82. The Best Sports Games on PS4
  83. Social Experiments and You: The PS4's Enhanced XMB
  84. The Best PlayStation 4 FPS Is None Of Them
  85. PlayStation 4 Gamescom Conference Recap
  86. What makes a good multiplayer game?
  87. PS4 Repairs
  88. What to name the PS4?
  89. Top 4 unexpected games Sony should release for the PS4
  90. 20 Things You Didn't Know About The PlayStation 4
  91. PS4 Will Have Lower Failure Rates Than Competition
  92. PlayStation 4: A Treasure Trove for Indie Developers
  93. RAMvolution - 10 year console cycles and static hardware
  94. PS4 Blu-ray
  95. PS4 Headset
  96. E3 2013: Sony Conference Recap
  97. PS4 Experts E3 2013 Recap!
  98. PlayStation E3 2013 Preview
  99. PS4 Beta Testing -- Don't Be Fooled!
  100. PS4 Frequently Asked Questions
  101. The Tales Series For The PS4?
  102. The Dream PS4 Setup
  103. Say No To Restrictive PS4 DRM
  104. Microsoft Announces The Xbox One
  105. A History Of PlayStation Advertising
  106. How Does a Violent Game Tax Affect The PS4?
  107. Is this PlayStation 4 video real?
  108. PS4 & PS Vita: Remote Play
  109. Sharing is Caring: Introducing the PlayStation Share Button
  110. Quantic Dream Prepping New Game
  111. Could Sony's Potential Answer To Original Programming Lie In Reviving An Old Show?
  112. Custom PS4
  113. PS4 Hard Drive
  114. PS4 GPU
  115. PS4 Skins
  116. PS4 RAM
  117. PS4 CPU
  118. LucasArts Closure Mean to PS4?
  119. Arc System Works Plans PS4 Fighting Game
  120. PlayStation Network For The PS4
  121. Are Gamers Getting Robbed?
  122. PS4 Camera
  123. PS4 Problems
  124. Sony Reveals PS4 Details At GDC 2013
  125. Sonic the Hedgehog On PS4?
  126. PC vs PS4
  127. PS4 Will Have Everything Except JRPGs
  128. What we know and what to expect out of PSN on the PS4
  129. Should You Keep Your PS3?
  130. PS4 Proven to make you smarter
  131. PS4 Launch Trailer Leaked? - Will 3D come standard in the PS4?
  132. The PS4 - A Complete Entertainment Machine?
  133. PlayStation 4: Recent Job Postings, Rumors, and Reports
  134. PlayStation 4 Not Allowing Used Games?
  135. PS4 to be named 'Orbis'?
  136. Should Sony incorporate motion controls into the PS4?
  137. Will The PS4 Charge For Online Services?
  138. PS4 Interface
  139. What Developers Are Saying About The PlayStation 4
  140. PlayStation 4 Announced!
  141. PlayStation Moving On – A Look Back at The DualShock
  142. One Gamers Thoughts Leading Into The PlayStation 4
  143. Could We See The PlayStation 4 on 2/20/13?
  144. New Playstation 4 at E3 2013
  145. My Experience with WWE 13 as an Old-School Wrestling Fan
  146. December 24th, 2012 - Call of Duty Black Ops Update
  147. 3 must-have PS4 games that would make a big splash at launch
  148. The Top PS3 Games of 2012
  149. Why President Obama Will Own The PS4?
  150. Popular Series We Can’t Wait to See on the PlayStation 4 - Part 1
  151. Popular Series We Can’t Wait to See on the PlayStation 4 – Part 2
  152. The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: 5 Honorable Mentions - Update 101212
  153. Expected Playstation 4 Specifications
  154. PS3 2011 Price Drop
  155. Amazing New PS4 Design by Niklas V4 - Gold Edition
  156. Amazing New PS4 Design by Niklas V3
  157. Amazing PS4 Design by Niklas V2 with Game Skins
  158. Amazing PS4 Design by Niklas
  159. Hey Sony, This is What Your PS4 Fans Want!
  160. No PS4 Anytime Soon?
  161. Microsoft Xbox 720 Document Leaked!
  162. E3 2012: A Recap
  163. Hey Sony, This is What Your PS4 Fans Want!
  164. A Look at the Potential Power of the PlayStation 4
  165. E3 2012: What Can We Expect From Sony?
  166. PS4 Pulse - Controller
  167. PS4 Controller Ergo DualShock
  168. The PSN is Now the SEN - What Does This Mean for the Future?
  169. The DualShock Legacy: How Sony Created a Legendary Controller
  170. PlayStation Goes Global: How Online Functionality Shaped the PlayStation Brand
  171. Sony to Abandon Cell Processor in PS4 - Good News or bad?
  172. A Look At The Graphical Power Of The Playstation 3
  173. PS4 Backwards Compatibility
  174. Playstation 4 Cost and Pricing Details
  175. PS4 Release Date Delayed?
  176. Planning Your Gaming Schedule - When to Expect the Next Generation Games Consoles
  177. Sony Make Virtual Reality, A Reality!!
  178. PS4 Move Concepts
  179. PS4 Concept Design – PS4 REACT
  180. Will the PS4 be announced at E3 2012?
  181. Playstation 4 - The Future Of Online Gaming?
  182. What Will PS3 Games Look Like on the PS4?
  183. PS4 Controllers - Looking Towards the Future
  184. Updated 5/26 The PSN Outage - The Saga Continues
  185. PSN's 'Welcome Back' Customer Appreciation Program
  186. Why Sony Should Announce the PS4 Officially
  187. Top Ten Wish List for the PlayStation 4
  188. Supreme Court Struggles With Violent Video Games
  189. Playstation Move Titles
  190. Aprils Hottest Gaming News 2011
  191. Ultimate XBox Destruction Video
  192. British Academy Video Game Awards
  193. Top Movie To Game Titles
  194. Top Gaming News - March 2011
  195. Gaming makes you healthy!
  196. First Batch of NGP/PSP2 Games Revealed
  197. Sony NGP - PSP2 Announced
  198. PS4 Cheats
  199. PS4 Concept Design by Darpan
  200. 2010 A Symphony of Violence for Gaming?
  201. There’s An App For That; PS App Nearly Here
  202. PS4 VS XBOX 720
  203. 2010 Spike Video Game Awards Recap
  204. Will the PS4 have adult video games?


more call of duty yay

Im glad to say all the people who voted for call of duty will get more call of duty! Every year for many years to come you can buy more call of duty and play your map pack i mean game and spend time talking about peoples mothers with 12 year olds online. Cant wait only wish i could preorder now.


I hate the new gaming decisions. I mean what if you want to borrow or sale a game you can't which is jacked up. That is something that will change some people's decisions. No one wants to pay sixty dollars on all their games that is just them trying to squeeze every penny out of your pockets. You don't see microsoft or nintendo doing that to their costumers. That is very greedy of them. I would rather get a X-box 720 and pay for online than pay for every game. What if you and your friends wanted to play one of their games while they were at your house. you don't want to drag your consle all the way over there even if it isn't heavy you don't want to drop and brake your console that you payed over seven hundred dollars on. That is why I highly recommend you think before you purchase this gamming device.


the only way i would by ps4 would be if the controler was waterproof that way i can play it in my hottub

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