Playstation Nano Concept



That looks pretty beast.

To blocky

Nah, it's to blocky and old looking.

Too Small

That console is way to small to fit all the needed parts inside of it.
It just wouldn't have the room to dissipate the heat components will create, not even if Sony's using the tiniest SSD, Bluray Drive and an APU set-up, but the rumoured 2GB of GDDR5 for full system memory won't fit inside of that sized case.
If Sony wanted to use another GPU chip for a boost in graphical performance then they would have to forget it with a machine of this size.

I like the overall look, but given the size of Bluray discs this case can't be more than 8/9 inches tall, but about 3.5 inches wide and roughly 7/8 inches deep, it's too small.
PS4 should not be smaller than PS3, if it is then the performance increase will not go much higher than 3 or 4 times that of the PS3, which is not exactly the quantum leap developers have been saying XBox 720 and PS4 have over 360 and PS3.

IMO the PS4's case should be similar to PS3, only instead of the curved top it should be flat to allow for a larger internal space, this extra space should be used for cooling and a decent sized PSU, I'd rather have a decent enough power uncrease over PS3 than a moderate jump and a smaller machine.
PS4 is for playing games, it's not just a style piece for your home.

seeing where my university work ended up

Nice to see this picture floating around the internet. I would say it wasn't bad for 2008 especially after all the ergonomic work that went into it. Foam model after foam model after foam model to get the right fit for your hand.