PS4 Console & Controller Concept Design by Tamar

This PS4 console and controller concept design was created by Tamar Fleisher. Check out her Playstation 4 controller concept.

PS4 Concept Design - Console
PS4 Console & Controller Concept Design by Tamar

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Concept Design - Console + Controller
PS4 Concept Design - Console + Controller by Tamar

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

PS4 Concept Design - Console + Controller + Pulse Controller
PS4 Concept Design - Console + Controller + Pulse Controller by Tamar

PS4 Background - Download - Make it your desktop wallpaper!

Console Features:

  • Wireless Charging Dock
  • 3 Blu-Ray Slots

PlayStation 4 concepts created by Tamar, a talented from Israel. View her portfolio here:

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I hope to god this isnt the definite model. Will this even fit in my entertainment center?? And can it come in black?

and if the controller charges

and if the controller charges on top, can you fit more than one? And if that is how it charges, I'm even more worried this will not fit into my entertainment center!


Taht looks hi tech & all But ya what about black & why can't we stick with the original style or maybe in a compact sized computer case or something... like a reciever size.... i really like the concept & everything that your putting into it but us customers like things we can put into space that we already have... hint that every console that has ever came out has all been small & curcular (square or rectangle) but thanks for the chance to express myself & hope that you take the customers wishes & style of life into consideration.....


I really don't think customers are rally concerned how the console looks rather we like it to fit in our entertainment center and pick it up and take over a friends house. I like the fact you can put 3 games in at once. Please consider the size when making the new console, and keep black. This is just tooooo big


It's not what the ps4 looks like just a cconcept


So why is the controller backwards?

New Console Design by Tamar

Personally I think the new design is awesome. It gives it a different look than all of the other game systems. It looks more this century and hi tech. The blu ray part was interesting and so was the charging station for the controllers. The controller also looks cool. Please keep the main color black though.


why would you want to change the controller


I like that it looks cool

what happen to playstation?

i have been a big fan of the playstation ever since the first Playstation, but know looking at this makes me wonder if i still will be faithfull to it. i mean what is up with it being round it looks like a cooler and what is hat wrist band looking thing. Most of all why did they change the controller layout !!!! i mean why could they not just keep the original layout? Sony on be half of me and my gamer friends we are disappointed.

Can we say concept....

This isn't what the PS4 will look like... no one knows as of yet what it looks like. People see concepts here and there and believe that the CONCEPTS are of the real thing. Wait till E3 to see if Sony shows the finished product.... c'mon. No sense in getting all bent outa shape over a concept... wait till you see the real thing before condoning or condemning a design.

What the hell?

That is a terrible concept it looks like a super powered blender with ps4 slapped on it


I hope it comes in black...


Y'all change the controller like that, I change consoles like this. I'm just sayin. Ridiculous right there. But it looks ok, not bad. As long as it plays awesome with a controller worth picking up. Ill be in line to buy one.


Isn't the controller already designed? Why don't you go off of that. Although the 3 Blueray slots are a good idea, they take up the entire console in this design, no space for the actual necessary interior. I think it's funny that people actually believe that this is the system design... It's terrible.

This is just people's idea

This is just people's idea it's not the real ps4 Plez ppl read the print before making comments

love this ps4

all you guys are complaining for what i dont see the big deal i personally love this style it looks wwwaaayyy better than the other playstations that were released in the past. I hope u guys stick to this style i love different and this is one of the most different game system in the history of life. I dont care if you all do not come with a color in black i love the blue and its raw...looking forward to purchase the playstation 4

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