PS4 Controller - Button Overload



LOOK A INFINITE BUTTON, what does it do Sony?

U can tell this controller

U can tell this controller aint real cuz it aint got tha.lerf right down n up buttons on tha left side

stupid controller. how one

stupid controller. how one can play with all those stupid button all over it?????


dumb controller


it looks lame to me Anonymous looks so stupid impossible controller to use???????how would you use all those buttons on there

madar faka..

madar faka..

PS4 controller hype

amazing what u can do with photo shop!

hahaha!! best ever!! imagine

hahaha!! best ever!! imagine Hyper Tetris on this ^^

Ps 4 controller

Am asking myself that how wil you control with this many buttons and gears. I love this new ps 4 controller.

IMagine a cheat code on that


Damn I put in VII I meant to

Damn I put in VII I meant to put in VI

Compatible with..

Compatible for halo 55 where you are the mutant alien.
also for
Need for speed 99 where you are the whole squad of cops and control every car.

No, its not real

No, its not real

This is the controller that

This is the controller that will be required to play Guitar Hero 6's Asian difficulty mode on PS4.

LMFAO! thats too funny!

LMFAO! thats too funny!


This is a joke right ?


yea bro, there really gonna make us play with 12 joy sticks...

count again, there are only

count again, there are only ten.

Count again. Only 9. Lmfao.

Count again. Only 9. Lmfao.

That's something that Razer

That's something that Razer would make.

u mad?

its like 2 players will share one controller!

Many buttons

This will need 1000 hands to play

the controller need be

the controller need be wireless

it would be take all your

it would be take all your limb to play with this controller LOL. ^o^

that controller sucks

that controller sucks

this looks like a controller

this looks like a controller that got herpes.

Best comment

Best comment ever.

This would go great with a

This would go great with a Gundam game or maybe a new armored core

my favorite part

is the infinite button in the middle of the x sq tr cr buttons :D

That button just activates

That button just activates every button at once and causes the PS4 to explode!

wow a 20 finger controller! really?

I would never be able to memorise all those god I would stay so pissed...


Its horrible i dont need that many buttons for what who thought of this and why

u mad?

u mad?


This would be awesome for a role playing game, you can move every limb and finger it'll be epic

controller for dummies

button mashing controller!

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