Game Series We Want to See Revived on the PlayStation 4 - Part 1

PS4 Game SeriesWith the vast catalogue of games that have seen release on PlayStation consoles, it's not surprising that many of them have gone the way of the dodo. Even series which have seen commercial or critical success often fail to get new games. Some companies may want to explore new IP's instead, others see their development teams split up and go separate ways, leaving the series without a voice to champion it.

In the spirit of torturing good gamers everywhere with dreams of what could be, we've gathered a list of some of the series which have shown up on PlayStation's of yore, but now sit in the corner collecting dust.

Chrono Series - For a company that loves putting out sequels to games, Square-Enix has been shockingly quiet for years on the Chrono front, arguably their most popular series after Final Fantasy. Instead the company continues to churn out games in the Mana and Saga series, which often meet with disdain from critics and gamers alike.

It's now been 9 years since Chrono Cross hit the PlayStation 1, selling 1.5 million copies worldwide, and garnering critical praise. It was expected the series would continue with a new instalment shortly after, as Square registered the name Chrono Break shortly after the release of Cross. Nothing ever came of the trademarked name though, and it was eventually dropped in the U.S, though it still stands in Japan.

If there's one series that would spur immediate interest in the PlayStation 4, it would be the revival of this great series with a new next-gen release.

Ape Escape Series - While the Ape Escape series has seen releases as recently as 2 years ago, these entries have by and large been spin-off titles that have not seen release outside of Japan. It's been 4 years now since Ape Escape 3, the last main series instalment, with no part 4 yet in sight. With casual, family friendly games showing a strong revival, it seems like the perfect time to revive the quirky and charming platformer series on the PS4.

Breath of Fire Series - The PlayStation 3 has suffered in Japan because of the lack of RPG's, and the absence of a Breath of Fire game is partly to blame for that. Parts 3 and 4 of the series were popular and well received titles on the PS1, and the PS2 got the last entry in the series, Dragon Quarter, in 2003. Despite selling over 200,000 copies worldwide, Capcom has yet to announce part 6 of the long-running series, and has officially stated that they have no plans for a new Breath of Fire in the future.

The good news on the Breath of Fire front is that Camelot Software, well known for RPG's such as the Shining series, and the Golden Sun games, has expressed interest in developing a new game in the series. Let's hope Capcom sees fit to give them licence to develop a new entry in the series in time for the PlayStation 4.

Kain Series - The tortured vampire Kain made his first gory appearance way back in the early days of the PS1 with Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, an overhead action-RPG. The series then shifted focus with the next 2 Soul Reaver games, which featured platformer elements and combat. All 3 games were well received due to their mature stories and excellent voice acting. The last 2 games in the series were met with lukewarm reviews but continued to sell well, though they were the last we would see of this series. It's now been 6 years since the last Kain game, Defiance, and fans worries that it would be the last in the series have so far proven to be true. With Eidos now being under the umbrella of Square, who have expressed interest in reviving some of Eidos' older series such as Deus Ex, there's now hope that a new Kain game will be forthcoming in the future, with a likely appearance on the PS4.

Clock Tower Series - It's been 6 years since the last entry in the Clock Tower series, Clock Tower 3 for the PS2. Clock Tower was a gritty horror game series that took over-the-top violence and frights to new heights, with less emphasis on action than the Resident Evil games, and more of an emphasis on puzzle solving and stealth. A new entry to this frightening series with high resolution graphics and crystal clear audio would be an experience unlike any other.

These are just a few of the series we would love to see revived on the PlayStation 4. A new entry in any one of these series would spark great interest from gamers everywhere and get the PS4 off to a great start in the next generation.


I don't get it

I don't understand why Square hasn't made more Chrono games, it just doesn't make sense. Not just Mana and Saga, but even all the FF spinoffs and remakes don't sell nearly as much as a new Chrono game would. Come ONNNN Square!! This is what I hate about MMO's, they have an entire production team working nonstop on one bloody game, when that team could've made multiple single player games throughout this time. And now FFXIV is going to do the same thing this generation. Like good lord, how many games has Square even made for the next-gen consoles, not counting Tri-Ace games? The Last Remnant, one bloody game is all I can think of off the top of my head, like come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! In 3 years???? Make some bloody games!!! /end rant


Square Enix should make a new adaption of their games, maybe mix them together? Almost like a... Kingdom Chrono Fantasy. KCF would get huge hits based off of the rates from the individual game series'. Also, I would like to see more of their CGI scenes in their games. Since Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out on dvd, ratings for FF have multiplied! All I'm getting at is: if the Sony really wishes to obtain HUGE ratings, along with more ideas for games, FF and KCF would be a phenomenal choice! Keep it up Square Enix!!


If you like CG you'll probably love FFXIII, it has a ton of story and CG scenes from what I've read. It's very story driven and linear. I'd be all for seeing elements of Chrono in just about any game, so if it meant adding it into the Kingdom Hearts universe, why not (and it's not like it would be implausible given the game's setup)? I'd much rather see a new game in the series though, it's been way too long since the last one.

first person shooters

for me im addicted to cod2 im just hoping the future of games will increase in better detail and multiplayer modes and just not the same old levels over and over also im thinkin that sony will not let us down

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