PS4 and Playstation Release Dates

The PS4 was released on November 15, 2013 in the US. Global release dates listed below:

Playstation Release Dates

PS1 - Released December 3, 1994 - Sold 102.49 million units
PS2 - Released March 4, 2000 - Sold 155 million units
PS3 - Released November 11, 2006 - Sold over 80 million units
PS4 - Released November 15, 2013 - Millions and counting
PS4 Pro Release Date
PS5 - Release Date! - (The PS5 is confirmed and in development)

Japan PS4 Release
February 22, 2014
The PS4 was deleayed in Japan, Sony cited the lack of Japan-oriented games available in November as the reason.

Philippines & Thailand
January 14, 2014

January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea.
December 17, 2013

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and South Africa
December 13, 2013

Europe, Latin America, Australia
November 29, 2013

United States
November 15, 2013

Other Regions

Release Date History

Both the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2, which dominated their generations of the console wars, came to market at the same time or earlier than their competition. The PlayStation 1 was launched just after the Sega Saturn, and well before the Nintendo 64, while the PlayStation 2 was released before both the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube.

This enabled Sony to get a head start on the competition and gave developers time to build their skills at developing games for the console, to the point that even as more powerful consoles came after, games released on the older system were just as good technically, providing no real incentive for players to move to the new consoles.

This same effect has worked against the PlayStation 3 to some extent, as though considered to be far more powerful than the Xbox 360, the one year head start the 360 received has allowed developers to more quickly maximize the system's potential, resulting in games that rivaled games on the PS3 when it released. Only as the system's life spans come to an end will we likely see the PlayStation 3 come out with games that clearly trump what the 360 can do graphically.

Let us know what you think. Feel free to comment below.

PlayStation 4 set for Holiday 2013 Release
(On February 20th 2013 at 6PM EST) Sony officially announced the Playstation 4 to the cheer of millions of gamer's worldwide. The PS4 news conference was packed with features, games and more about the PS4. Most importantly it ended with one very important message "Holiday 2013". Start saving money now (See PS4 Price), the PS4 is coming!

Playstation 4 Release Date News

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Happy Fans Receiving their PS4's

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Older Release Date PS4 News

August 20th - Official PS4 Release Date Announcement:
On August 20th, 2013 @ Gamescom Sony announced the official PS4 Release Date which is November 15th, 2013 in the United States and November 29th, 2013 in Europe! Gamers around the world rejoiced! What do you think, post your comments below.

August 5th, 2013 Update - Will the PS4 Release In December 2013?
According to BT, yes! The website is claiming to have the inside scoop on the PlayStation 4 release date, claiming that the system will land on:

December 13th, 2013
BT claims that after a Toys R Us website listing in the UK announced this date, a customer service representative for the company confirmed this date with them personally.

But slow down: BT has now contacted the leading toy retailer a second time only to hear that the release date is in fact not official, only that it's the company's best guess.

What do you think? December 2013? Earlier? Let us know in the comments!

June 20th, 2013 Update - Our Best Release Date Guess
E3 2013 has come and gone and while we now know pretty much all the PlayStation 4's technical specifications, the look of the system, the cost, and most of the games, we still don't know the most important part: the release date, or do we?

A photo has appeared, courtesy of NeoGAF User Cyborg, that shows signage from a Media Markt store in Amsterdam, Netherlands with an actual release date printed on it: November 13, 2013. Could we see the system hit the United States at around the same time as Europe? Possibly! This date, or anything close to it, would seem to make sense as it puts the release date before the infamous "Black Friday" (November 29th), which is the busiest day of the year for retail stores, and is followed by "Cyber Monday" (December 2nd), the busiest day of the year for online stores.

Even though the system is available to preorder, an official announcement about the release date still eludes us. What is Sony waiting for?

We at PS4 Experts have had enough of waiting so here is our own idea of when the release is happening: late October / early November.

We already know that Watch Dogs will be available at the system's launch, and the game officially comes out November 19th, 2013 for past generation systems. Expect to see the PS4 a few weeks before this date, possibly at the end of October. We are all looking forward to when the PS4 comes out, our gaming lives will be changed forever!

Better start saving up now!

April 30th, 2013 Update -- More Rumors Point To October 2013

First the Assassin's Creed IV team, now Naughty Dog possibly spills the beans in regards to an October 2013 release date.

Unlike Jean Guesdon, who was direct in his approach, Naughty Dog takes a different approach by what could be a subtle reference to the PS4 release date. This hint is found in their newest game The Last Of Us, one of the last titles to be released for the PlayStation 3.

In a recent trailer for the game, Joel and Ellie come across a sign that states "Mandatory Evacuation Notice: 10/17/2013." While many might think this was just a date chosen at random, could this in fact be Naughty Dog releasing the PS4 date in secret to its fans? After all, Naughty Dog is one of Sony's top developers so it's likely they are privy to such knowledge.

We've put the image below for your viewing pleasure! Let us know in the comments if you think this date is for real or just a joke by Naughty Dog.

PS4 Release Date

April 5th, 2013 Update -- PlayStation 4 In October 2013?
According to British newspaper The Sun, the PlayStation 4 could be out sooner than we all think.

Our first clue for an October 2013 release date was from members of the Assassin's Creed IV team, namely Jean Guesdon, who stated that the game will ship out on the PS4 at the same time as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions: November 1st. This infers the system would need to be out before the game releases. However, The Sun claims to have heard from Sony CEO Andrew House himself that the system will definitely be hitting in October for 300 pounds, which translates to $450 -- another number we've heard come up again and again in regards to price.

Keep in mind that The Sun wasn't directly quoting Andrew House, only that he had made these comments to them. There is always the possibility of The Sun interpreting broad statements House made or misinterpreting the information altogether (or, to be a bit more cynical, fabricating data to sell papers), so we'll still have to wait for an official Sony statement for the actual release date.

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my opinion of this comment

ok one if u buy the ps3 all u rlly are wasting is 300 pretty much but if u buy the xbox360 then u will be wasting more then just the console u need to get the internet adapter thing that goes on the back, a rechargable battery pack for the controller. plus the xbox360 has THE RED CIRCLE OF FIRE! which the ps3 does not have tehee, ha so new xbox360 is a improvement in the xbox360 but its so much money for the dam thing oh and guees wat STILL NO FREE ONLINE PLAY!!. blu-ray is tha same shit as HD so thats no biggy there, both systems has netflix (my favorite thing of ps3) but all ps3 games has blu-ray with them unlike the xbox360 games.ps3 having the power to play blu-ray discs is just something extra that makes the ps3 like a double threat. well that pretty much covers it.(=

.... XBOX 360

I love the PS3 for the fact that Sony has not and will not force you to buy something to enjoy a game unlike xbox... with them if you want to play online with your friends you must pay a monthly fee on top of the game purchase, but with the PS3 all your need is the game and you can play online, you can also place your ps3 anywhere u want but for the xbox 360 you have 2 choices have the system hugged up against your router or buy a 50$ wireless adapter. With Sony you will save lots of money with Microsoft you get a kick in the nuts robbed and given a red ring for your troubles


i'm not a ps3 fanboy, i do have a ps3 and a wii, and my ps3 went tits up after 2 years with stop making out like the ps3 is bullet proof....lots of my mates have had ps3's go they are hardly indestructible.

the so called ylod is very

the so called ylod is very rare and only happens on the early 20g/40g models and its the same problem that happens very commmonly on xbox360's ours got the red ring of death on our first week of having it so we went and got a PS3.


I think the kinect is an overpriced piece of **** and I wouldn't even use it! I think it'll have 40 games in the Xbox 360's life and the move will have 200!!!! So WT **** are you talking about you ******* PS3 hater keep your comments to yourself you piece of garbage in my ***

"(in fact Sony states that

"(in fact Sony states that games currently on the market are not even close to pushing the system to its full potential)" Well you have to have SONY define what "full potential" is...i doubt it has to do with the potential for better graphics...or potential of better use of RAM...any cheap PC today can run Crysis at its full potential...if you tried that on the PS3 it would probably explode. PS...SONY said the EXACT same thing about the PS2 FOR 10 YEARS...

r e a d t h i s

ps4 is going to pwn xbox and wii, so hard ^^

Ps4 and onwards needs to have "upgradeable parts"

If the ps4 had upgradeable parts and NVIDIA GPU technology.. it would be f*** awesome. I'll definitely stick to my PC though. (Although PC is good, it is admiteddly more expensive to buy especially gaming)

Im sorry but....

The whole point of a console is that it is non upgradeable. The PS3 already has an nvidia GPU. And I would also like to add that you can upgrade the hard drive!

and so therefore ps3 isnt a

and so therefore ps3 isnt a console because its got an upgradable hard drive? wtf are you talkin about?


What i'm saying is that a console is a console because every game will work on all the different SKUs as they all have the same hardware and therefore will look the same and perform the same in everyway on all the different SKUs


O god i was just thinking what if they used a SSD drive for the PS4 !!!!! SQUEEEEE ^_^

yeah man

its very cool

i love ps3

i love ps3

xbox360 vs ps4

well if we all heard the xbox360 is here and the ps4 is coming but what i like to see is to change that cheapely shitty controller i can find in a pound shop job got to re-mod the controller not to be xbox360 or ps3 or 4 fanboy but they both good consoles and they got they problems and am sure ps4 will have problems for some but not for all and i hope they knock out nintendo butt wii 2 (codename) and say to nintendo this is 2010/2011 not 1985 you need to retire.

you what? might be an idea if you went back to school and learnt to write.

PS3 - WOrld

They should use an interface like Google Earth and somehow transform that so that when playing games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can fight in your own backyard, or on the Eiffel Tower, maybe even in the middle of the Amazon. I would really appreciate an upgrade like that. Multiplayer gaming capabilities would be amazing. Maybe call it PS3 WOrld

thats the dumbest thing ive

thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. how in the ***k are they gonna do that?

Well put,

I concur, I seriously doubt that would be possible.


I think that's one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard. And did you read the article above? The new graphics engine will be out of this world. Not to mention that in order to have a new console, you must also have the ability to do things that no one thought could be done.

Nice idea

I agree that it's a nice idea in theory, but I don't see anything like that being feasible right now. It's one thing to use those static images in a flight simulator, and quite another to create a program that can turn those (muddy, pixelated) images into fully-functioning, interactive, physics-based environments (that don't look muddy and pixelated).

PS4 chips

PSP4 chips are now being assembled in preproduction lots, so the launch is probably still a little while off but not as long as we might think


i think that the ps4's controllers look cool!

Concept Image :/

They are not real they were made by someone as a concept. The PS4 controllers will most definitely look very similar to the dualshock 3

okay good

I honestly do not like the look of the controller, though i dont not mind the console look

PS3 Or PS4

when the f is ps4 comin ... i want ps3 for christmas... but they say that ps4 will come 2011... idk if i save money or buy ps3


Just get the ps3...The ps4 will be a couple years...

I just bought a PS3 Slim a week ago...

I bought a PS3 a week ago, and I have a chance to return it. Is there any information on the PS4? Beacause I don't want my $300 going to waste. If the PS3 will last 3-4 more years, without the PS4, then I'll keep it. But if PS4 is comming out late 2011, then I'm returning the PS3 right now.

Late 2012

I can all but guarantee there will be no PS4 by late 2011, so I'd hang on to that PS3. I think the absolute earliest we're likely to see the PS4 is late 2012. Happy gaming.

ps3 blue ray game

hi i bought a blue ray game and i am going to get a 320 gig ps3. i dont have blueray dvd player and i dont have a hd tv. wil it work?

Yes It Will

PS3 already has a built in blue ray player so you don't have to worry about buying anything else for your gaming , blue ray discs and also the DVDs. The box of PS comes with component cables so you can easily connect it to your regular television. You will only have regular resolution but it will work even though HD would be very much nicer. Have fun with the PS3 !!!

yes & no

it will work but if its not a hd tv whats the point it will look about the same .

New games

I have a bunch of ps3 games. Can the ps4 play ps3 games or do I have to sell all of them and get a bunch of new games?

dude.....NOONE knows cuz

dude.....NOONE knows cuz noone here is an engineer for sony. ask that in 5 years


i really think this is fake well at least the controller how could you play with that the console looks cool but looks like a damn wheel. and again with the controller what would the point be of changeing the colour of the squre button from pink to green? anyway it better hav and FREE online again. does anybody know what it will cost? it better not be like 1000 but i bet you guys it will cost that when it 1st comes out!

hire is some thing for u all

ive had a lot of game consles. from the spetram right the way up to the lates ps3. if you can work this out. there are 3 big conslese in the world today u have nintendo, microw soft and sony. the first 1 to release a consol was nintendo with the cartages, graphics was bad, sony made the ps with the disc and the relest the ps2 around about the time microwsoft releast the fist xbox. the xbox grathpics where similar to the ps1, then microwsoft releast the xbox360 and the graphics where a bit better then ps2, nintendo releast the wii around the same time as sony releast the ps3. nintendos graphics are about the same as the first ps. and i still say sony are leading in the graphics department. so it makes you think what type of graphics are sony and microwsoft going to be like when the ps4 and xbox 720 get releast in the next few years. is sony going to keep the lead or is microwsoft going to take the gold medle for grathpics.


The first xbox had better graphics than the PS2. Xbox 360 graphics are alot better than PS2 graphics. The wii has the same graphics as early released PS2 games. The PS3 and xbox 360 are very much on par in terms of graphics with the PS3 just stealing the graphics crown for games such as uncharted 2. And please check your spelling and grammar, it makes it much easier to read.


dont forget metal gear solid 4 ;)

still wrong

ps3 far surpasses xbox 360 in graphics and resolution. The only time they're on the same field is when game developers have to "tone down" ps3 games to make them work for the 360 too. Just look at any ps3 exclusive and compare to any 360 exclusive and judge for yourself. If there is as much of an upgrade as between ps2 and ps3 with the ps4, then it is going to be amazing.

Exactly. Just look at Gran

Exactly. Just look at Gran Turismo 5. Exclusive to Ps3, and the graphics are insane. Xbox can't have it as they can't fit it onto even 3 disks they use. Playstation always will be better, even if they cost more, i'll be buying their consoles as everything on it will be the best. Look at the computer market, Apple are the best and have prices sooooo much more than other laptops etc, but people still buy them as they recongise that they're better


I agree however to me it seems that spent too much time on the cars and not the track or scenery itself. Forza could never have cars like GT5.

im a big sony fan

the system looks cool but you seriosly need some joy sticks on that thing and you can watch 3d without 3d tv's just look at the theaters they play both you just need 3d glasses

well they most likely would

well they most likely would take the joysticks away and put in an accelerometer like the ipod touches to make it in away easyer to play racing games and stuff like that but i would still miss the joysticks.


this is just a fake story made by people,its just a drag.The ps4 would not come till at least 2014 or 2014,all we can do is wait desparately.................

sort it out

i highly doubt that it would be fake to make this much of a website just for some fake info satisfaction then there sad so i doubt it is and i think they might release 2012 or 2013 because the ps3 is still a brilliant console and needs more time to be shown in its true light and i think xbox are gunna hav trouble coming up with a new name for there console its gonna be like Xbox 590 or somat gay like that :)

Erm it is a fake :/

It is actually a concept made by someone who is NOT employed by Sony and is indeed a fake :/


The story is not fake in any way. How could it be? We make no claims of knowing when the PS4 will come out, we're merely speculating with the best information we have available at the moment. You think it won't come until 2014, we disagree. If information comes along that supports your theory, we will change our predictions accordingly. We're not trying to fool anybody about anything, we have no reason to. We're just trying to give gamers a place they can come to where they'll find all the latest information, speculation, and discussion about the PS4.

this is fake, or just

this is fake, or just speculation at the very best. how about citing some sources


Yes, it's speculation...durr? Is that not obvious? We haven't made any claims of knowing when the PS4 will be released.


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