PS4 and Playstation Release Dates

The PS4 was released on November 15, 2013 in the US. Global release dates listed below:

Playstation Release Dates

PS1 - Released December 3, 1994 - Sold 102.49 million units
PS2 - Released March 4, 2000 - Sold 155 million units
PS3 - Released November 11, 2006 - Sold over 80 million units
PS4 - Released November 15, 2013 - Millions and counting
PS4 Pro Release Date
PS5 - Release Date! - (The PS5 is confirmed and in development)

Japan PS4 Release
February 22, 2014
The PS4 was deleayed in Japan, Sony cited the lack of Japan-oriented games available in November as the reason.

Philippines & Thailand
January 14, 2014

January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea.
December 17, 2013

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and South Africa
December 13, 2013

Europe, Latin America, Australia
November 29, 2013

United States
November 15, 2013

Other Regions

Release Date History

Both the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2, which dominated their generations of the console wars, came to market at the same time or earlier than their competition. The PlayStation 1 was launched just after the Sega Saturn, and well before the Nintendo 64, while the PlayStation 2 was released before both the Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube.

This enabled Sony to get a head start on the competition and gave developers time to build their skills at developing games for the console, to the point that even as more powerful consoles came after, games released on the older system were just as good technically, providing no real incentive for players to move to the new consoles.

This same effect has worked against the PlayStation 3 to some extent, as though considered to be far more powerful than the Xbox 360, the one year head start the 360 received has allowed developers to more quickly maximize the system's potential, resulting in games that rivaled games on the PS3 when it released. Only as the system's life spans come to an end will we likely see the PlayStation 3 come out with games that clearly trump what the 360 can do graphically.

Let us know what you think. Feel free to comment below.

PlayStation 4 set for Holiday 2013 Release
(On February 20th 2013 at 6PM EST) Sony officially announced the Playstation 4 to the cheer of millions of gamer's worldwide. The PS4 news conference was packed with features, games and more about the PS4. Most importantly it ended with one very important message "Holiday 2013". Start saving money now (See PS4 Price), the PS4 is coming!

Playstation 4 Release Date News

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Happy Fans Receiving their PS4's

PS4's at Amazon waiting to be shipped:

Older Release Date PS4 News

August 20th - Official PS4 Release Date Announcement:
On August 20th, 2013 @ Gamescom Sony announced the official PS4 Release Date which is November 15th, 2013 in the United States and November 29th, 2013 in Europe! Gamers around the world rejoiced! What do you think, post your comments below.

August 5th, 2013 Update - Will the PS4 Release In December 2013?
According to BT, yes! The website is claiming to have the inside scoop on the PlayStation 4 release date, claiming that the system will land on:

December 13th, 2013
BT claims that after a Toys R Us website listing in the UK announced this date, a customer service representative for the company confirmed this date with them personally.

But slow down: BT has now contacted the leading toy retailer a second time only to hear that the release date is in fact not official, only that it's the company's best guess.

What do you think? December 2013? Earlier? Let us know in the comments!

June 20th, 2013 Update - Our Best Release Date Guess
E3 2013 has come and gone and while we now know pretty much all the PlayStation 4's technical specifications, the look of the system, the cost, and most of the games, we still don't know the most important part: the release date, or do we?

A photo has appeared, courtesy of NeoGAF User Cyborg, that shows signage from a Media Markt store in Amsterdam, Netherlands with an actual release date printed on it: November 13, 2013. Could we see the system hit the United States at around the same time as Europe? Possibly! This date, or anything close to it, would seem to make sense as it puts the release date before the infamous "Black Friday" (November 29th), which is the busiest day of the year for retail stores, and is followed by "Cyber Monday" (December 2nd), the busiest day of the year for online stores.

Even though the system is available to preorder, an official announcement about the release date still eludes us. What is Sony waiting for?

We at PS4 Experts have had enough of waiting so here is our own idea of when the release is happening: late October / early November.

We already know that Watch Dogs will be available at the system's launch, and the game officially comes out November 19th, 2013 for past generation systems. Expect to see the PS4 a few weeks before this date, possibly at the end of October. We are all looking forward to when the PS4 comes out, our gaming lives will be changed forever!

Better start saving up now!

April 30th, 2013 Update -- More Rumors Point To October 2013

First the Assassin's Creed IV team, now Naughty Dog possibly spills the beans in regards to an October 2013 release date.

Unlike Jean Guesdon, who was direct in his approach, Naughty Dog takes a different approach by what could be a subtle reference to the PS4 release date. This hint is found in their newest game The Last Of Us, one of the last titles to be released for the PlayStation 3.

In a recent trailer for the game, Joel and Ellie come across a sign that states "Mandatory Evacuation Notice: 10/17/2013." While many might think this was just a date chosen at random, could this in fact be Naughty Dog releasing the PS4 date in secret to its fans? After all, Naughty Dog is one of Sony's top developers so it's likely they are privy to such knowledge.

We've put the image below for your viewing pleasure! Let us know in the comments if you think this date is for real or just a joke by Naughty Dog.

PS4 Release Date

April 5th, 2013 Update -- PlayStation 4 In October 2013?
According to British newspaper The Sun, the PlayStation 4 could be out sooner than we all think.

Our first clue for an October 2013 release date was from members of the Assassin's Creed IV team, namely Jean Guesdon, who stated that the game will ship out on the PS4 at the same time as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions: November 1st. This infers the system would need to be out before the game releases. However, The Sun claims to have heard from Sony CEO Andrew House himself that the system will definitely be hitting in October for 300 pounds, which translates to $450 -- another number we've heard come up again and again in regards to price.

Keep in mind that The Sun wasn't directly quoting Andrew House, only that he had made these comments to them. There is always the possibility of The Sun interpreting broad statements House made or misinterpreting the information altogether (or, to be a bit more cynical, fabricating data to sell papers), so we'll still have to wait for an official Sony statement for the actual release date.

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Use are all freaks and geeks even if there is guna be a ps4 then just wait for it use are thinking way to far ahead and half of use probs won't even get one coz they will be expensive so stop moaning like kids how childish

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its for children kids teens and evan adults and a ps4 5 and 6 has already been confirmed its called research learn it.

whats the bettkng

when the ps4 is relest. whats the betting that the ps4 will have the same problems as the ps3.the reson why im saying this is because sony still as not got there head around the ps3 with all off its problems. sony r going 2 fast. you lot r talking about the ps4 and they r working onps5 and 6. its just stoopid.

PS4 Release Date - The Countdown Begins

There's a lot to consider here. Even though the PS3 is 6+ years old, I believe current games still haven't utilised its full potential. I would say, don't release PS4 in the short term. Learn from the mistakes of earlier models and eradicate/mitigate them in the next generation. Give the game vendors a chance to explore the full potential of the current hardware. Very often they use this knowledge wherever possible during development of games with new systems. Understandably, Sony needs to make the Playstation brand number #1 in the market place. Sony, to help achieve this, invest more research and development in PS3 game servers. The current quality of servers available seem to range from poor to ridiculously poor. I would love to see multiplayer games with true, fluid realtime responses. Sony, get a team together and really push the boundaries of multi-player technologies: invest in infrastructure hardware and software technologies to boost concurrency and client/server throughput; find ways to reduce hardware latency as much as possible ; consider multiple servers, organised regionally by country or continent; the Playstation servers should be so good that people who can only afford the very basic package from their broadband ISP would enjoy many hours of muliplayer gaming. However, individuals who can afford ultra-fast broadband connectivity (probably using fibre optics), such as cable users, would not only be loyal, but would follow you to the end of the Earth. Also, there is an opportunity to gain a huge customer base of hardcore gamers, who were once PC gamers. They would never consider the PS3 or future generations of the console as a serious gamers tool unless you provide custom keyboard and mouse adapters that can be mapped easily to any FPS game. At the moment, this problem is solved by third party companies. Sony, address this problem NOW!!!! The points above will surely place PS3/4/5/6 back on top where they belong. However, we don't necessarily have to wait for future generations. The hardware is here with us already, but Sony need to address the right issues first rather than believeing that future models is the silver bullet to all their problems.

no way

no console would ever put keyboard and mouse options, its not how people wanna play consoles, theyll play computer games, it controls difrentl than a controller so online games wouldnt be quit fair in most cases. Its a game console not a computer.

damn right

Pc is far superior, games are not limited. also to upgrade a pc is less expensive, but even on pc games with dx11 are yet to be born..

PS4 Might look like that but

PS4 Might look like that but i dont know what the difference between ps3 and ps4 i mean ps3 pretty amazing now

Keep The controller

Keep The same controller from the ps3 and ps2 and ps1 there is a reason why they haven changed the controller all that much. it has been the same for the longest time. Also don't give me that motion controller shit.

Wishful Thinking

The bottom line right now is the Playstation 2 is still going strong despite the fact it had past its status as last gen home console champ. Sony is having a tough time retiring this console. From what I had been seeing the PS3's sales had been hurt by the PS2, believe it or not. Look how quickly the PSN store began selling PS1 games on the PS3 as PS Classics. Now Sony had released the Playstation Move, a virtual Wiimote clone, will they try and copy Kinect as well by improving the PS3 Eye? It remain to be seen how well the PS3 will continue now that all three of the consoles had been shifting to software mode with new games being release on a regular basis. IMO I think it will be in 2015 or later when Sony will release the PS4. Either way we must wait and see.

I am trying to save up to buy the ps3, I have like 250 dollars

I guess once I have the money that I should buy the ps3, but it still doesnt seem that it should cost like 300 dollars... plus the money it would cost to buy good to excellent ps3 games would equal up to like 450 dollars. So I would love it if the new "ps4" would come out and be really convenient and an excellent thrill for about or less the price of the ps3



man and their competitions...

its always the same story, Cod vs halo, Mac vs windows/pc, google chrome vs mozilla firefox, hell they even have AK 47 vs M4 for the better assault rifle. you all forget that they do the same thing, for the same thrill/performance. I never could understand why it ever mattered which controller is better, or what position the cd player is in or which system has the power button the most "ergonomically correct". you kids honestly need to get over it, because they are equally great and will equally waste many hours of your life.

What? Put the controller down, and step away from the

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Dear Beer PS3 Dude

Thank you for your comments, they brought laughter and joy to me. Maybe on black Friday you can hook up some good deals on the PS3. Some seriously sick games out right now and if you want to shake your money maker the PS3 Move will do the trick.

Just Wait

just wait 4 the latest ps9

ps4, the new thinking of idea: emmanuel watson

i think sony as done a good thing , the inventions of new systems and graphic, its crazii... i been thinking of something that would probably put sony on the map making them the greatest gamer concoles system , everyone will throw there xbox/ps2 out ,, you just have to make the ps4 full graphics pricing about $650 per system , the ps4 will contain a ps2,ps3,ps4 game disc, so this mean that the product would sell faster and sell its self,, the less weathy people would buy games cheaper like ps2, average will buy the ps3 games , wealth /middle would buy ps4/ps3.. this way the product would not go down in price , the game system is a bit expensive but the people will buy when ttheres 3 different system games they can play on it ,, i think it would be worth it ,, the reason i thought of this because it would save ur money and time ,, i have great ideas when it comes to the future in video games,, if i was you i would fusion all the systems in too the ps4,,, its a crazii thought but this way there would only be the ps4 and the people will buy because it does all,, the problem s that mst people got use to the old systems and dont want to spend there money , because they know what your company is about ,, some people think that your gold diggers because your company , make peroducts and then make a new product more expensive ,,they are tried of the company taking money from them ,,,

noone buying a PS4 would buy

noone buying a PS4 would buy ps2 games let alone ps3 ones...if they was to spend $650 on a new console they will want the new games...


all i wish is the ps 4 really does every thing, seince i already have a ps3 with GTA IV, FRAC/TURE, and ENDWAR.

i think bringing the playstation 4/5/6 is great

also what i think is think is that bring playstation 4 on the 2013 is going to be a great year i might also buy it i dont really care how much it is i also think its going to be like aroun 600 650 but thats a very good price to me ill just wait until it comes and then i just earn the money will good luck getting it people i hope when you guys get it i hope you guys have a great year playing it and buying a bunch of awesome games with good graphics althou while im waiting im just hoping that sony would actually make the playstation 4/5/6 better and make people have a great year in their lifes


I agree. I hope all people have great lifes and I think playing ps4/5/6 will be great for people who have gas. I think I have gas. Mom do I have gas? You can't hear my mom right now but she is saying that I have bad gas. Real bad. Good luck Sony!


deer sire, why there is no branch of service in Iraq or even seller center for ps3

3d ps4!

3d is something I would really start looking at in games due to how fast it is taking off in the market! < 3d as in 3d glasses ;) > It would be freaking awesome to see bfbc in 3d or any other game to that end! Keep an eye out on the move also! If sales jump higher over the next few quarters I would bet ps4 is going to wait for 2012. When 3d has been out for awhile and developers have plenty of time to make games for 3d console.


Ps3 has a new 3d patch Yey

Seriously, can anybody

Seriously, can anybody actually spell anything right in this forum? As much as I love my PS3 I still think you all should put down your games controller and go to school, lol :) x


remember theres kids on here. not all of the people on here are PSG that are in college. a new generation of gamers are growing.

ps3 = junk

i manage to have one ps3 that still works but it is only a matter of time before the bluray drive quits reading discs or before it gets the ylod? the games and graphics are awesome, but what good are they when the console won't last only a few months? we can only pray that when the ps4 comes out it will have a redesigned cooling system that works as it should. i have never owned an xbox but i hear they have a lot of problems of their own? so far my best gaming experience has been on my asus g73jw gaming laptop. it never gets too hot and it plays any game i throw it, although i have to turn the graphics quality down a bit for crysis it still looks every bit as good as ps3 graphics. :o)

ps3= Junk??? WRONG!!

idk what ur talking about ive had my ps3 since the first week they hit the stores. i got it frome sears. they were hiding them in the back and only brought them out for the few who were smart enough to ask:) and i have not had a single problem with it, ive even replaced the original 20g hd for a 500g hd and still have no complaints.

Ps3=Junk ......LOL

not at all there is only a select unlucky few that experience your problem other than that the PS 3 is a rock solid system

PS4 Virtual reality

Just heard from a friend of mine who is quite high up in the research department for sony ...This is the Latest news .. hot off the press .. and i sh** you not .. ps4 is going to be a 3d virtual reality machine .. .. not an addon for the ps3.. .. but using something akin to the kinect x 2 with a 3d Vr Headset + trigger switch to simulate direction of travel 'the logical next step i guess.. and i cannot wait

PS4 ain't coming until 2015...

I know this kind of sucks but PS3 graphics are way beyond the game releasing in this year or the upcoming years. It isn't using it's full power to run high graphics game now. So I expect that PS4 may only release in 2015...

Concerned gamer

I currently own a ps2 and love it but the game and system are going obsolete. I would like to buy a ps4 but I have a concern. If you(Sony) are going to make the ps4 3d compatible then do the gamers have to go buy a 3d tv or will you program the game to make the tv go 3d by it's self? I am planning on saving up and buying the ps4 when it comes out. Thank you for your hard work Sony and can't wit for ps4.

Not at all

No it will be like the PS3 now, you can play in 2D however if you want to play in 3D you'll have to buy a new 3DTV.

don't worry everything is going to be alright

no you don't need a 3d tv to play 3d games because if you noticed in the latest console there are 3d games and it comes with 3d don't worry about if you need a 3d tv just worry about the playstation4.

What are you talking about?

Of course you need a 3d TV to play in 3D. The glasses only work because of the 240hz refresh rate of 3d tvs. Glasses wont work on anything else. Dont listen to what he said. If you dont have a 3dTV you cant pla yin 3d, but you can play in 2D.

Your an idiot

You can watch 3d movies on a normal TV with glasses, so obviously you can play a game on a normal TV with 3d glasses.

This is about PS4 and not 3D in TV's

But to be more correct in the 3D question, you can watch 3D movies that are colour-separated on a usual tv-screen with glasses which have one colour on either eye. Todays new 3D technic uses faster framerate and (mostly) active glasses to separate every second picture to each eye respectively, therefore you must have a tv which can show that framerate. And you don't have to be rude about what other people write, stick to fact instead...and yes, I may have spelled wrong a couple of times but that's not the point of the comment.

your the idiot mate

how the hell can u play a game in 3d without a 3d TV , it is clearly impossible...


thats exactly my situation


I hope the new ps4 will be cool and it can be very gay to play to

ps4 hurry up and come

that way ps3 can be cheaper and i will be able to replace them faster after i get the ylod.

its daughter and not douter

its daughter and not douter the ps4 release date is further off than what most people think and here is the main reason the playstaion 3 still has a ton of updates and games comming out think about sony now has the same capabilities of the Wii and the 360 with the player as the controller so I believe the ps4 willo come out if sony feels as if the Ps3 does not stand a chance in the console wars but as of right now the ps3 is cheaper than the 360 and the ps3 has more features such as blu-ray,free online play and , the new playstation home and playstation store with the x-box 360 you can't watch blu-ray movies or play online for free just to play online with x-box 360 its between 25$ and 50 $ just for one month no thank you i love my ps3 its better and cheaper you don't believe me go to ps3 or go to x-box 360 specs .com

get your facts right

Its less than 1.) $5 a month for xbox live 2.) netflix in hd looks awesome, unlike ps3 so why waste money on blu-ray. 3.) has pretty much the same games, but original titles are better on xbox 360. 4.) you get what you pay for = crap internet connection even on a high speed internet connection. 5.) Kinect on 360 is a far superior technology to ps3's move.


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