PS4 vs Xbox One - Who Wins

PS4 vs XBox One - Two Reviews - Two Winners Declared:
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On May 21, 2013 Microsoft finally made it official, the PS4 now has some competition, the XBox One. See the XBox One reveal, including one very angry fans reaction. Below, see a complete PS4 vs XBox One comparison including videos that go into spec by spec.

PS4 vs XBox One which is better?
Ever since the dawn of man, if you give humanity an option there will be competition. Whether that is choosing what deity you bow to or selecting your favorite brand of booze at the bar, people’s opinions and choices will always create competition. There are few competitors on the market that can create the following of the big name consoles; the passion and dedication of the fans can be seen in rant form on any gaming community website, including this one.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This has been true with consoles ever since Nintendo and Sega; did you prefer bouncing across the heads of mushrooms in the slightly trippy land of the Mario Brothers, or were you a fan of our speedy, blue haired friend on the Sega? From console to game to accessory, everyone has their preference and as people start to line up the next generation of consoles, arguments are already heated.

Although we can only guess at most of it, we can look back at the Playstation 3 and the Xbox360 for some rough ideas on the technology and pricing. The Playstation 3 was backed with the Cell processor developed by Sony, IBM and Toshiba while the Xbox360 was powered with the Xenon created by IBM. With both Sony and Microsoft doing well, and the companies that produced the technology behind the consoles still booming, we could be looking at a much larger leap to the next generation than was felt in previous years.

I never really pay much attention to the technology behind the consoles; I'm more interested in what new ways they can invent for me to blow someone’s head off. I look back at my time in the gaming world and my fondest memories all involve something a little new, from running around in Soldier of Fortune dismembering people to finding out how many ways I can kill someone in the ludicrously tasty Manhunt. With the current generation putting a heavy focus on the way we interact with games, is it fair to expect this as standard in the next generation?

Personally, I've always been a Playstation guy so I already know that the Playstation 4 will knock the socks off the next generation of Xbox. I wouldn't care what I heard about the console prior to release, I know that when the day comes, it will be Sony and not Microsoft that will get my money. I don't really consider myself a fan boy or anything close, I enjoyed the Playstation, the PS2 and I'm still enjoying the PS3, I can't help but think many other gamers out there are the same. Could either company release something that would actually sway the gaming audience or are people so set in their ways that it would take something catastrophic to change your loyalties?

PS4 vs XBox

PS4 Controller vs XBox One Controller

PS4 Camera vs XBox One

I considered the Xbox famous RROD to be pretty catastrophic but people still dedicate their loyalties to that very console, even if the next generation produced something worse, people feel safe when they're loyal and for that reason alone I think both next generation consoles will thrive.

Who Will Get In Front?
The console market is a competitive one and with more and more companies trying to push out the best of the next generation, what kind of tactics and methods can we hope to see?

PS4 Vs Xbox One ControllersCurrently consoles can offer different methods of interacting with games, exclusive titles and various add-ons, such as the browser on the PS3, but what areas with the big guns aim for next round? The Wii is popular for its user friendly approach and the Wii-U is expected to be huge, already dominating the casual gaming market, what could Nintendo do to broaden their player-base? Making the console compatible with the latest titles would be a step in the right direction, not only allowing players the interaction levels of Wii games but also giving them all the benefits of the top titles from other consoles.

Assuming the Wii-U did attempt something along those lines, what could Sony and Microsoft do to help the Playstation 4 and Xbox One compete? This is where the real problem starts as both companies and consoles offer pretty much the same thing. Both know the recipe for success when it comes to launching a games console so it's inevitable both companies will mimic ideas from the other, leaving two consoles with very little between them and players buying through loyalty rather than choice.

It would be great for one of them to take a real big step, similar to the drastic change from the Nintendo Gamecube to the Wii. Maybe Sony will raise the bar and offer all DLC content at half the price of its competitors? Maybe Microsoft will be able to buy dozens more exclusive titles that Sony can get their hands on, one thing is for sure, both companies are fighting and uphill struggle as the release of the Wii-U approaches.

Hardware Wars
I know I said I didn’t pay much attention to the technology behind the next generation consoles, but the technology behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is so close that even I had to take notice. I’ve compiled a chart that lists all of the information that is confirmed for each system so we can compare the two. Keep in mind that only confirmed information is in the chart as given to us by both Microsoft and Sony.

Xbox One PS4
CPU 8 Core AMD Jaguar Custom CPU 1.75GHZ 8 Core AMD Jaguar X64 (10X PS3 Processing Power) 1.6GHZ
GPU AMD GPU 'Durango' D3D 11.1 chip AMD Radeon GPU (1080P 60 frames/sec) 4k Ultra HD
RAM 8 GB DDR3 68.3gb/second +32 Embedded Static Ram 8 GB Unified GDDR5 - 176gb/second
Optical Drive Blu-ray Blu-ray
Storage 500 GB Hard Drive (not removable) 500 GB Hard Drive (removable)

PS4 versus Xbox OneI know what you’re thinking upon looking at this chart; the statistics of both systems look the same. I know I previously guessed that both systems would have quite a difference between them; after all, looking at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, both systems use extremely different hardware. However, it seems with the next generation, this isn’t the case, as both systems are close in terms of specifications despite Sony relying on AMD and Microsoft relying on their own proprietary hardware.

Looking at the GPU, which is commonly referred to as the graphics card, you’ll notice a slight difference; while the PlayStation 4 is using a Radeon, the Xbox One is using a card capable of Direct3D 11 to align itself with the Windows architecture the system is using. However, both cards feature DirectX 11 support in addition to an increase of VRAM, which is going to blow the current generation of consoles away. I previously didn’t think we’d see a big jump in graphics, but I was definitely wrong.

In terms of CPU, the Xbox One is using feature an 8 core CPU, same as the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4’s 8 core CPU is rumored to be specifically designed to work with the graphics card, much like the Xbox One's graphics card and CPU are designed to work together in the Windows-based environment the system provides. This reminds me of how the PlayStation 3 components were designed to work together and how it produced better PlayStation 3 exclusive games, so color me excited.

As for the rest of the specs, both systems are using the same amount of RAM, though the PS4 may have the edge due to it using DDR5. With both systems, we’ll see a large increase in visuals and objects on-screen, but the slight edge with the RAM might make the PS4 the go-to console for many gamers. Both systems are using Blu-ray drives, as expected, and while both systems are definitely using hard drives, we don't yet know the size of the PlayStation 4's hard drive so the Xbox One gets the win here by default.

Looking at these statistics, I think it’ll be a close race for both systems going solely by hardware. But I think Sony, with its large stable of first party games such as Infamous and Killzone, will prove to Microsoft that hardware can only take you so far; you need the games and franchises to utilize the hardware, which any gamer knows that Sony has.

PS4 VS Xbox One Update: April 4th, 2013
A senior developer at Ubisoft recently revealed his thoughts on the next-generation console wars. According to Yannis Mallat the Xbox One will take a similar approach to social integration that Sony have taken with the Playstation 4.

"It's going to be connected. It's going to be social. It's going to be immersive. It's going to be interactive."

To give more credit to his comments is the recent leak of the Xbox One developer kit. It's obvious the big name developers are working on next-generation consoles and Ubisoft were one of the most successful in 2012. Could Mr. Mallat's comments be taken more from experience than anything else? After all, he's probably involved in the development of Xbox One games as we speak.

Update by - Blaine Smith
Insert Date: 4/4/2013

PS4 Vs Xbox One ControllersPS4 VS Xbox One Update: February 24th, 2013

At the PlayStation event on February 20th, Sony not only announced the new PlayStation 4 but also mentioned that the device would be far more powerful than its predecessor. Since then, the company has released the specific hardware specs that power the device internally.

In particular, the PlayStation 4 will use an AMD 8-core x64 CPU coupled with a Radeon GPU. This setup means that televisions can get 1.84 TFLOPS for speedy gaming without compromising the graphic quality of the upcoming games to be released. In addition, the PlayStation 4 will sport 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, which is a huge increase from the PlayStation 3 that only uses 256 MB of GDDR3 RAM.

Sony also shed some light on the rest of the hardware specs, such as 802.11n Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity and some USB 3.0 ports and ports for HDMI, analog AV and optical audio. In addition, fans can rejoice at the return of an optical drive as Sony will include a Blu-ray drive capable of running discs at 6X and 8X speeds.

Internal storage will also be available, but there is no word yet on how much Sony will provide. Considering Sony's push to create a network that will automatically download games based on the user's preference, it seems likely that the internal storage space will be considerably large; having just 20 GB on a system that automatically downloads large games simply would not be sufficient.

As of this writing, there is no additional information on what else fans can expect from the console. This includes a lack of information on whether the hardware will accept any kind of disc-based backwards compatibility, though all signs are pointing to Sony not including any hardware compatibility due to the mention of working on a cloud-based compatibility initiative at the Feb. 20th event.

Currently, there is still no word on either the price or the date that Sony intends to release the PlayStation 4. At the moment, the only release window provided is during the holiday season this year, most likely around October or November 2013.

PS4 VS Xbox One Update: December 28th, 2012
PS4 VS Xbox OneA number of industry experts have expressed their concerns that the PlayStation 4 may avoid Cell-based technology in their CPU's entirely. Although no official statements have been made, the industry as a whole is suggesting that the main reason for avoiding the use of this technology is due to the difficulty it poses for developers.

Many have stated, including developers themselves, that the Playstation 3 still hasn't released it's full power under current CPU technology, while others have said it has taken way too long to get there. Why is this? Well to make it brief, it's just too complex a system to support the rapid development cycles we see nowadays.

Cell-based CPUs are a heterogeneous technology, consisting of two different kinds of processing cores, each with different capabilities and responsibilities. The PPE core hands generic processing while the SPE code handles multimedia processing. The PS3 equivalent offers 7-8 SPE with a clock speed of 3.2ghz with rough operation performance of over 200GFLOPS.

Way back at E3, during the time of Playstation 3 propaganda Sony stated that the reason for choosing Cell-based technologies was to offer users the ability to loan CPU power to other similar devices, although that idea never came to light and sometime later Sony sold the patent rights to Toshiba, prompting rumors even back then that the next generation would avoid Cell-based tech.

Even still, developers have had a long time working with Cell now, don't you think that experience would go a long way in removing development problems with the Playstation 4? Well from a player standpoint the only real reason for a Cell is the fact that it would be vital for backwards compatibility. Without using a similar Cell structure, it would be extremely difficult, meaning you'd see a few million PS3 games suddenly hitting the pre-owned shelves shortly after the launch of the Playstation 4.

SouthPark Showdown!

Article by - Blaine Smith

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Not sure what to think

I am really confused about the market

I own a PC, Xbox, WII and I have brought 3 PlayStations and all of them have been stolen. I liked using the PlayStation and WII because you turn them on and start playing with no problems. I never use the Xbox, because it makes me angry and I feel have been cheated. What made the Xbox unusable was the lag from the controllers and the Kinect often failed to work properly. Often when I start the Xbox it says there is an update available would you like to update, 1 hour later I am still not playing a game. I hate having to navigate the menus to find something. But what really bugged me is having to rent access to the Microsoft network to use many of the features of the Xbox. I decided to start the Xbox when I started writing this, I got the legendary update screen, then had to add additional security emails and phone numbers and 2 hours later the update is sorted and I can use the Xbox but the time I had to play a game was over 40 minutes ago.

I wonder what the point of consoles is, any person can build a pc that will outperform the consoles on all fronts, the only reason consoles got a market share is that they were simple to use just plug a cartridge into them and start playing, later it was a cd. New consoles come with social media, word processing, email, cameras, voice recognition, movies and movement sensor and the difference between the console and the pc is a mouse and keyboard. It would seem the marketers know this so now they withhold releasing games on various platforms so the only way you can play some games is to purchase a certain console. To me the concept of developing a game and then restricting who can purchase it to a console is bad economics to the game developers and reduces sales.
I went out to buy the PS4 today but was told I had to wait 4 months for it to be delivered but you have to pay us now. Not going to happen, but the Xbox 1 I can buy now and take it home but I won’t because I hate using it.

yo mumma

ps4 is bad at call of duty you all need to get some friends and 1V1 me kids

PS4 is better

ps4 is going to be better i have a pt3 but it broke but it has hd i know its going to win iM. Have a xbox 360 its ok it crach but who cares i will get the ps4 when it comes out.

yo mumma

no dont get it go back to school kid

More of the same!

PS3 on all accounts was mostly purchased for the blue-ray which at release you might as well have a game system too. Ps4-Xbox1 is a toss up some will come for the titles they love that only exist on a particular system. The price is different because Sony will not auto package the move which was a huge failure! Xbox 360 killed the active gaming originated by Nintendo taking away all controllers. That is the price difference. If I want to play Madden maybe the controller on the ps is better but other games not so sure. Actually Sony is switching processors because it was a pain to program for cell . Programmers have said they code for 360 then port back because it is so complicated. I would play either system but at the end if the day only the accountants for the respective companies will know who made more money. Microsoft has to do well with the huge failures of Win8 and Surface selling less than a million copies. If either company wants to survive then they better stop talking to the egg heads and start talking to real everyday users because Sony like Microsoft has laid some product eggs..

X-box vs. PS

I own both the 360 and a ps3. My preference is the 360 based on the controller alone. Wich is why I pre ordered the XBOX. Any one who has done their home work has figured out that the ps3 and the 360 was to close to call as will the next gen will be. To those who argue wich is better is basing it on there preference.

this is true and i owned both

this is true and i owned both consoles and liked them for different reasons-again i think the new consoles will be the same,each having strengths and weaknesses. but i played them for games such as halo, gears of war and uncharted. but i liked both consoles equally well

your right

HI i understand you wish ps4 came out earrly

PS4 Please..

I've always been a Playstation person, therefore I maybe biased. However, every Xbox fan seems to be angry and overcompensating for the lack of ability of the Xbox 1. Everyone has admitted that PS4 whiped the floor at E3, and thus a lot of 'hardcore' Xbox fans are turning to the light of Sony. But both are great consoles none the less, but Playstation, for me will always be the way. Apparently a lot of old Xbox gamers agree!

What will you choose

PS4= 400$ x1= 600?? plus almost 250 dollars for online??

Free Is Free?

People say that free is always better, but that is not always true. When things are free they more often then not tend to have a reason for being free. The question is not if free is better, but the real question is weather or not the payed for version is good enough to actually be worth paying for. Does the cost match up with the benefit, or are you paying a lot more for a little bit of change.


I was planning to switch from the Xbox to the PS4, fearing privacy issues from the camera as well as the sharing issues. Now I see that PS4 also has a camera. How will Sony assure me that it is respecting and safeguarding my privacy?

well . . .

the ps4 doesn't come with the camera like the xbox one does. It's an accessory, not a requirement.


I want both but i heard that the x1 is going to be backwards compatible. So x1 for now got lots of xbox 360 games


Y not work together?

Did you know..

Nintendo worked with Sony to make a add on for the SNES (might not, can't remember), which happened to turn into the Playstation after the deal was canceled? Just wanted to throw that in there, anyways, if Sony and Microsoft were to work together, the results would probably turn out very... interesting. I would honestly just like to see them combine their controllers.



ps4 will be winner by game of new [god of war]

playstation4 will be only game that win world record because playstion4 game made by sony computer entertainment company will make for her ps4 personally games like[god of war][unchated][heavy rain]end etc.that xbox company can't make that kind games {that is one afghan idea aboute games.

Order Now

Im preordering my PS4 today! I looked at both because I have a XBOX and a PS3 right now already. I do prefer the PS3 over Xbox currently but for whats to offer right now it will be PS4 for me.

Xbox one vs ps4 who really wins

okay we all can agree ps3 destroyed xbox 360 butcome to grips that xbox one may be better it has the oculus rift it fixed the minor bugs and xbox good for you its voice activated it can take skype calls you can basically have conversations with it your system can get to know you they fixed the online thing they had going on but ps4 has a new controller thats pretty much it

Missing a few things

Yes, Xbox One can do all of those great things but none of them contribute to the actual reason why it's called a "video game" console. Sony actually contributed to the overall gameplay of their console by designing a controller that is far more interactive. Xbox One has done nothing to improve their gameplay and their controller still uses disposable batteries. That seems more important in a gaming console than having the ability to tell it when you want it to power down or skyping in the middle of an intense Call of duty match(Which I'm pretty sure no gamer actually wants to do). Ps4 is truly the better console, because they stuck to the original functions of a gaming console and found new ways to play games.

xbox1 will be the winner

As far as my money goes. PS3 was a failure and if not for other sony products would be history. xbox has better online servers and a better connection via dedicated servers. PS fanboys are not real HC gamers. If they were i would not need to describe the importance of a better connection. Also dumb PS fans do not understand how much money developers lose when they sell one unit to go toward the next game yet game stop sells that same unit 60 times and makes 40 times the profit. you guys are cheap and settle for crap as long as its free. PS4 will do worse than PS3 and sony will pull back and drop prices like always bcause they know their fan base consists of cheap bastards. You guys suk eachother off on this blog anylonger someones likely to get pregnant.then dump the kid somewhere because it cost money to care for. dumb 4ss3s.


Well that escalated quickly.

^^ angry xbox fan. (lame)

^^ angry xbox fan. (lame)

SlimMerc: To Mr. No Brains

Yeah you should just delete your comment, you sound like a complete retard that doesn't have any real knowledge of what you speak lol. The PS4 is murdering the X1 in sales, in hardware, in price, in policies and in LIFE! No Sony fanboy has left for a X1, but Xbox fans are leaving for a PS4. Every inch of X1 news is bad news. & as for Sony's pricing, there smart to have the lower price....more people can afford it! Go drown yourself kid.

PS4. X box1

Agree that guy is a F...ken retard...

You are right about the

You are right about the stats, but telling him to drown is too much.

your an idiot

your an idiot


If you're calling someone an idiot, but then use bad grammar in the process, maybe you should just sit on it. Your as in it belongs to him, you're is a contraction for you are. Get it strait.


You mean get it straight. It's funny you correct him and then can't even spell straight right.

Dear Xbox one Fan boy.

By the looks of it, your telling us that the Microsoft made their Xbox one $800 in price because they're in debt? You show no defensive argument in your statement so I must go ahead and rush in. What you said is a lie. Apparently you hadn't done any further research on your "Favorite" console producer, but I have. The Xbox one is not losing money but making more with the other products that they have. Microsoft seems to get more and more greedy with their money. It's also a shame how their windows 8 sucks donkey balls. Sony had done smart and well with their money which is WHY they're console is so cheap. A lot people don't have the money to even afford the $800 but if so, then i'm pretty sure spending another $240 (Yearly cost) online will be called
Sony is although doing great with their money which is again, why their console is so cheap. They don't just sell laptops and phones, but they sell a variety of products such as Cameras, TVs, and also movies for family entertainment.
Now that I've dealt with a little brat like you, please play your Xbox 360 while it lasts because in Four months, the Next Gen. consoles will be out and you will be left with the selfish rich kids on Xbox one.

Good day,

Bradly Upper crust the III


yeah sony did something good with their money but was in debt last year and SOLD their u.s.a HQ makes sense look it up it happened you dumb ass

PS4 is gonna do better

The PS4 already is doing a better job than the ps3, sony did not make the same mistake this time around. Plus even with having to pay to play online, it is still cheaper than greedy microsoft who loved raising prices on xbox users.

If being hard-core means

If being hard-core means typing, talking, and thinking like you - consider me a casual gamer then.If you favor the Xbox then have it, as you have every right to make that choice, but you just make yourself sound childish and ignorant with a post like the one you made. You cry about people on this forum "sucking each other off" yet you come in and do the exact same thing -


good luck to people that are going buy xbox one becuase you wont have any privacy

re HaHa

<3 PS, but as far as privacy... all are cell phones and all internet connetions are all being sent to the storage called "Prisim" in Utah... so ya, anything social media like Facebook,tweeter,google,yahoo, ect. that you use, is being looked at...
So if your Amish then your all good unless they send some spy drones over head :D lol

Clap on! Clap off!

How could anyone not want the xBox One? With it's new top of the line features not only can you turn it on with your voice, but you can turn it off too! With just an ease of a clap you surely won't even have to strain to get up to turn it on! No more exercise means more time for food! Hungry? No problem! xBox One will guarantee you Pizza at a grunt of the mouth! "uhhhgh" your way to a pizza delivery service where your xBox will not only call, order, and pay for your favorite pizza, but it will feed it to you!

What's more? Have a heart attack? No Problem! With Kinect motion sensors if you have been still for an elongated period of 56 hours without a command for pizza, or clapping to turn your system on or off, your xBox One console will immediately dispatch clean up crews to clean your body and the disastrous basement you left behind for your mother!

Still need more? xBox One guarantees safety of purchase! Unrecognized grunts will activate xBox 720, xBox One's "guard box". Complete with your favorite Call of Duty weapons you will most certainly "confirm your kill". Not only this but with convenient anti-game stealing devices, your nasty, thieving friends will have to pay before they "borrow" your games.

Concludingly, the xBox One has the clear edge when compared to PS4, with it's top of the line clap recognition, pizza delivery service, and guard box with unmentioned features to come. Who knows? Maybe Microsoft will even equip an all exclusive "Neck beard trimmer" to keep that neck beard neat, shiny, and undesirable!

You suck

You suck

For the love of god...

You're a friggin genius.

hey i want them both

but i checked pricing and the ps4 is easier on my wallet.


omg lol thank you for the good laugh :) but im still buying a PS4

x1 all day haterz

u get what u pay for period u get free service so u think ur the stuff but please b real w/ urself lmao x1 has all same feats. blu ray voice recognition and cloud storage is free aside all rumors and even gamers watch tv listen to music etc. x1 covers all that even fat azz couch potatoes who sit all in the tv playin games are ready 2 buy it so they dont even need look 4 a remote x1 nipped all previous issues w/xbox and 360 so hate on haterz mad cuz u dont even have 10 bucks a month lmao yall scavengers crack me up this debate is utterly hilarious


Young one, thats what they want you to think but it dont be like it do

All of you are idiots.

All of you are idiots.
Just buy the damn console you want and shut up about it.

shut up

shut your ass up plz


I have all systems. My 360 rrod and they screwed me on my extended warrentee. Just recently one of my two PS3's wont eject or read discs anymore. I have a huge problem with the SH1TTY connection from ps3(no its not my Kmart connection, I have at least a 1mb connection most times). Yes I understand its free but when you are skipping around and glitching its hard to want to play. If Playstaion was to have a connection like Xbox then it would be a hell of a lot better!! I would be willing to pay for a dedicated server to have great game play, I am sure I'm not the only one.


TV's can do what the xbox 1 can do basicly without waving your hands around. Gaming consoles are for games not junk. Xbox is giving away game downloads now in hopes of retaining customer base. They know they've screwed up. That's the reason Apple is so strong people have their money tied up in it otherwise they'd be exploring other options more. Expert's can't see the writing on the wall. Why else would xbox be giving away two free games a month starting now? So you have stock in the console and the Paid Service, that's why. Now so called expert take what I said and run. Microsoft even let Bungie give exclusive content to PS4....Stupid! It's a GAMING CONSOLE.....ESPN really? People watch ESPN on ESPN! You can't watch ESPN on xbox unless you have it already from provider, so what's the point. Kinect is a nice piece of technology, for GAMING.

it depends on what you want

the xbox one is a console based around family use, while the ps4 is for gamers. personally I choose the ps4 for its quality based on games, rather than being family friendly.

Xbox 1 biggest game let down I expected better.

Does ps4 console let you simply game? I seen xb1 s presentation and they barely showing the IMPORTANT GAMING ASPECTS. Didnt care for the 95% of what they were showing. The only thing important they shown is the suberb graphics detail on COD. Cant trust Forza they lied before with saying thats the true graphics on their presentation for xb360. Worst of all is the fees on preown games/xb1. Registering a game before you can use it offline/xb1. I hope the PS4 does not these glaring issues. Ive been pro Xbox until they showed the terrible restrictions. Xb1 will as useful as a leg rest when the system is no longer supported and games as well? Sony please use common sense and give the hard core audience what they deserve. Microsoft has failed to impress with xb1. PS4 if it does gaming without horrible restrictions. Collecting games for xb1 feels pointless. Future coaster for my drinks cause I cant play anymore after system support dies when they release Xbox 1 and a half. I really thought microsoft had common sense. Sigh... Sony your are the one show microsoft the GIANT ERROR that is failbox 1.

Srsly dnt rite lyke dis

The Xbox One reveal stomped the PS4 reveal. It's a CONSOLE reveal, not a controller/games reveal. Microsoft did what they set out to do, and what Sony should have. Sony is a crowd-pleaser, and they snag simple minds easily. Microsoft is professional, and reveals a console when they say they're going to. Also, it isn't about rewarding the hardcore audience. Consoles are becoming a living room experience, not just a game box. If we all set out to please the hardcore, RPGs would have Arabic instructions written on them, and that would be awful. It's about advancing the experience, and advancing as a company, not pleasing the public and simple-minded.

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