PlayStation 5 details for $1000?

I have seen some video game products sell for questionable prices, but this just might be the most questionable of them all. If you are willing to take chance, and drop $1000 USD, you could unlock the supposed specs of the PlayStation 5. It's a double whammy. It’s $1000 and you won’t know of it's real until you hear confirmation from Sony. Yeah…

So, the website SemiAccurate, claims to have the specs of the PS5 and is ready to share the details with anyone that is willing to spend 1000 bucks on a 1 year subscription to the site. Granted this very website had successfully leaked information on the original PS4 as well as the current gen upgrades, I can’t imagine spending that kind of money just to get an early look.

Anyone that does subscribe to the site will have to agree to the terms of service, which states you cannot share the article word for word, but there have been a few users that shared a little peek into what they read after spending a cool grand for unconfirmed info.

There really isn’t anything special about what has been shared so far. I haven’t been able to read the article myself, but SemiAccurate claims the console could be released as soon as 2018. I seriously doubt PS5 will be on the market this year. While 2020 is the prediction I have been leaning toward the most, I will say that a 2019 release is plausible. I doubt it will be that early, but strangers thing have happened.

So, if you have $1000 to spend on what could be false information, go ahead and lookup SemiAccurate on the web. If any valid info surfaces on the PS5, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, let's enjoy our current products while they are still relevant, shall we?


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