Razer Raiju Review

The Razer Raiju, is the second pro controller to be licensed by Sony (for the PS4), and currently available in Europe. Luckily, if you live in the North American region, you can have them shipped to you, but it won’t be cheap. While I don’t know when they will become available in NA, they are expected to release this Spring.

I feel confident in saying that the Razor Raiju, is my favorite controller right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dualshock 4, and there are some cons to the Raiju, but the pros outweigh them. If I’m playing an offline game, I use the DS4, but online games, the Raiju is a must. I’ll keep my reason simple, response time.

The Razor Raiju, has a better response time than any other controller on the market. It is faster than the Xbox One Elite, Nacon Revolution, Hori FPS Pro, DualShock 4, Scuff, and anything else. The only real con you run into here, is that the controller is wired. Granted, this controller was created specifically for LAN tournaments, but the attributes it has to everyday at home multiplayer matches, just can’t be ignored.

The Raiju, definitely gives you an edge over anyone not using the same controller. The controller on its own, without using shortcut buttons, is valuable. The controller has an Xbox style build, but the analog sticks are placed as a Dualshock, would be. The triggers are large and can take a beating. The face buttons feel slightly delicate though. While I have had no problem with them, they feel spongy and delicate. It makes me want to be gentler with them, than should I be.

The L2 and R2 triggers, have locks you can slide on or off. When sliding them on, the triggers will lock so you can only pull them a little bit, before they bottom out. When you have them locked, you activate the pro mode and this will make the trigger sensitivity increase to be near instant. This is a pretty big deal for competitive gaming. Call of duty, Battlefield, Overwatch, even For Honor, all benefit from this feature. But wait, there’s more!

What is Gamer? Find out with this short video explanation!

The controller has a few shortcut buttons that make a very big difference. On the back of the controller is two trigger like buttons. Personally, I prefer paddles, but at least you can remove the triggers, like you can paddles. The shortcut triggers are very sensitive and awkward at first use. The default is L2 and R2, but easily programmable to be any button you like.

Between the traditional L2 and R2 triggers on top, you find two bumper shortcut buttons. If you have real short fingers, you might as well forget those bumpers even exist. The bumpers are defaulted as L1 and R1, but also programmable to be any other button you like. If you don’t want to use any shortcuts at all, you can simply remove the extra triggers, and leave the bumpers alone.

There is a nice audio jack that has some extra shortcuts as well. If you don’t use a wireless headset, you can click the mute button on your mic or turn up the audio with shortcuts at your fingertips. Right next to the headset shortcuts, you will find the buttons used for programming your controller.

In regards to comfort, The Dualshock 4, always comes out on top. When I use the Razor Raiju, I feel like I need a break more often, which is due to its lack of comfort for those long gaming sessions. If it was slightly lighter in weight, it would make quite a difference in this department. I normally remove the motors from all my controllers, but I have not done this yet, so I may update this review without the motors.

Every time I have switched to my Dualshock 4, I find myself at the mercy of slower controller input. I would have never noticed a difference (nor cared), if I hadn’t gotten the chance to review the Razor Raiju. Now, I find myself constantly turning off the other controllers and switching on the Raiju. If you can get beyond the idea of using a wired controller, this controller is well worth a chance.

Razor Raiju, gets a 9.5 out of 10. If you want to be the best, you need to use the best controller options available to you. Razer, has done an outstanding job with delivering a great Pro variant. Be sure to check back  next month when I put the Razor Raiju against the Nacon Revolution.


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