Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour Demo Guide (All Secrets + Endings)

Resident Evil VII

Resident Evil VII is almost here, and we’re all itching to get back to the roots of the series. The more brave among us are also going to be doing it all with PlayStation VR. I’ll be one of those poor souls soon, but in the meantime, let’s talk about the game’s demo. As of PSX 2016, the “Beginning Hour” demo is now complete.

For those who aren’t aware, this demo actually acts as a prequel to the main game, so you should absolutely play it if you haven’t. It also happens to be playable in VR and filled with secrets/multiple endings. Today, we’re going to break it down and give you everything you need to see it all.

It goes without saying, but SPOILERS for the Resident Evil VII Demo happen after this point.

How to Get The True Ending in Resident Evil VII Demo

The demo originally released in E3 of 2016, but as of PSX 2016 we have a final update to the demo that allows for this ending. If you’d like a video walkthrough, you can check that out below. If you’re like me, you’ll want a text walkthrough so look for that beneath the video.

Here’s the steps to get this “true ending”:

  • 1. When you wake up, activate the hidden lever in the fireplace next to you. Grab the fuse from the secret compartment that opens in the wall to the right of where you started.
  • 2. Place the fuse in the box beside the piano in the room where you started. Go up stairs and use the red button to lower a staircase into the attic.
  • 3. Go through the first door on your right in the attic and grab the basement key from the table at the foot of the bed.
  • 4. Head back downstairs and go to the door on the right side of the house. It should look all gross and moldy.
  • 5. Go to the end of this next area and use the basement key on the rusted gate. Head down the basement and into the door at the bottom.
  • 6. Okay, now this part can be annoying. A monster falls from the ceiling if you go back into the area with the shelves or if you grab the red valve. Either way, you need both items. So, grab the valve and try to leave. A man will stop you from opening the door. Monster enters. Run past it and grab the attic key from the area behind it with the shelves. If need be, use the body bag hanging from the ceiling to kick it into the monster and knock it down. This was worse than anything else for me though because it knocked the monster down in the path to the attic key. This is all really annoying because if the monster hits you, you cannot get the true ending.
  • 7. If you get the valve handle and the attic key without getting hit, congratulations, you’re a gaming god. When you get out, you can head upstairs to the attic and use the key from the basement on the window to escape alive and earn the true ending.

A few notes here before we move on. I haven’t tried it, but you can unlock a handgun by using that valve in the basement to drain the toilet in the bathroom between the moldy door and the basement. There’s ammo scattered in the house, so my thinking is that I could go back and kill the monster, but I haven’t tried that as of this writing.

Okay, so that’s the true ending. What other endings can you get? Read on my friends.

The Infected Ending & The Bad Ending

The bad ending is the one I first got thinking I was being clever. For this ending, you simply need to find the bolt cutters that are past the kitchen near the back door. Use those on the chained cabinet you passed going to get them and grab the VHS tape within.

Head back to the room you started in and put the tape into the player. This lets you play a cool flashback kinda scene that you should absolutely see because it’s awesome. Once you come back from the scene, you can open the secret switch in the fireplace (you can do this regardless for the true ending walkthrough above, but now you “know” that it’s there).

Open the passage yourself and take the back door key from within. Use this on the back door where you found the bolt cutters and WHAM, bad ending.

The other option is the infected ending which is very easy to get if you make a mistake while doing the true ending. Follow the steps above for the true ending and when you get to the monster in the basement, let him rough you up a bit.

Escape with your life, and a few minutes later...well, you’ll see. If you'd like to see the Infected Ending in action, check out the video below:

The Dummy Finger Mystery

This one was confusing the crap out of people for a long time after the demo first came out. It wasn’t until the finished demo update that you could solve the mystery of the dummy finger. It’s a bit intense, so let’s break it down.

Resident Evil VII
  • 1. Start by collecting three items: the finger itself (which is in one of the drawers in the hallways to the left of the room you start in.). Then, grab the “object made of celluloid in the attic behind a pile of TVs in the room with the bed. Combine the two to make “Dummy’s left hand.” Finally, get the blank notebook from the drawer in the corridor leading to the basement gate.
  • 2. Read the bloody text to the right of where you found the celluloid object and you should hear a laugh. Go downstairs and look at the fallen bookshelf on the back wall. Open you inventory, inspect the dummy hand, and point the hand using the rotate option so it’s pointing at the bookshelf. You should hear a sound and your controller should vibrate.
  • 3. Head back to the attic and around down to the dead end. Look up at the light to hear another laugh. Go down to the basement (follow the true ending steps above if you need it unlocked) and the monster will be gone on your return to the basement. Go to the body bag in the basement on a stretcher and point the hand at it. Another noise/vibration.
  • 4. Get the handgun by using the valve in the bathroom near the basement. Go to the bottom of the stars on the ground floor and shoot the picture on the wall above the stars. You’ll hear a laugh. Go into the small room under the stairs and point the hand at the door until you hear the noise.
  • 5. Before you leave this area, use back and circle to do a 180 and face the mirror nearby. Go back and forth to hear the laugh. Then, go into the attic and to the back left corner. Look up and you should see blue and white wires hanging over the wooden beam. Point the hand at it until you feel the vibration/hear the noise.
  • 6. Get the VHS tape as per the bad ending walkthrough above (but don’t leave). Play the tape and when you get back go to the basement and you should see a doll on the floor. Look at it and you’ll hear a laugh. If this doesn’t work, do the tape again and repeat.
  • 7. Go to the kitchen, open the pot on the table. Point the finger at the stew until it vibrates.
  • 8. The notebook you grabbed now reveals that you’ve been solving murders this whole time. Head upstairs to the attic and you’ll find the locked door is now open, but covered in bloody handprints. Head inside to get the dirty coin as your reward. This should be useable in the full game for a free upgrade.
  • 9. Exit the house via the rest of the true ending walkthrough above.

Intense, isn’t it? I don’t know how people figure this stuff out.

Some Terrifyingly Fun Secrets

You may have gotten all the endings, but you’re done with this demo. Capcom took a page out of P.T’s handbook and added all kinds of secrets you may not discover on your own. Make sure you don’t miss out on these things:

  • 1. There’s an axe you can equip if you grab the lockpick during the VHS flashback. The pick is in the kitchen, on the floor next to the microwave and the refrigerator. In the present, use the pick to open a locked drawer in the kitchen and find the axe. It can break boxes and maybe, just maybe, get that damn monster in the basement. Haven’t tried that yet.
  • 2. There’s a ghost woman that appears during the VHS flashback. We don’t think she’s connected to the story at all, but you can spot her on the stairs when you turn the corner in the flashback. It’s quick though, so don’t blink!
  • 3. Sometimes after the VHS flashback, you can see the “family man” walk by the entrance to the room you wake up in.
  • 4. The Mannequins in the upstairs will move around if you explore that area thoroughly.
  • 5. You can sprint by clicking the left-stick. Just saying.
  • 6. There’s a photo on the desk in the attic. If you look closely, you can see a helicopter in the picture with the Umbrella Corporation logo on it! The plot thickens!

Well, that about covers the Beginning Hour demo. Anything I missed? What secrets did you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 1/21/17


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