The Last Door: Complete Edition Review - Knock, Knock

The Last Door

Psychological horror, particularly the kind inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, has been slowly making its way into modern gaming. I for one could not be happier about these tales of sanity lost, unfathomable horrors, and what lurks in the darkest corners of the universe. Next in the lineup of these games is The Last Door: Complete Edition for PS4.

Agony Review (Version 1.07) - Redemption For The Damned?


Agony gained a lot of traction with it’s Kickstarter, which promised an uncompromised vision of hell replete with blood, gore, and more than a few temptations. When the survival horror title finally released, it was met with mixed feelings regarding technical issues and cut content (later restored on the PC’s unrated version but still unavailable to consoles).


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