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Ranch Planet Review - Hollow Earth

Ranch Planet

One of the most unique features of PlayStation VR is the social screen. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, this second screen allows other players to watch, and it also opens up unique local multiplayer experiences. Ranch Planet is a colorful new game for PSVR that leverages this feature to offer minigames that multiple people can participate in.

The Persistence Review (VR) - An Almost Perfect Clone

The Persistence

The horror genre received a massive boost when it entered virtual reality. You thought the games on your TV were scary? Try putting on a headset and letting the horror surround you on all sides. It’s an entirely new level of terrifying when done correctly. The Persistence is here on PlayStation VR with the promise of procedurally generated horror with roguelike mechanics.

Detached Review (VR) - An Astronaut’s Paradise


Since the launch of PlayStation VR, I’ve done a lot of things I’ve never experienced in games before. Even if I had done it before, VR still felt like the first time all over again. There’s still a sense of excitement every time I put on the headset to experience a game for the first time. With Detached, I was both excited and nervous to see what this title had to offer.


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