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A man once told me that he was a gamer “from the womb, to the tomb.” Beautiful words, inspiring ones even. For those about to game, I salute you, but only for a second because I need both hands on the controller.

As a gamer since the days of Sega Genesis, I’ve loved games and they in turn have inspired me to chase my dreams of being a writer. It is only fair that I give them their due credit. What you’re about to see are the top 10 PS4 games. These weren’t chosen on a basis of ratings or sales, but on something far more precious.

These games have earned their place here, for a short while until the Fall rushes past us with a slew of new games. They are here because they affected me in some profound way, and in some cases, they paved the way for some of the greatest experiences in gaming. A place here isn’t guaranteed because it sold a million copies. A place here is not given, it is earned. Let us begin.

10. Dying Light

Techland, the developers of Dying Light, are also known for their work on Dead Island. They are also known for releasing glitchy games that feel downright unpolished. I’m pleased to say that they changed their tune with Dying Light. This open world first person zombie parkour game was a refreshing take on the genre that I was happy to sink a good chunk of hours into.

The movement across rooftops and through buildings felt like Mirror’s Edge with a little more freedom of movement. The various skills allowed you to increase your speed and abilities, even gaining a grappling hook at one point!

The story was good, not amazing, but good. The gameplay was excellent though. Your vast array of modified hammers, swords, knives, and other melee weapons seemed almost limitless. You could add electric, fire, even poison damage to your weapons and see them rigged with all manner of crazy looking macgyver contraptions.

The day and night cycle made you fear the dark as the superpowered zombies came out to stalk the night. The side quests stole the show with intriguing stories and awesome objectives. It didn’t break the wheel, but it did show a fresh new take on zombies that was just plain old fun.

9. The Order: 1886

Alright, alright, before you start wielding stakes and torches, let me ask: have you played this game? Many haters of this game have read the angry reviews and joined the mob mentality, but in reality, this is a good game. Yes, it’s short, and no, it doesn’t have mulitplayer, but do you know what it does have? A unique setting, an intriguing story, pitch perfect gameplay, and not a glitch to be found!

A good game is one that works, and with how many games we’ve seen come out with breaking glitches, I was entirely refreshed to finally experienced a polished and well-made product. If that makes it bad, then we need to seriously reconsider what we want from the industry. If you like broken games that you can’t finish, then yeah, you’d probably hate this one.

At the end of the day, this victorian style third-person shooter is a cinematic journey through an ongoing war between the modern knights of the round table, and vicious human-wolf hybrids known as “Half-breeds.”

8. Dragon Age: Inquisition

This beast of a role playing game once sat proud on the top of our list, but things change as they always do. When Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, it was a powerhouse of a game. It had an amazing character creation system, a beautiful and expansive world, and more quests and content than you could shake a stick. It still has all of that, but as we played more of it, and delved deeper into its world, we found that while it had a lot of content, it wasn’t all compelling.

As far as getting your money’s worth, that’s most certainly the case here, but recent events have shown that an RPG can have a lot of content, but also back it all up in every regard with incredible heart and soul. If you’re craving another world to dive into, you could do a lot worse.

7. Wolfenstein: The New Order

People, if you like great stories and rock solid gameplay, this has it all, and it’s the kind of story that goes with you. I still haven’t forgotten the way this game made me feel, and I want to go back, only I’m so busy with new stuff that it’s hard.

Even so, Wolfenstein started the first-person shooter genre all those years ago, and this game is proof that it still packs a punch! I love this game, and you will too. Honestly, if you’ve played all of the Call of Duty games and you miss the days when a shooter had an amazing story, this is proof that those days aren’t gone.

6. Bloodborne

I like a challenge as much as anyone else. Bloodborne is a little more than challenging though. It’s made by the same people who brought us Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II. It’s the kind of game that smiles to your face while it stabs you in the back. Brutal, punishing, infuriating, these are all words I would use to describe Bloodborne. So why did it crack the top 10 PS4 games you ask?

Some other words if you’ll permit: haunting, gorgeous, mysterious, these also describe Bloodborne. It may be permanently stuck on hard mode, but the game’s world, enemies, and atmosphere are just incredible. You want to suffer another death because you desperately wish to move forward.

You have so many questions and it seems like answers may yet be waiting on the other side of the misty wall that leads into a boss fight. So, you go, knowing full well that you’re going to die.

5. Life is Strange

Whoa Bradley, what do you think you’re doing? Life is Strange is only on episode 3 of 5, how can you put it in the top 10 PS4 games? Uh, because I just did, that’s why, so #DealWithIt.

While Life is Strange does have a few notches left in the old belt (it’s an ongoing episodic series), We’re past the halfway point and I’m convinced that Max Caufield’s time traveling journey is worthy of this honor based on what I’ve seen alone.

Not only is it an incredible unique title set in a believable art school with a great cast of characters, but it also includes an awesome time travel storyline where the main character can rewind and change her choices. So, when you’re faced with a tough decision, don’t sweat it, you can simply rewind and try the other options. You’ll also use this power to solve puzzles, gain knowledge to use in the past, and more.

It’s got a few issues (lip sync mostly), but it also has a lot of heart. Yeah, it’s a little hipster, okay it’s a lot of hipster, but it’s the charming kind that only cynical stonehearts will find grating. You can purchase the season pass for less than most other season passes on $60 games and experience the first 3 episodes of this awesome title now before the last two come out.

Brace for the feels though, because while you can rewind time, sooner or later you’ll have to face the consequences of your decisions.

4. The Last of Us: Remastered

While not the most articulate writer on the planet, one of our commenters pointed out that I left The Last of Us: Remastered off the last top 10 list update. I stand by my decisions for this list, and I think it’s about time this beauty had another chance at bat. With Uncharted 4 and the Uncharted Collection both coming back around to PS4, I went back to Naughty Dog’s zombie thriller and experienced it once more on the PS4.

Yep, it’s still as amazing as ever, and while we’ve had some incredible games come out, it’s hard to pick out something that has beaten this in terms of quality, story, and gameplay. Until I play something better, it deserves a place in the halls of this list. If you’ve played it, play it again, and if you haven’t I cannot express in words just how incredible of a game this is. Do yourself a favor, play it.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

This was another title that I played, loved, and moved on. I came back to it recently and decided to soak in the sunshine and realism that is Los Santos. GTA gets a bad rap from a lot of mainstream news source because it’s downright violent, but there’s more to this game that the money, sex, and drugs. Sure, that accounts for a lot of it, but the world that Rockstar has created is simply incredible. I can literally take a stroll down the street and feel like I’m in the city.

Everything from high speed chases, to heists, to tennis, golf, and scuba diving, this game has it all. If you can get past (or downright enjoy) the grittier parts of the game, then this is truly a unique and incredible experience that leaves no stone unturned.

2. Far Cry 4

I don’t think anyone could have topped Vaas from Far Cry 3, and while Troy Baker did a great job portraying Pagan Min, I was right. The new setting in the himalayan valley of Kyrat was a great choice for the latest Far Cry game.

This is to the forest/village setting what Grand Theft Auto V is to the city and rural setting. In Far Cry 4 you’ll drive, fly, shoot, and hunt your way through a massive open world with beautiful graphics and an intense storyline about one group’s struggle to overthrow an evil dictator.

It’s not the greatest story ever told, but it’s done with gusto, and it sets up some great missions for you to partake in. This is the kind of game where you can spend hours just hunting the local wildlife for skins that can used to craft upgrades for your holsters, items sacks, and more. When Far Cry 3 was coming out they heralded it as “Skyrim with guns,” and while that comparison is more than a little hokey, Far Cry 4 does indeed feel like an a massive open world RPG riddled with bullets.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Was there ever any doubt? I mean, come on guys and gals, have you seen this game? The
Witcher 1 and 2 were PC RPGs (the second one came to 360), but this is the first time we’re seeing the White Wolf on PS4 and oh is it one heck of a debut!

Think of Skyrim, then Dragon Age, then the best RPG you’ve ever played. Got it? Okay, Witcher 3 is ten times better.

Let me just run down the list of features here:

  • One of the largest open worlds in gaming.
  • A storyline filled with magic, mystery, political strife, and other mature themes.
  • Quests ranging from story, to side quests, to monster hunting contracts.
  • Incredible graphics and deep gameplay that’s also fast-paced.
  • Easily over 100 hours of gameplay.
  • A main character with incredible depth and bad-assery.
  • Heralded by multiple sites as one of the greatest RPGs ever made.
  • This game literally offers everything you could ever want in a game, and then some. CD Projekt Red completely hit it out of the park with this one.

    There you have it, the latest and greatest list of the 10 best games on PS4. What games would you put in the list? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

    Article by - Bradley Ramsey
    Insert Date: 6/10/2015

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    now of course i do realize

    now of course i do realize that everything now seems to be working so fine. I love playing this kind of game. play games online free


    No Battlefield 4?

    Where is BF4?!

    The Witness should not be up there ._. BF4!


    MLB THE SHOW is the BEST Video Game of all time!!!!!! I do wish they would get rid of the "guess" pitch wherein the baseball turns red which indicates a correct guess...but I find it actually makes you swing and miss more. For one by guessing it you feel you almost have to swing, (though u don't have too) but the ball seems even hard to follow once its red. My Opinion.


    I have BF4, cod ghosts, knack, assasins creed black flag, killzone shadow fall :d


    Infinity Ward should bring CAPT Price back. He is my favorite character since the first Call of Duty.

    The best game to me is NBA

    The best game to me is NBA 2K14. I have Madden 25 and Call of Duty Ghosts also but don't play them nearly as much. I had infamous second son for about a week but took it back to Gamestop for a refund. I think it's an overrated game. One game isn't enough though my PS3 is standing side by side with my PS4 but I find the former on much more lately. PS4 is awesome but it needs more blockbuster games asap!


    I agree 100% on your list...but u should make a new list...alien isolation is out and all I can say is wow!!....alien is second to the last of us in my opinion!!


    This game sucks and the combat is the worst ever I don't know how it made it to number 1

    May but...

    My 10 and 13 yo love the multiplayer of this game and still play.

    Dragon Age is fun but

    Dragon Age is fun but repetitive. I don't see how COD always makes these lists but I suppose there aren't many good games for the PS4 yet


    Only half of your list is good, the other half sucks!!! and why wouldn't you put the last of us: remastered on there.

    Witcher 3? No sir, you're wrong

    Well, your opinion can't be wrong, but your analysis certainly is. CDPR is a great company with a refreshingly old school business practice. However, W3 has become far more notorious for its horrendous execution: glitches, bugs, glitches, atrocious combat, glitches, boring/nonexistent story, glitches, repetitiveness (irony anyone?), and GLITCHES. If you haven't played, go watch a buddy play it for an hour and don't waste your money.

    No Destiny?

    I have most of these games, but to leave Destiny off this list is a crime.

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