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A man once told me that he was a gamer “from the womb, to the tomb.” Beautiful words, inspiring ones even. For those about to game, I salute you, but only for a second because I need both hands on the controller. As a gamer since the days of Sega Genesis, I’ve loved games and they in turn have inspired me to chase my dreams of being a writer. It is only fair that I give them their due credit. What you’re about to see are the top 10 PS4 games. These weren’t chosen on a basis of ratings or sales, but on something far more precious.

These games have earned their place here, for a short while until the Fall rushes past us with a slew of new games. They are here because they affected me in some profound way, and in some cases, they paved the way for some of the greatest experiences in gaming. A place here isn’t guaranteed because it sold a million copies. A place here is not given, it is earned. Let us begin.

10. Infamous: Second Son

It may be long in the tooth, but I have to give Infamous: Second Son the nod on this list, because despite the incredible titles coming out, it still stands strong as a flagship title for the PS4. Amazing open-world action, incredible graphics, crazy powers, and a good story will never get old in my book.

Was it perfect? No, I honestly liked the first two better, but that’s not the point here. This game put PS4 on the map and showed us a true next generation title. If you haven’t played it, you need to, because this game truly has something for everyone. Looking forward to seeing what Sucker Punch does next!

9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I’m actually excited to see that Activision has put another team on Call of Duty. In the past, Infinity Ward and Treyarch were solely responsible for these games which meant they had two years to develop each one before their turns came up again. It resulted in a stream of “me-too!” titles that really didn’t fit the series’ bill of quality.

With Sledgehammer games now bringing a fully next generation Call of Duty game, I was honestly impressed. It felt like a healthy mixture of Crysis, Battlefield, and the old COD tropes we’ve come to know and love. It even had exosuits that were clearly inspired by Titanfall. In terms of shooters, its got more tech and crazy weapons than you can shake a stick at.

I also enjoyed Kevin Spacey’s performance in the game, the campaign was a decent length and the story was good this year. I’m sorry if you felt this had to be number one, I’ve never felt that way about COD, but I was impressed enough this year to put it in my top 10.

8. Wolfenstein: The New Order

You know, this beautiful masterpiece of a game was number one prior to the fall titles, and while I wrestled with where it stands now, I still have to keep it in my top 10, and yes, above Call of Duty. People, if you like great stories and rock solid gameplay, this has it all, and it’s the kind of story that goes with you. I still haven’t forgotten the way this game made me feel, and I want to go back, only I’m so busy with new stuff that it’s hard.

Even so, Wolfenstein started the first-person shooter genre all those years ago, and this game is proof that it still packs a punch! I love this game, and you will too.

7. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

I’ve always been a passing Lord of The Rings fan, but this game really took me by surprise. The storyline isn’t too unique, but it has a number of gameplay elements that really stand out as innovative and exciting ways to take advantage of the new hardware. The game has a gorgeous open-world setting in Mordor and is filled with numerous side quests and mission to take on.

Here’s where it carves a new place for itself: the captain system. This processor heavy feature pushes the PS4 to create completely random and unique captains for Sauron’s army. This captains roam the landscape and interrogating enemy soldiers will help you learn more about them. When you find one on purpose, or by accident, they’re thrown into whatever battle you were in or not in depending on the situation.

Striking them down updates your roster of captains, and leaves a place for a new captain to be promoted. Since your character cannot die as part of the story, you come back to life when they happen to strike you down. When this does happen, they can be promoted and they always increase in power.

As if that’s not cool enough, they recognize you when you see them again! They remember killing you and they will appear shocked or frightened, or plain angry when they see you walking around again! Truly an awesome concept and a really fun game that I would recommend.

6. The Walking Dead: Season 1

I liked the Walking Dead comics and TV show just fine. That game however from Telltale Games was an absolute masterpiece. It’s a classic adventure game with you reacting to quick-time events and choosing dialogue options, but what truly made it stand out was the incredible writing and the best use of a zombie scenario I’ve ever seen.

Your choices affect everything as you play through the game’s five episodes on the disc. Each decision carries over into subsequent episodes and you’ll find yourself with vastly different outcome based on your choices. Games always promise to react to your decisions, but it wasn’t until this release from Telltale Games that we truly saw that promise fulfilled.

These are the best characters the universe has ever seen, and one of the most emotional experiences I’ve ever been through.

5. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA’s stories have never really resonated with me, but I’ve grown to respect the sheer amount of things that Rockstar Games can shove into any one release they put out. Grand Theft Auto V was a beast of a game on the PS3 but now that it has made its way to the PS4, the game is finally able to shine the way it was meant to.

All of the character swapping, open-world action, and crazy heists are still there with new features like a first-person mode that literally changes the game completely, and a graphical overhaul that brings it to life like never before. If you haven’t played it, play it, and if you own on PS3, trade up for the new version, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Far Cry 4

I honestly didn’t realize that the last two game numbers matched with their slot until just now. It’s fine, we’ll make it through this. So, Far Cry 4 had some big shoes to fill. The third game in the series breathed new life into the open-world first-person shooter genre in a big way. With skill trees, a good story, an unforgettable villain, and an amazing crafting system, it had it all.

Now Far Cry 4 has shown up with a fresh new setting, new mechanics, and a villain that may just top the last one. How does it fare? Well, the game is amazing in almost every regard. If you liked Far Cry 3, even if you just like shooters, this game is a playground of destruction, hunting, and intrigue.

You can also bring in a buddy this time around for co-op in the open-world setting and you can bring them with you into enemy encampment missions and enlist their help in taking down the fortresses. It’s all that, a bag of potato chips, and did I mention there are elephants and lions in this one?

3. Never Alone

I doubt many of you have ever heard of the Iñupiat people, and that’s fine, because I didn’t know about them either until I played this game. On the surface, this probably looks like a decent side scrolling game about an Eskimo girl and her pet fox. Game-play wise, it’s about that, yes.

So, why is it so high on my list? This game is an evolution in storytelling. Remember all those times your parents told you that games never teach you anything? Well, now you can prove them wrong. This game was made in partnership with the elders of the Iñupiat people, a tribe who lives in northern Alaska to this day.

These people get it, they live off the land, they waste nothing, and they know how to tell a story. The game is based off of their folklore, and as you play through it, you’re offered opportunities to pause the action and watch short live-action documentaries about various aspects of the culture the game is based on.

It’s such an indescribable experience to feel the passion and the beliefs of an entire culture in the palm of your hand as you play through one of their most cherished stories. It’s more than a game and it’s more than a documentary. It’s an evolution of the two in a way that teaches you something you’ve never known while also letting you experience it first-hand. Do yourself a favor, please, and check out the game’s website for more information.

2. Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet has always been a series that prides itself on unlocking the imagination of its users, and when I heard that LBP3 was going to be done by a new developer, I had my hesitations. Luckily, the new developer did a phenomenal job of keeping the series’ iconic charm and style intact.

The main story this time around isn’t anything to write home about, but it works just fine. What really shines are the levels and specifically, the way their designed. With an open hub world tying both story and side missions together, the constant change in both visuals and gameplay makes every level a joy to play.

I would go so far as to say that this little gem of a platformer manages to put even the classic Mario games to shame. The new characters, the variety of levels, and the ability to play all of the nine million plus user created levels from the previous games is just too much awesome to pass up.

1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

The kings and queens of role playing games have returned once again with the epic third installment of their ongoing fantasy series. Dragon Age: Inquisition may be a little rough around the edges (they’re patching it) but it is by far the most beautiful, expansive and utterly breathtaking game on the PS4 right now.

Whether it’s the fluid and fun combat, the litany of side quests, or the positively gorgeous open world, this game has something for everyone. If you liked Skyrim, or if you like Lord of The Rings, or if you just like getting a whole lot of game for your dollar, check this one out!

So, did you see your favorite games on the list? If not, don’t fret, because I’ll be updating our official top 25 list very, very soon. Stay tuned and enjoy these, the greatest games on PS4! Tell us about your favorite titles and which of these you love in the comments below!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 12/1/2014

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now of course i do realize

now of course i do realize that everything now seems to be working so fine. I love playing this kind of game. play games online free


No Battlefield 4?

Where is BF4?!

The Witness should not be up there ._. BF4!


MLB THE SHOW is the BEST Video Game of all time!!!!!! I do wish they would get rid of the "guess" pitch wherein the baseball turns red which indicates a correct guess...but I find it actually makes you swing and miss more. For one by guessing it you feel you almost have to swing, (though u don't have too) but the ball seems even hard to follow once its red. My Opinion.


I have BF4, cod ghosts, knack, assasins creed black flag, killzone shadow fall :d


Infinity Ward should bring CAPT Price back. He is my favorite character since the first Call of Duty.

The best game to me is NBA

The best game to me is NBA 2K14. I have Madden 25 and Call of Duty Ghosts also but don't play them nearly as much. I had infamous second son for about a week but took it back to Gamestop for a refund. I think it's an overrated game. One game isn't enough though my PS3 is standing side by side with my PS4 but I find the former on much more lately. PS4 is awesome but it needs more blockbuster games asap!


I agree 100% on your list...but u should make a new list...alien isolation is out and all I can say is wow!!....alien is second to the last of us in my opinion!!


This game sucks and the combat is the worst ever I don't know how it made it to number 1

Dragon Age is fun but

Dragon Age is fun but repetitive. I don't see how COD always makes these lists but I suppose there aren't many good games for the PS4 yet

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