The Top 5 Horror Games For PS4

PS4 Top Horror GamesHorror games have made a comeback in recent years, and as a lover of fear and existential dread, I couldn’t be happier. The PS4 has been getting some epic horror releases since its launch and today we’re going to be looking at the best options currently available.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 horror games for the PS4!

5 - Claire: Extended Cut

Old school horror fans have a lot of choices on PS4. From classics like Resident Evil: HD Remaster, to games like Claire: Extended Cut, there’s a lot of nostalgia going around. As a Silent Hill fan, I adore Claire: Extended Cut. This game employs a side-scrolling perspective with a unique mix of pixel art and 3D graphic effects.

The storyline feels like it came straight out of a Silent Hill game. It features a female protagonist who is haunted by her nightmares and feeling lots of stress in the real world because of her sick mother and the pressures of school.

The game explores her past and present as you maneuver through dark corridors and eerie soundscapes. Seriously, if Silent Hill has an old school version, this would be it. Psychological horror and indie charm mix in this unique horror title.

4 - Outlast (And The Whistleblower DLC)

Outlast was a surprise hit from developer Red Barrels. This game has you exploring a mental asylum as a reporter investigating a tip from a whistleblower. Told entirely through first-person and a handheld camera, Outlast is a tense and atmospheric romp through the darkest corners of the human psyche and perhaps something beyond as well.

This game is best played in short bursts because long-term play will leave you with heart palpitations and sweat soaking your clothing. You may also need a new pair of pants depending on your scare threshold.

By extension, the game’s prequel Whistleblower DLC is also absolutely terrifying. Having played the demo for Outlast 2, I can also say that the sequel isn’t holding back in the slightest.

3 - Layers of Fear

I still mourn the loss of Silent Hills, but P.T brought about a resurgence in the gaming industry around exploration-based horror titles. Enter Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition. This excellent PS4 horror game places you in the role of an alcoholic painter who has been driven mad by forces unknown.

You explore his mansion over the course of the game as it shifts and twists all around you. A door is never just a door in this game. Environments change before your eyes, even transforming from the moment you last looked.

It’s not an especially action-packed game, but it does have incredible atmosphere and almost palpable tension. The incredibly designed scares and the shifting nature of the environment keeps you on your toes throughout the main game and the included DLC.

It’s not scary in the way Outlast is scary, but it does keep your heart racing throughout the intriguing and rather dark storyline.

2 - Alien Isolation

The Alien series is a sci-fi classic, but until the release of Alien: Isolation, there wasn’t a great Alien game. This release marked a milestone for the series as it took the claustrophobic atmosphere of the movies and boiled it down into an utterly terrifying game of cat and mouse.

In this game, you must navigate the empty halls of a derelict space station, while an iconic Alien or “Xenomorph” stalks you from the shadows. It can hear you, smell you, and all you have is a motion tracker to your name. Even weapons will only slow it down, you can’t kill it.

The game is nerve-wracking to the point of sheer horror. I couldn’t play for more than 20-30 minute bursts without my stress levels going through the roof. You’re always on edge, always waiting for it so show up. If you see it, and it sees you, it’s already too late.

Whether you’re a fan of horror games in general or an Alien fan from back in the day, this is an underrated gem that should be on your list.

1 - SOMA

This one is a toss up between SOMA and Amnesia, but since both are from the same developers, I decided to go with the one I liked better overall. You could argue that Amnesia is scarier, but SOMA’s setting and story terrify you in all kinds of special ways.
Set beneath the ocean in a facility where plenty has clearly gone wrong, SOMA achieves a great atmosphere and some serious tension through terrific enemy design and a great overarching plot.

Beyond scaring you in the physical sense, SOMA will also make you question the very nature of your existence. Indeed, it’s terrifying on a number of different levels beyond the simple scare factor. For that reason, it’s my top pick for horror on the PS4.

Bonus Section: Anybody Up For a Little VR?

For those of us who managed to save, swindle, or otherwise procure a PlayStation VR, you’re in for a real treat. Horror in virtual reality is an entirely different beast. The immersion is stunning, and the fear is all around you.

Given that, here are some of my top picks for horror games on the platform:

  • The Brookhaven Experiment - A great move-compatible shooter where you stand in place and fight off waves of horrific creatures.
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - An on-rails shooter that takes you through a twisted carnival shooting all manner of enemies.
  • Here They Lie - While not graphically amazing and certainly nauseating for some, Here They Lie is still an excellent, and tense adventure through a macabre and sullen world.
  • Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour - Resident Evil VII is looking to top this list when it releases in January 2017. Until then, this demo that acts as a prequel to the game will do just fine. It’s compatible in both VR and standard play so try it out!

What do you think of our list? What are your top 5 horror games? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey

Insert date - 1/2/17

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