Your Top Wanted Features For PS5

With the Xbox One X about to release, and analyst speculation that PS5 will drop in 2018/2019 (not to mention Sony execs have confirmed it is under development), I thought it would be a good time to ask what PlayStation gamers would like to see featured in the future console.

While many of us shared the same ideas, there were several ideas that hadn’t even crossed my mind. With more than 300 responses in 4 hours, I am excited to go down the list of our most wanted features for PS5, and would also want to extend my gratitude to those that participated.  

It seems the most popular feature PlayStation gamers would like to see is backwards compatibility. While Sony tries to refer us to the PlayStation Now service, it simply isn’t the same. Microsoft has managed to implement a large library of backward compatible games and continue to grow those numbers. While we all understand backwards compatibility can hinder PS Now, I think it will be a mistake to exclude BC from the next console lineup. I would at least like to carry over my PS4 library.

The majority has asked for the ability of PSN name changes for years. Sony has gone back and forth with us on this one, but the answers are often misleading. One week they comment and say they are looking into setting up a way to change names without having to create another account. The following week, they are telling us they don’t know if they will ever be able to come up with the technology to do so. While this may not be a feature that would be restricted to a specific console as much as a PSN account, the majority of us want this. Make it happen Sony!

Native 4k and possibly 8k, but that would likely be upscaled. It is difficult for me to fathom the idea that PS5 might not have true native 4k. With the prices of 4k and HDR dropping to an all new low, the PS5’s graphics need to be at an all time high. There is no doubt in my mind that Sony will have the technology placed in the upcoming console, to push out native 4k, and i would expect that in time, just like the PS4, we will see an update that allows 8k upscaling. 8k is a ways off before it becomes mainstream in homes, so that may not become an option until the PS6, If a 6th model happens at all.

Included in the native 4k - 8k upscale, gamers want to see all games locked at a minimum of 60 fps. Even in this day of tech, larger games struggle to keep up with 60 frames per second, but I would like to see games running at 120 fps, with a minimum of 90 fps. Seems like a stretch, but I think it could happen.

Original PlayStation startup. This did not cross my mind as far as features go, but I’m on board with all those gamers that would like to see a little nostalgia added to the mix. While it isn’t deal breaker on any level, what better way to pay respect to the classic console that started it all? Maybe even an option to set your startup as one of several PS classic openings. I don’t think we need much more of a nod the originals than that, but that is just my personal thought.

Larger hard drives have made the list and I can’t say as though I disagree. When the PS4 dropped with a 500 gig hd, I was shocked. While it was simple to upgrade, I didn’t feel that upgrading early on, was a fair deal for any of us. The size of games will only continue to grow and thus, we would like to see at least a 1TB HD in the 5. Fact of the matter is, by the time PS5 comes out, 1TB just might be too small to satisfy.

So those were the most commonly requested features in the inevitably upcoming PS5, but I wanted to list off a few ideas others shared, that I thought were pretty cool. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.

Upgradable! We’re not just talking hard drives here, we’re the whole freakin’ machine! Sure, you could go get a PC and continuously upgrade every part on a regular basis as technology just doesn’t down, but I enjoy my consoles. If by chance the console market goes down the route that mobile phones have, I have it would be better for us consumers to be able to purchase upgrades at a lower price than a brand new console. I thought the PS4 Pro was a great idea, but if it becomes a trend, we will hopefully see more affordable options.

The ability to charge your controllers by placing them on top of the console has been mentioned several times. I can appreciate the thought behind this. You could easily cut out the additional steps of plugging in the cable and placing it wherever. The ability to drop it on top and walk away seems like it should become standard, but it's also not close to a deal breaker. Its likely much cheaper to simply provide us with a charge cable, rather than a charge pad.

Gamers have also mentioned they would like to see cheaper digital games, free online play as we saw with PS3, bluetooth mic support, continuing to build a better VR experience, better PSN servers, a bundled PS Plus - PS Now subscription at lower cost and a discount for a Sony TV after purchasing a new console.

A fair list to say the least. It is difficult to think that far ahead, even though it may seem like it's around the corner. With technology ever evolving, who knows what will be available? Is there something on the list you would like to add or even disagree with? Let me know in the comments!



New ps5

I woud like to se smaller controls for children to play thoe they are to big, and more simpler child learning games i think thats a hole new market.

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