What Should Sony Name Its Next Console?


just a thought

Call it B.O.R.N = B.est O.f R.ight N.ow... meaning this is the best they have but still be more to come... if u dnt like it O.D.S = Out Da Spot HATERS... ya boy Meta

ps4#name making

Call it the shock wave#4

Super Playstation Funtime 3.1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Because why not?

Xpera Playstation

Xpera Playstation

PlayStation Name

PlayStation: NGC (New Generation of Console)

New PS4 Name

1. PlayStation Quantum (PSQ)
2. PlayStation Ion (PSi)
3. PlayStation Quad (PSq)


I think the whole Orbis/Vita thing works quite well.
If it's not called Orbis, then Playstation 4 is the obvious next option.


The only differences between the PS3 and a Xbox 360 is not being able to listen to music while playing the PS3 and the Xbox makes you pay to play online. But the graphics performance for both of these systems are equal so, Microsoft and Sony need to team and create the "PlayboX". Their systems are almost exactly the same so why not make trillions of dollars instead of millions and crush Nintendo and the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft would make so much more money this way.

Xbox and PS3 are not the same

Xbox and PS3 are not the same at all. Xbox sucks


It cant be a worse name than Wii U or XBox 360

Most Comment Names

Every name commented here that doesn't have a number in it.

Playstation Elite

Ithink it should be called the Playstation Elite or PsElite or PsE. But I think PsElite might be catchier or even Playsation Elite.


That will not happen, one of Xbox's SKU's are called Elite


On many websites it has said that microsoft will cbine with sony to make the playstation plasma or the psp 2.0 it will be smaller but play ps and xbox games with the motion control of the kinect


PS Flat
if thats how its gonna look...

New Name

Playstation Magic or Apocalypce if it has really something new to bring.

New Name

Playstation Magic or Apocalypce if it has really something new to bring.


Should be called
SONY PRAYSTATION FROUR. It are like a wild brack starrion!
Either that, or PS4TW. (4TW = FTW... get it?) HURR DURR.

Sure Playstation Crystal/Apocalypse but even better would be :

Playstation Crystal-meth
Playstation Glass
Playstation Xtasy
Playstation Acid
Playstation Mescal

and instead of Playstation Apocalypse:

Playstation Annihilation
Playstation Biological Warfare
Playstation 4 : The mustard gas experience
Playstation 4: Lucifer
Playstation 4 : Dismemberment
Playstation 4 : Final Judgment
Playstation 4 : Incineration
Playstation 4: Fourth Reich
Playstation 4: Obliteration
Some other names:

Playstation Zeus
Playstation Fusion
Playstation Gaia
PS4: OverLord
Playstation 4 Entrophie
Playstation 4 Empire
Playstation 4 Magnetar
Playstation 4 Core
Playstation 4 Cern
Playstation 4 Deus ex machina
Playstation 4 Rien ne va plus
Playstation Victoria
Playstation Win
Playstation 4 Impulse
Playstation 4 Exascale

Sony should definetly go with one of these.

ps4 New name

ngc ( Next Generation Of Console )
this is a suitable name from the ngp but change to the psvita stupid desition from sonyies side this name represents the how sony is taking over every other consol out there.

New Name

I think it should be called the Playstation Infinity, or PSInfinity, or PSI, whichever is the catchiest

ha, scroll to the bottom!

ha, scroll to the bottom! anyways, how about:
PlayStation Revolution


The Sex...? Wtf!?
Really though, Playstation 4/ PS4 will do just fine, and if Sony wish to add an alternative name to be used alongside it, then I suppose Orbis is a good name (especially if fully compatible with PS Vita).


That sounds so gay. It should be The Ultimate beast PlayStation 4

call it what it is

playstations decade
playstation decade.....catchy aint it

playstation decade

i believe playstation has had the best system out since they released it. numbers dont matter to me as much as quality and thats sony.-playstation decade


it gotta be called playstation 3d



The next console should be named with (PS4:) then after the (:) their is different words such as,

PS4:Crystal(or Diamond)
PS4: Elixir
PS4: Solstice

With different ps4's, different features and appearances for the players.

most of those words are from

most of those words are from 5 gum!!!!!!

I agree!

It should be named the playstation Millenuim d@mnit! I can' Spell!

New Name ?

The PlayStationMillennium

The PSM?

The PSMillennium ?

Something along those lines .

Its name should be..........

the PlayStation Crystal and it should have a totally epic reflective glass-like (but not actually glass) outer cover and see-thru controllers like in those pics and it would have ABSOLUTELY STUNNING graphics. i'm talkin when we turn away from this thing we'll be depressed on how bad everyday life's graphics actually look.


YEA, something like PlayStation Crystal. I would like that but i would hope (if it is out of glass or plastic like material) they make it strong because when i lose a game/match i tin' to throw my controller :)


I think it should be called: PlayStation Elite Console

name of ps4

I think that it should be called playstation4 ulimate or ps4 ulimate. That means it really good. yep it should be called ps4 ulimate. nothing can beat that.


copying xbox elite. how about PlayStation Premium, or Arcade?


It should be called the play station 4 typhoon PS4T and make it be a sexy ass blue

Name for PS4

I thought of this name a while back: Playstation Universal.


PlayStation Revalation or PSR

next sony console

Why not just call it Scorpion

It should be named The

It should be named The PS4-Apocolypse, The End The End of Every Other Console!

here is the name

PSM=playstation millenium


It should be called the playstation 480

playstations new name

playstation 420 and be lime green


i think it should be called SONY PSB (stands for play station brilliance)

no way

a ps4 or whatever we call it will thrash any x box360 any day

The New Name;

Sony station 4

Playstation Ore.

And here are some more, with some games i made up lols.
Playstation 4: Crystal Editon. Metal Gear Solid: Elite Soldier. Little Big Planet Adventures.

Playstation Shine. Ratchet & Clank: Future Calls, Call of Duty: Future Warfare.

Playstation Launch. Elder Scrolls: Scrolls Of Darkness, Splinter Cell: Cold Blood.

Playstation 4: Limited Edition. Playstation All-Stars vs Wii All-Stars Battle Royale (Ps4 Edition).

I don't even know anymore lol.

should be called..

The I Will Never Be As Good Or As Successful as Xbox 360 Console.

Playstation owns the xbox in

Playstation owns the xbox in every way shape and form

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