2010 Spike Video Game Awards Recap

Spike Video Game Awards

As is becoming more and more of an annual tradition, the recent 2010 Spike Video Game Awards produced one of gaming’s biggest spectacles of the year, with numerous stars on hand, and plenty of world exclusive premieres to whet the appetites of gamers around the world. While the merits of the actual awards themselves are still up for debate, there’s no denying that Spike puts on a great show.

A First Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Games, Today

Let’s first start with some of the great new trailers that popped up, showcasing several promising new games, some of which PlayStation fans have long been clamouring for. The Resistance 3 trailer kicked off and ended with live-action segments, which weren’t particularly engrossing, but the middle of the trailer showed some in-game sequences that looked very atmospheric and promising.

Uncharted 3 was another hotly anticipated game to make its debut, and the trailer didn’t disappoint. It appears Uncharted 3 will take place in a desert/Arabian environment, as the cinematic trailer and gameplay footage showed him battling through an Egyptian-style town, and wandering through the shifting desert sands after an apparent plane crash.

Another game announcement trailer that overjoyed many fans was the trailer for The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim. While it didn’t show any actual gameplay footage, the fact that TES 5 is just a year away from release is great news for fans who weren’t even sure it was being worked on at all, let alone as far along as it apparently is. TES 5 will sport a different engine than the one used in Morrowind and Oblivion, though it will surely retain a similar style of gameplay.

A God of War Engaged in Mortal Kombat

In another surprise that is sure to delight fans of the God of War series, legendary hero Kratos was shown battling Mortal Kombat veteran Scorpion in a trailer for the new Mortal Kombat game, set to be released in 2011. Another interesting aspect of this development is that the new MK game will also be headed to the 360, though it’s doubtful Kratos will head over with it. What’s more likely is that the 360 version will get its own unique character, similar to what Namco did with Soul Calibur 2 a few years ago.

My personal choice for best and worst debut trailer of the show goes to Mass Effect 3 and Thor respectively. While the Mass Effect 3 trailer didn’t show any gameplay footage, the sheer drama of the cinematic was breathtaking. This will be a truly epic end to the trilogy (look for Mass Effect 2 releasing on the PS3 in January). Thor on the other hand was just…meh. Bland looking characters, enemies, and environments, and uninspiring looking gameplay were not what I was expecting from Sega for this game.

A Trophy for Your Troubles

As for the awards themselves, God of War 3 took home PS3 game of the year and won the award for best graphics, but lost out to Red Dead Redemption for overall game of the year, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for action-adventure game of the year. Call of Duty: Black Ops won shooter of the year, BioWare was crowned the developer of the year, NFS: Hot Pursuit won racer of the year over Modnation Racers and a mysteriously absent Gran Turismo 5. The complete list of award nominees and winners is below.

Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption

* Call of Duty: Black Ops
* God of War III
* Halo: Reach
* Mass Effect 2

Studio of the Year: Bioware, Mass Effect 2

* Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
* Bungie Studios, Halo: Reach
* Rockstar San Diego, Red Dead Redemption

Character of the Year: Sgt. Frank Woods, Call of Duty: Black Ops

* Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
* Kratos, God of War III
* John Marston, Red Dead Redemption

Best Xbox 360 Game: Mass Effect 2

* Alan Wake
* Fable III
* Halo: Reach

Best PS3 Game: God of War III

* Heavy Rain
* ModNation Racers
* Red Dead Redemption

Best Wii Game: Super Mario Galaxy 2

* Donkey Kong Country Returns
* Kirby's Epic Yarn
* Metroid: Other M

Best PC Game: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

* Fallout: New Vegas
* Mass Effect 2
* Sid Meier's Civilization V

Best Handheld Game: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

* Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
* Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
* Super Scribblenauts

Best Shooter: Call of Duty: Black Ops

* Battlefield: Bad Company 2
* BioShock 2
* Halo: Reach

Best Action Adventure Game: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

* God of War III
* Red Dead Redemption
* Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best RPG: Mass Effect 2

* Fable III
* Fallout: New Vegas
* Final Fantasy XIII

Best Multiplayer: Halo: Reach

* Battlefield: Bad Company 2
* Call of Duty: Black Ops
* StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Individual Sports Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

* EA Sports MMA
* Shaun White Skateboarding
* UFC Undisputed 2010

Best Team Sports Game: NBA 2K11

* FIFA 11
* Madden NFL 11
* MLB 10: The Show

Best Driving Game: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

* Blur
* ModNation Racers
* Split/Second

Best Music Game: Rock Band 3

* Dance Central
* DJ Hero 2
* Def Jam Rapstar

Best Soundtrack: DJ Hero 2

* Def Jam Rapstar
* Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
* Rock Band 3

Best Song in a Game: "Far Away" by José González, Red Dead Redemption

* "Basket Case" by Green Day, Green Day: Rock Band
* "Black Rain" by Soundgarden, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
* "GoldenEye" by Nicole Scherzinger, GoldenEye 007 (2010)
* "Won't Back Down" by Eminem, Call of Duty: Black Ops
* "Replay/Rude Boy Mashup" by Iyaz/Rihanna, DJ Hero 2

Best Original Score: Red Dead Redemption

* God of War III
* Halo: Reach
* Mass Effect 2

Best Graphics: God of War III

* Heavy Rain
* Kirby's Epic Yarn
* Red Dead Redemption

Best Adapted Video Game: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

* Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4
* Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
* Transformers: War for Cybertron

Best Performance by a Human Male: Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

* Daniel Craig as James Bond, James Bond 007: Blood Stone
* Gary Oldman as Sergeant Reznov, Call of Duty: Black Ops
* John Cleese as Jasper, Fable III
* Martin Sheen as The Illusive Man, Mass Effect 2
* Nathan Fillion as Sergeant Edward Buck, Halo: Reach
* Rob Wiethoff as John Marston, Red Dead Redemption
* Sam Worthington as Alex Mason, Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Performance by a Human Female: Tricia Helfer as Sarah Kerrigan, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

* Dame Judi Dench as M, James Bond 007: Blood Stone
* Danica Patrick as Herself, Blur
* Emmanuelle Chriqui as The Numbers Lady, Call of Duty: Black Ops
* Felicia Day as Veronica Santangelo, Fallout: New Vegas
* Jennifer Hale as Commander Shepard (female version), Mass Effect 2
* Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
* Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda Lawson, Mass Effect 2

Best Downloadable Game: Costume Quest

* Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
* Monday Night Combat
* Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Best DLC: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

* BioShock 2: Minerva's Den
* Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
* Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker

Best Independent Game: Limbo

* Joe Danger
* Super Meat Boy
* The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

Most Anticipated Game: Portal 2

* Batman: Arkham City
* BioShock: Infinite
* Gears of War 3

Strongest Heroes of All Time

* Master Chief, Halo series
* Samus Aran, Metroid series
* Marcus Fenix, Gears of War series

* Mario, Super Mario series
* Kratos, God of War series
* Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid series

Best Original Game: Red Dead Redemption
Best Zombie Game: Red Dead Redemption
Best Dressed Assassin: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Biggest Badass: Kratos, God of War III

As is usually the case with the Spike Awards, there again seemed to be at least a small bias in favor of western developed games as opposed to Japanese developed ones. Several categories were dominated entirely by western games where there were several worthy games from Japan that could have and probably should have qualified. That said, I do believe that beyond the slight bias, the awards do highlight something I touched on in an earlier article, that being that the Japanese gaming industry is on a bit of a decline at the moment, and simply isn’t producing games on the same level as the western industry.

All in all, the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards offered another fun night for the gaming industry, rewarding those games that kept us the most entertained throughout 2010, and offering us an exciting glimpse into the games that will attempt to do so in 2011 and beyond. I’m already looking forward to next year’s awards.

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Uncharted 3

For a second there the Uncharted 3 trailer looked like he had come across an alien crash site. Thought that would make for an interesting storyline... Anyone else think that?

red dead redemption

I think the highlight of the night was definitely when Jose Gonzalez played "Far Away" from Dead Read Redemption in front of a screen showing the game...that game was my favorite of the year and the song just fit the era and mood of it so well. Bone-chilling live rendition, too. Check out the clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qopwm7LF95Q