Five Reasons the PS4 Needs to Get with Youtube

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YouTube is one of those household names that has permeated almost every aspect of society. It is the modern equivalent of the Farmer’s Almanac, or an Encyclopedia, or a Soapbox, or all of these things combined. It allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to be heard by the rest of the world. That is some serious power, imagine if Benjamin Franklin or George Washington had access to YouTube? What if Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech was streamed across the internet to the entire world? How different would things be if YouTube was around then?

Okay, let’s dial back before I cause your head to explode from that sheer concept. Now, we all know the PS4 introduced the “Share” button to its controller with the Dualshock 4, giving gamers the power to upload their experiences, screenshots, and commentary to sites like Twitch, Ustream, and Facebook. With one button, Sony connected the world of gamers, but there’s a missing piece here. Where is YouTube? Here are the top five reasons why PS4 needs to get with YouTube not just for videos, but for uploads and streaming as well.

5. It Will Be Far Easier to Upload Content Using the PS4, Instead of Capture Devices.
If you have ever used the “Share” button on the PS4, then you know it is incredibly easy to use. Everything from uploading screenshots, to posting videos is simple and streamlined. Since the PlayStation 4 always keeps track of your gameplay with a fifteen minute buffer, you can stop at any point and review your past gameplay, make cuts, and upload it to the place of your choice. Streaming is also simple, and only requires a few button pressed before you’re live and on the air. For the average gamer, this is exactly the right amount of effort that should be required.

An upcoming update for the PlayStation 4 will allow the use of capture devices, which is all well and good as they do offer the ability to produce higher quality videos and more editing tools. This same update however is going to provide PS4 users with additional options for editing their videos. What it comes down to though is that users should be able to upload their videos to YouTube without having to use a secondary device and spend more money if they don’t already have one.

Youtube PS4

4. There Is Already a Massive Following on YouTube for Gaming Videos.
Gaming videos are huge on YouTube right now. There are people who make their entire living off of uploading let’s play videos and commentary to their YouTube channels each day. There are many who have close to, or over a million subscribers to their channel! You think that’s crazy, take the massively popular gaming YouTuber “PewDiePie” who has twenty five million subscribers! It’s no secret that people enjoy watching videos of gameplay, and more who enjoy some funny commentary to go with it.

Another reason for the popularity of these videos is the fact that some people want to experience the games, but can’t play them at home. Whether it’s because they don’t have the system, or they don’t wish to learn how to play, everyone has their reasons. These people shouldn’t be deprived of the stories and experiences that gaming has to offer. Sure, they might be missing out on the feeling of controlling it, but ultimate that’s their choice and if they can at least see it in action, for some that’s enough.

Youtube PS4

3. YouTube Can Be Accessed on Numerous Devices.
Almost anything with an internet connection can access YouTube nowadays. Smartphones, portable gaming devices, tablets, even Blu-Ray players and Roku streaming boxes. The service is accessible and widespread to the point where you can see YouTube videos almost anywhere you go. This kind of convenience is unrivaled by other video sites or streaming services. The sheer level of exposure that videos have with this kind of compatibility is just another boon for YouTube.

PS4 users would be able to access their videos on the go with the Vita as well, since that system already has a YouTube app, not to mention any and all smartphones they may own will have the same capacity for watching videos. If the PS4 had the capacity to upload videos to YouTube, then the access players would have to their videos on the go or away from home would be almost unlimited.

Youtube PS4

2. YouTube Is Well Known.
As I said in the opening paragraphs, YouTube is extremely well known. Before I get into statistics, I’ll just say that my dad knows about it. A little backstory there, my dad knows very, very little about anything involving technology, but I’ll be damned if every time I visit he isn’t watching some kind of video on YouTube. Besides him though, YouTube has found success with every form of entertainment, education, and expression imaginable. Any and all music videos are on there. Movie trailers, game trailers, gaming videos, sports clips, you name it and it’s probably on YouTube.

Here are several staggering statistics taken straight from YouTube’s website:

  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day. The number of people subscribing daily is up more than 3x since last year, and the number of daily subscriptions is up more than 4x since last year

Uh, yeah, that’s impressive by any stretch of the imagination. In the words of Stan Lee, “Nuff Said.”

Youtube PS4

1. People Will Use It.
Since we’re all about statistics today, let’s thrown down another one. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of the “Share” button on the DualShock 4. It was a cool idea, but I was wondering if people would really use it. Well, they really do, myself included. As of March this year, the “Share” button has been used over one hundred million times! Yes, that’s over nine thousand! On top of that, there have been over three million gameplay streams broadcasted to Twitch and Ustream.

Those are some impressive numbers, but imagine what would happen if the PS4 supported YouTube as a place to upload your videos to? Those numbers would increase exponentially! I imagine a lot of upstart YouTubers would start getting their name out there using the PlayStation 4, and I know I would be more inclined to use it myself if I could upload to something as popular as YouTube. I think the best way to drive this point home is to quote a comment I read on Reddit about how people can only upload videos to Facebook. The quote is as follows:

“Going to Facebook for videos is like going to Bing to search for something.”

Youtube PS4

Ouch, that one hit Microsoft below the belt. It’s alright though, the point still stands. When people want to watch a video online, they go to YouTube, so you can bet gamers would use it if the PlayStation 4 supported it. You know what to do Sony.

Would you upload more content if YouTube was an option? Do you ever watch gaming videos on YouTube? Tell us in the comments!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 04/15/2014

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